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Save 30 % on KnownHost products as long as you like
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Active coupon code

KnownHost Coupon Code – Save 30% For Life!

KnownHost Coupon Code

Do you want to take advantage of good deals for hosting for your following WordPress site? Why not give KnownHost a try? If you are looking for the current Knownhost coupon code, we can also help you with that. Right now, the KnownHost coupon code we can offer is KH30LIFE. You can actually save 30 percent for life if you use this. It works for solid-state plans as well as cloud VPS hosting. If you think thirty percent of your account’s life is good, we assume you should act now. Click on our link and see if there is a code that you can use.

The KnownHost Facts

First, let us take a look at what you get when you have solid-state VPS hosting. Typically, you would expect to pay fifty dollars for this service. By using our coupon code, you can save thirty percent for your whole lifetime. If you like to save money, now is the time to act. What can you enjoy with them?

  • You will have a two-core CPU processor
  • Two GB of RAM
  • 50 GB of RAID-10 SSD storage
  • 2 TB of bandwidth so customers can easily access your site
  • Two separate IP addresses to pick from
  • cPanel for easy admin work and maintaining your site
  • It starts at just 28.00 USD for the month

If you are not technical, it may be difficult to sort through this long list of deals that are being offered. That is ok. We are here to guide you through how each part of the hosting will work. As a reviewer, our job is to help you understand what you will be getting when you sign up.

Save 30 % on Knownhost products as long as you like

Knownhost Support

One of the best things about Knownhost is the support. Maybe you have not kept up with technology in quite some time. You don’t understand the differences between regular hosting and cloud hosting. Maybe you can see that they offer solid-state drives, but you don’t know how this would be better than just a standard hard drive.

When you are on their site, look in the lower right corner. Here you can spot the live chat feature. How does this work? Click on it and type in your name and your email address. Now you can engage an employee in real-time—type over any question you want, such as the current price for the VPS cloud hosting plan. You can also use this to ask technical problems so you can understand the difference between cloud hosting and having a shared host, which will cost less.

Of course, if you are low on time, feel free to leave your question along with your email. Many times in the world of business, things are moving fast. You might only have time to send off a quick question, and then you must go right into a meeting. The pros with this hosting company will get back to you and send over the answer right to your email. If you need further help, contact them through the website again or directly call them. There really are so many different options if you need somebody quickly.

KnownHost Coupons

Cloud Hosting

What is cloud hosting? You have four main types. There is the public cloud.

Public Cloud Solution – this cloud solution will utilize services from a cloud provider. Knownhost is one of these cloud providers. With public architecture, your host would supply the infrastructure to you. This is known as IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service. You won’t need to pay for the hardware or software upfront. You just rent it. The various clients will share hardware components provided by the host. Memory and the different types of storage still belong to Knownhost.

This public solution is lower cost. It will not be recommended if you care about security. Typically, you would see this used by a small company or organization trying to save funds.

Private Cloud Hosting

What can you do if you are looking to spend a bit more money and need the highest security level? For a case like this, it would be better to look into private cloud hosting.

Private Cloud Hosting – this cloud structure allows you to create your own personal and centralized data center. You can have offices all over the world, and all use the same resources.

This private server is managed by your staff and controlled to ensure only the right people have access. There will be a more significant expense if you go this route, but you will also have more control. Has your admin set up the username and passwords for people that need to access resources on the server? This means as well you will need more staff to take care of security.

If you are thinking about using a private cloud solution, contact the experts with Knownhost. This is one of the reasons that so many are looking for a Knownhost coupon code. They know that they have custom solutions for every level of business. A private cloud would be suitable for an industry that is highly regulated where security means everything. That includes large law firms or software companies that need to protect their IP. If you don’t fall into this category, the experts will direct you to a cheaper solution like public cloud hosting.

KVM Cloud Hosting

Looking to get KVM cloud hosting through Knownhost? The service was USD 80.00 each month, but if you act quickly, you will get the benefit for just $50.40. What can you enjoy when you get the cloud hosting for sale?

  • One vCPU Core
  • Two GB of RAM
  • 75 GB of cloud storage for databases or files for your site
  • Premium bandwidth that goes up to a couple of terabytes
  • IPv4 IP addresses
  • IPv6 IP addresses
  • DirectAdmin to help set up your users with the proper access

One of the biggest things here is that they include DirectAdmin with the price of your monthly fee. This is one of the fastest ways for an admin to control what is happening on the server. The administrators on your side will be happy to have access to DNS clustering and statistics to see who uses resources. Does it seem like a particular user is suddenly using a lot more CPU power? It could be that they were just hacked. Check it out immediately with access to everything through this system.

You are also going to have a lot of bandwidth as well. Maybe you run an eCommerce site that needs to have very fast loading times. No problem. You are going to get a great ranking with this system. You will be able to do load balancing manually using DirectAdmin so that the parts of the site that need the most resources are looked after. Usually, you would need to pay for DirectAdmin on your own, but now you have the service for free, and you can also talk with their support. That is a great deal considering everything else that Knownhost is going to give you.

KnownHost Coupon Code save 30%

Knownhost Coupon Code Right Now

We really just scratched the surface of what you can accomplish with this site. The world of cloud hosting is broad, with so many different models going from community cloud hosting to hybrid models.

If you are looking for a Knownhost coupon code right now, the best one to use is KH30LIFE. That will net you thirty percent off for all SSD plans as well as KVM managed cloud hosting. These VPS solutions are perfect when you need security and privacy. Not all companies want to share hardware when it comes to things that need to be completely secure. Allow Knownhost to help you out with a coupon code that will last for the whole life of your account with them.

When you head on over to the site, you will see at the top they have a list of applications that can be done with their hosting service. This list is long! You have image hosting, eCommerce sites, blogging and sharing your story, calendar hosting, and your ads’ management. If we listed all the various applications, it would go for several paragraphs. It is better to have you check out their site and see if they can help you with your specific situations.

If you are worried about your current host, there is no better time to try out a new one. Many are running deals that they normally will not run again for a full year. It is not just a chance to take advantage of Black Friday deals on computers and various electronics. It would help if you took a chance on hosting services as well while they offer lifetime deals. Keep in mind; if you don’t like the service, you can always cancel. Migrating over to a different host will be no problem. Give them a try and see what this excellent host can do for your company.

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