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Knownhost Review – Let Us Guide You!

KnownHost review

When you think about WordPress hosting, your mind automatically goes to the large companies out there. Maybe you are currently with Bluehost, or you decided to go with SiteGround. While these are good services, not all of their plans work well. For example, when I used Bluehost recently for a shared hosting plan, I found that the service was slow and sluggish. It took several seconds before I could even edit my WordPress site. You may want to move over to Knownhost. With our Knownhost review, we want to go over why this is a good alternative to the large companies. Let us get started with this Knownhost review!

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An Excellent Alternative

Why is Knownhost a good alternative to Bluehost or even SiteGround? Well, there are several reasons that you should take into account.

  • Great if quality matters more than the price for the user
  • High performance and also private servers are offered
  • A good choice when you run a business that needs to be protected

We all understand that you get what you pay for in many cases. You can pay for a cheap pair of shoes and then be forced to replace them over and over. On the other end of the spectrum, a pair of well-made shoes will last years. The same holds for hosting. There are many levels of hosting. You can’t always focus on pricing.

A very cheap plan may come with very little storage. That is fine at first, but eventually, you will need to expand if you are successful. With Knownhost, they give you a tremendous amount of space. This can be used for anything that you like. Dedicate it toward video or a giant gallery of pictures if you sell many different products. If your business is expanding fast, it is better to future-proof things. Give yourself room to grow and go with a Knownhost plan.

They also offer many specialized options. If you accept credit card payments through PayPal and Stripe, don’t you think that you should pay a bit more for your hosting? Knownhost can offer you a VPS as well as dedicated options. That is exactly what you are going to want if you want a good ranking with your site.

KnownHost review hosting

The Downside Of Sharing

We have all been taught that it is better to share. Most of the time, that is true, but not if you are running a fast-moving company and eCommerce store. Shared hosting may be cheaper, but it will cost you in the long run.

Knownhost understands this, and that is why they offer professionals the option to pick a dedicated host. The hardware will be yours, and nobody else will have access. Shared hosting can result in slow responses. If you think about the layout, this makes sense. Many clients must all share from the same resource pool. If the server only has two CPUs and twenty users placed on the machine, it can take longer for the system to do the given tasks.

Many times you will see a slowdown with the large hosts such as Bluehost. They spend a good deal of money on advertisements, but shared hosting will cram many clients together. Ports and connections might be limited because of security reasons. You are also more prone to being hacked. When one client on the machine makes a mistake, it can infect everybody connected through hardware.

In our Knownhost review, we wanted to point out that they want your business to be as secure as possible. That is why they offer privacy and your own machine to work with. Don’t concern yourself with a sudden network spike or somebody running a script that will hog CPU and memory usage.

Knownhost Pricing

Next in this Knownhost review is pricing. What can we expect in terms of pricing? You have decided that you want the best hosting possible and want to go with a dedicated plan. The pricing is actually very reasonable.

At the lowest tier, expect to pay $41.65 for your own hardware. This will run at 2.4 GHz. If you need even more horsepower, move up to the next tier for dedicated solutions. For $87.20 every month, that will get you into the middle tier for business solutions. You will want to go with the highest tier at the Enterprise level if you run a large business. A large company will strain resources and need more CPU usage as well as memory. For the highest tier that is built for big companies, you can expect to pay $175.20. When you consider that you will have all that hardware that your staff can only use, that is an excellent monthly deal. Slow loading times for a site will cost you, customers. A slow site will easily end up costing you much more than just a few hundred dollars.

With these plans, you will be using Xeon processors. You might not be familiar with these processors. This is because the Xeon series is normally used for industrial servers, workstations that need to do many calculations quickly, and military applications. When you want the best possible processing speeds, you turn to the Xeon series. Introduced back in 1998, we have seen these used by good hosts for decades. Since the workload will be different for each server, there are corresponding processor families. You are not paying for a processor and then not using all of its capabilities.

Knownhost Applications

These processors are also excellent for business data and analytics if your company is involved in these tasks. Ensure that your teams will have the resources at their disposal if you are involved in regularly looking at huge amounts of data. An Intel Core processor will not be enough if you are running complex models. Moving forward, we expect more and more companies to be seeking out solutions such as these where you need heavy-duty servers to develop new applications. If you are working in areas such as AI or ML, they can take large amounts of processing power. The fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning are cutting-edge. Still, you need to run many iterations and simulations to get the data needed to bring these products to market.

Fully Managed Solutions

At Superb Themes, we realize that not everybody will be an expert when it comes to technology. That is why we have such a large readership. People want to see reviews and understand how new forms of the technology function. We provide the latest in guides and coupon codes to help our audience.

Simultaneously, the team with Knownhost understands that not everybody is an expert on hosting and technology. You might not understand the first thing when it comes to logging in to a remote computer using DirectAdmin. This is why you have fully managed solutions.

Fully managed means that the experts take care of your issues. You always should seek out a host that can offer fully managed. When you run a business, you are busy! Many times you are doing the job of three different people. Don’t add another job to your list. Instead, trust the experts. They can explain exactly what they are doing, and they have your best interests in their minds.

We have found fully managed is an awesome way to save time and still get a good product. If you would like to know about the fully managed system, contact them today and speak with the sales team.

KnownHost review WordPress

Knownhost WordPress Custom Systems

With a dedicated and fully managed server, it is custom-built for you and secured on-premises. If you have certain requirements that need to be met, such as maximizing RAM, you can do it with the sales department. A workstation that will be rendering a large amount of video or three-dimensional assets will need RAM to compensate for the load you are putting on the system. Even if you don’t understand all the technical terms, you can explain to the team what you would like to do. They can easily explain your options in plain English. You won’t need a glossary to decipher what they are saying about the system.

The dedicated systems are also Linux based which is good to see. Our review gets high marks since it is more secure than Windows-based systems in many ways. Throw in that you also have the cPanel, and you will be ready to put together a WordPress site fast easily.

Knownhost Review Conclusion

In conclusion, we give this host high marks. Like we said at the start, it is easy to go with the normal host like Bluehost or SiteGround. When you always go with the mainstream option, you miss out on what you can get with a smaller host. A smaller host will have better support staff since they can focus on all their customers. When you work with Bluehost and the shared hosting, you might be on a server along with many more clients. Instead, ask for a dedicated server through Knownhost. You won’t need to worry about security or spikes in CPU usage. The cost is meager as well! You can work with them on a dedicated server that is just forty dollars each month. Now that is an awesome deal.

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