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Is It Possible To Get WPMU DEV Premium Plugins For Free?

Is It Possible To Get WPMU DEV Premium Plugins For Free?

Managed hosting is becoming more popular due to low costs and more options. One of the main reasons to go with WPMU DEV is the fact you get plugins for free when you sign up for the service. Is it possible to get WPMU DEV premium plugins for free? It would be nice to be able to create pages faster without using their hosting. In this article, we explore how people try to get these plugins for free and how you should try out the software. Let’s get started to learn more about this service and why you might want to choose this host for your next big project.

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Avoid Cracked Plugins

It may seem like a good idea to go around all the red tape and just download some of these plugins on your own. People argue that you can never really tell what software will be like until you actually use it. This is entirely accurate. It is difficult to get a good sense of what the plugin will be like until you download it. Will it work with your current version of WordPress? Will you have conflicts between plugins? All of these are important to consider.

There is a word of caution about getting plugins for free though. When we consider is it possible to download WPMU DEV premium plugins for free, you need to consider the true cost. You might be able to find these plugins for free. Maybe a few sites will give you a download link. In the end though, these are often packaged with malware and there is no consideration to the end user.

There is a popular saying that states there is no such thing as a free lunch. That holds true in this case for people trying to get premium plugins at no cost. You are going to have to skip any sort of support. A pirate site is not going to have support people on hand that can answer questions. At the same time, nobody with the actual company can help you either. You are not spending the fifteen dollars or so for just the basic tier of service. This service fee goes to pay those people that can provide support.

Keep in mind also, software that is cracked is usually less stable. Do you really want to deal with a plugin that crashes or even possibly takes your whole site offline? We have all heard about stories where somebody got cracked software that is not stable. The torrent sites don’t care if the program works. They are just making money from installing malware. In the end, it is better to try a free trial.

Download Hustle Pro For Free With A WPMU Dev Trial

Download Hustle Pro For Free With A WPMU Dev Trial

If you are hesitating at the thought of spending money on managed hosting, think about this for a moment. You can get the plugins right from the source. There is no need to worry about security or a plugin failure when you get the software from the developers. On top of that, you also get support.

You are going to run into problems. This is software after all! How many times do things work perfectly in terms of developing software or a website? There is always a command you forgot in the terminal. It seems there is always another library where you are struggling to clone it from Git. You need help! If you don’t want to bother your friends all the time who are programmers, you are going to need WPMU DEV in your corner.

The trial lasts for a full week. So, is it possible to download WPMU DEV premium plugins for free? Absolutely. They in fact encourage you to do this. Then you can check out the speed of this host and make sure the data center is going to be close enough to you. You can also try out their support.

Say you have a plugin on the site that is not working. You don’t need to worry. The support is around the clock. This means you can be in any time zone and still get help. Maybe you took a vacation to Europe but you notice something is wrong with your site. Don’t wait for business hours to come around in America. Instead, call when you need something done. They even have a feature where you can give your support permission to go in and fix the problem on their own. You won’t need to even follow complicated directions from support. Let the support team do it all for you! No wonder this host is so popular.

Testing Smush Pro For Free

Testing Smush Pro For Free

WPMU DEV gives their clients access to awesome plugins, but don’t worry if you have another host. You are still allowed to use their premium plugins even if you have a host that may be faster in your area! Mix and match their plugins with your WordPress host.

What kind of plugins are we talking about here? Feel free to take a look at just a few of the most popular ones.

  • Smush
  • Hummingbird
  • Hustle
  • Defender

Each of these plugins have their own specialty. Keep in mind as well, you don’t need to get hosting to get the trial account. You could have a totally different host, activate the seven day trial, and then use these plugins for the full week. There really is no reason not to test these out.

Signing up for the free trial is very simple. Provide a username, email, and type of organization that you have. That is it. Now you will have a password protected account where you can experiment with all these different options. What could be easier than this?

Fast Speeds With Hummingbird Pro

Feel like your site is lagging? That is a prime reason why people seek out something like managed hosting. Perhaps you got sold on an expensive theme just to find out that you have slow loading times. Many of the drag and drop builders come with many libraries that in turn slow down how fast things load for customers. You might have been better off just building up your site using Guttenberg blocks.

If you are in this situation, you can work with Hummingbird Pro. If you get hosting with WPMU DEV, you are going to get their popular plugins for free. Speed is very important if you are trying to climb up the rankings of Google. Hummingbird gives you better performance, reports that come in automatically, and it will improve your PageSpeed with Google. If you are serious about increasing sales, you need to look into a solution like this.

The developers included caching which means you are not loading the same things over and over. They also thought ahead so that you get Gzip file compression. Records will monitor your site in case it goes down. Every time your site fails to load for a customer, that is a lost sale! This needs to be tracked so that you can make sure your current host is doing their job. Most hosts brag about their uptime, but when you test it, the percentage starts to drop.

Even better, your content is backed up with 45 different CDN points. Even if you get a sudden flood of traffic, these are going to act as your backbone. They can stop a giant flood of requests from shutting down your site during the most important time. Your site going viral needs to be a time when you increase sales instead of having multiple requests tax your system. When you have excellent CDN points, you won’t need to worry.

Pick Whichever WPMU Dev Plugin You Want And Download It For Free

Pick Whichever WPMU Dev Plugin You Want And Download It For Free

One of the other great features with these plugins is that you can select the ones that you want. Perhaps you feel like your speed is slow and that is the only thing you are looking to improve for now. Not an issue! Sign up to only use the Hummingbird plugin. The cost will be just five dollars for each month. Keep in mind though, the best way to save money here would be the lowest level of hosting which is right around fifteen dollars each month. When you get the lowest tier, it also comes with 11 premium plugins that you can use to speed things up and stay secure.

Security With Defender Pro

The developers over at WPMU DEV focus on all aspects of making sure you have a smoothly running business. With the Defender plugin, you can select from a long list of ways you can protect your site.

This is just a short list of what you get when you use Defender.

  • Automatic scans for issues
  • Masking
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Reports on where you are vulnerable

On top of all this security, you also can easily restore files and repair them if something goes wrong. The world of WordPress is full of hackers that are looking for a way to compromise systems. When WordPress is the given platform for around 35% of sites, that means hackers are always looking for a way to get past the defenses.

Even if somebody manages to get past the roadblocks that you set up, you are going to know about it. Logs and audits will keep track of people trying to monitor your files. You can easily restore all the files that were tampered with and be ready to go again. This plugin also gives you the option to see what they were attacking so you can inform the rest of the community.

Is It Possible To Get WPMU Dev Premium Plugins For Free Conclusion

So what have we found? Is it possible to get WPMU DEV premium plugins for free? Absolutely. The free trial that goes for seven days is awesome and lets you try out the software risk-free. This is the safest and quickest way to use this software. Continue to check back with us on more ways to save money and keep current with WordPress.

Are you ready to try WPMU DEVs Pro Plugins for free? Click the button & download their Pro Plugins.

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