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iThemes Security is currently one of the most popular security plugins available on the market. iThemes Sync is also topping the charts when it comes to managing multiple websites at once. The premium version is awesome, but it’s expensive. Luckily the price can be reduced by using a coupon code. Click the button below to visit iThemes & view available discounts and coupon codes!

No coupon codes available. Visit iThemes Security & Sync, for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

Why use iThemes Security & iThemes Sync

iThemes Security is the Best WordPress Security Plugin. It helps you secure and protects your WordPress site. It is built by WordPress Security Experts. It’s very easy to use, and you don’t have to be an expert to use this security plugin, so iThemes makes it easy for you to secure and protect your WordPress website. Your website needs a security strategy to work the best, and iThemes Security is the perfect plugin that can help you fix common security issues you may have. It gives you peace of mind and keeps the errors, hackers all out from your website. It prevents WordPress hacks, WordPress Security Breaches, WordPress Malware, and many more things. 

As it’s one of the renowned WordPress security plugins and its main objective is to protect your WordPress site so you can use it to protect your WordPress and create content without wasting your time on the protection of your site. It gives special attention to the building, running, maintaining, and securing your WordPress site. You can get it at a very low cost and with its discounts; you can save money and use it for other maintenance of your site. IThemes security & Sync is best with discounts, and it’s the one that offers you discounts of up to 40%, which can save a huge amount of money.

WordPress Brute Force Protection & iThemes Sync

This is an amazing feature that can make your site extremely secure. It will limit the failed login attempts, and if someone is trying to log in to your account, they will be locked after some attempts. So they can’t get into your site with the help of your WordPress Brute Force Protection by iThemes Security & iThemes Sync. 

File Change Detection on Multiple Websites With iThemes Sync

If someone steals your password and gets into your account, you will get the messages and emails from iThemes Security about the changes that occur in your account. It informs you about all the changes in the files and let you know if you have been hacked and you have to change your password readily. 

iThemes security

Strong Password Enforcement 

You have to make your passwords strong because strong passwords help you protect your site. It is one of the best ways to protect your WordPress site. Lock it down strongly so no one can get into it. Strong Password not only helps you protect your account but also gives you the satisfaction that no one can guess your password and it won’t be in the reach of any hackers if they try to get into your account you will immediately know, and they won’t be able to break your password. Always put strong passwords with different letters, upper cases, and numbers to avoid it from hacking your account, you can create multiple strong passwords at once with iThemes Sync.

Lockout Bad Users with iThemes Security

It keeps the bad users away from your site, and if the bad users make a lot of failed login attempts, they generate a lot of errors, and the bad user will be blocked or will be on a bot blacklist. You can make a shield of protection on your website through this amazing plugin, and it protects you from all bad users who are harming WordPress sites and hack them. 

Backups for databases with iThemes

You will receive the emails from iThemes security for all your backups, and you will also have plugins from WordPress backup, and it will improve your entire backup routine. You can easily create backups and send these backups to the destinations

You can also Hide admins and log in as an anonymous user, and the hackers cannot track you from anywhere, and it’s very helpful for you because, through this, you will be fully protected.  

Download & Install iThemes Security 

You have to install this plugin on your system to make it work for you. It’s very easy to install.  

  • You have to pick the theme you have decided to buy
  • Download it from the iThemes security website 
  • Install the iThemes security plugin through WordPress admin or FTP
  • You can log in and get started

Yes, it’s that easy! You can download and then install it easily through the WordPress admin and start protecting your WordPress site. It sends you notifications for the emails if someone tries to enter your account. It’s a quick download, and it will save your time, money, and protect you from any issues that occur on your website.

iThemes sync and security pricing discounted

iThemes Security & iThemes Sync Pricing 

iThemes come in different security plans for you. There are three different annual plans for you. You can choose them according to your needs. There are gold, small businesses, and blogger plans. With a Gold plan, you can secure unlimited websites, and you will have a one-year plugin update and one year support of this plugin with you. 

For a small business plan, you can secure 7 websites and have one-year updates and support. When you buy the blogger plan, you will be able to protect and secure only one website. With this blogger plan, you also get one-year plugin updates and support. There is a price difference in all three plans. You can get a gold plan at $120, and small business will be $77, and the blogger plan is $48 per year. It’s very easy to buy these plans. Just make your mind which one is for you. 

WordPress Two-Factor Authentication 

With the help of iThemes Security & iThemes Sync, you can use the feature of WordPress two factor authentication. You are required to enter both a password and a secondary code that is sent to your mobile, and both the password and code are required to log in to your account. WordPress two-factor authentication and helps you protect your account whenever you have to login you have to verify. Through this two factor authentication, your account will be protected by another layer of security.

iThemes doesn’t use coupon codes 

iThemes doesn’t use coupon codes, and there are no codes available for iThemes. You cannot use any coupon codes for this WordPress plugin. There are some discounts but no coupon codes. Discounts are also for a very specific time, and they end soon. If you see someone is offering iThemes coupon codes, it’s fake; You should not enter the code on your website, it will hack your site and steal your data. Make sure you know this whenever you receive any email related coupon codes, It’s not from iThemes Security. The Hackers are there to take over your site and steal the information, so be careful of them and protect your account.

iThemes has discounts on its website during promotions and events  

Yes, it’s true! iThemes offer discounts to their customers when promotions are going on, or there are some special events. It offers a lot of discounts on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other special events. The discounts are for a limited time, and you have to use them accordingly. Don’t forget about it. You can save money through these discounts and get a good bond with the site.   

iThemes sync

It’s not worth to around for a coupon or voucher code

If you want to get iThemes security and iThemes Sync, you have to pay for it. It’s not worth waiting for the coupon or voucher code to get iThemes security and Sync. They will never offer you a coupon or voucher code. It’s not going to help you or save your money when you are waiting for coupon codes that iThemes don’t offer you. 

If you have a WordPress site, it’s important to make it secure as well. This plugin can help you protect your site is a great way, and avoid the bad guys roaming to steal your data. So, buy it when there are discounts available, but no coupon code works for iThemes Security.

Up to 40% discounts on all iThemes security pricing plans 

You can get a lot of discounts on their website if you are a customer you will see that iThemes care about their customers and are very concerned about their satisfaction. Customers feel more connected when you care about them. 

Through giving discounts, iThemes Sync helps you save money and it’s an act of telling that they are committed to their customers. They offer up to 40% discounts, and it’s amazing that such security is given at a reasonable price with no issues. Everything is done best for your website, and it saves you from all the leakage of information from your site.   

Watch out fake coupon codes 

No coupon code asks you for money, and then you can apply for coupon code.  There are a lot of hackers out there who send you spam emails, messages to get you in their trap and loot your money. Don’t get into the trap of hackers. 

Coupon codes are free when any website or theme offers them. As iThemes security & iThemes Sync doesn’t offer any Coupon codes so you will not get any coupon code mail. If you receive any and it asks for money, kindly ignore that and try not to click on such emails.  So watch out for fake coupon codes and stay protected!

No coupon codes available. Visit iThemes Security & Sync, for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

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