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LifterLMS Coupon Code - Save 15%

Learning management systems are more important than ever. With many people confined to their homes and needing new ways to learn, they turn to an LMS. One of the most popular ways to make a course is through LifterLMS. Can you easily get a LifterLMS coupon code? Yes, you can, use coupon code: superbthemes to get a 15% discount. We are going to go over how you can use this product for free. On top of that, we will also set out a guide to show you how you can always check for a LifterLMS coupon code. Click here for a link that is going to help you save. It is the perfect way to take a little off the final price for their premium products. Let’s get started to look into this plugin that makes learning easier.

use coupon code “superbthemes” & get a 15% discount. Click the button to claim the discount!

LifterLMS For Free

Before we look into getting that LifterLMS coupon code, we first need to make it clear, this will only work on the WordPress platform. If you are currently using Wix or SquareSpace, you won’t have access to this. It can be easy to switch over to WordPress if you clone your current site.

Once you are running WordPress, you need to understand the system is both free and open-source. This CMS is written using PHP and then it is paired with a database such as MySQL or MariaDB. Plugin architecture and templates make creating a web page with many features very easy. While it was invented about twenty years ago for blogging, it has gone far beyond that now.

If you want to use this learning management system for free, access the repository. What is a repository?

Repository – data structured so it can easily be cloned and distributed. This data structure helps with version control and keeping code clean.

You can access the repository for WordPress at any time. LifterLMS can easily be copied over to your system and it will be ready to go. Getting files from the repository also means you will have the right version. This is the best way to share files since it creates a historical record of any changes that are made. If you want to learn more about this, head on over to Not only can you get learning management systems that are free, but many other plugins. This is the best way to try out the software free of charge. If you want the premium version, you can always use a LifterLMS coupon code to save funds.

Why Use a LifterLMS Discount Code?

Why Use a LifterLMS Discount Code?

Some may question why they should pay for a premium. Creating courses is still a new trend and many don’t understand all the advantages. Selling courses online can give your life more flexibility. All of the selling and teaching happens online. If you wanted to work from Europe while you develop the course, that works!

You also get consistent income. When you work as a freelancer, it can be hard to know where your next paycheck is going to come from. Push aside all the worry when you go with a service like LifterLMS and start putting together courses.

When you get the plugin, you will enter into a strong community. Maybe you don’t have the best technical skills. There are people that also have the program that can help you with this. People are going to encourage you to follow your dream of sharing knowledge and getting free from the office.

You will also be creating your client base. Not only will they want to pay you each month for tutoring on topics, but you can also upsell with other products. Membership to private forums might be worth a lot to people that want to learn from your experience and skills. You can also sell videos and books on top of this. Give it a try. The core plugin is free so you won’t lose anything. Who knows? Perhaps you will find a new career.

LMS Pricing Discounts

If you are wondering about the name for the product, the LMS stands for learning management system. What exactly is this?

The LMS acts like a platform where you can create a whole curriculum for users. Learning online becomes easier when you don’t need to know coding and CSS to put together an online course. It also allows you to motivate your students with various achievements and automated messages.

As the leader of the learning management system, you are given total control. You can add new courses as you see fit. Assign work to only specific students. If you find that some of the students are getting bored, use LifterLMS to create more complicated course work for them. This keeps people interested and involved. A consumer that feels like you tailor made the course for them is going to be more likely to keep coming back after several months.

Next, you can also scan the progress of the students. Make quizzes that go along with the course. A learning management system will help you grade the quizzes so that students don’t fall behind. You want a way to measure the progress from the learners that are working with you. Performance is easy to assign numbers to when you have something designed like LifterLMS.

Last of all, the learning management system also shows you reports to inform you about the progress from a student at a glance. This comes in handy once you build out the business to the point where you have many students. You will need to be able to look at a quick report to see who is not doing well with quizzes. If you notice a student falling behind, you can send them additional eBooks to their email.

Get All Features Cheap

We have gone over what an LMS is and why you will want to try out LifterLMS. Another reason that so many are looking for a LifterLMS coupon code is the fact that the premium version gives you a huge number of features to pick from.

  • Drip in content
  • Set prerequisites
  • Graphic packs
  • Course builder
  • Quiz builder
  • Private areas for students

They really did think of everything with this product. You are going to have access to making quizzes on any topic. Maybe you work for the government and it seems like your employees need to be refreshed on changes to regulations. Make it interesting.

Using the quiz builder, you can design a quiz around any type of information. Make a test based on new regulations for companies due to the pandemic. Create a quiz to train new employees on how to use proprietary software. There is a test in the United States to become a postal worker. Why not make a quiz for all the positions that civil servants hold? In the end, your employees will be grateful you took the time to train them.

Private areas for students are another great way to encourage collaboration and increase revenue. This learning management system makes it easy to make a private area where you can work with students that need extra help. The students can also interact and help each other. This is awesome when you are teaching things that are technology-related. The students need to feel like they are part of a community where they help each other. This helps them learn faster and will give them better results on the tests that you set up for them.

Coupon Code Applied Successfully

Coupon Code Applied Successfully

We have gone over some of the things that make this plugin great. Can you succeed using it? The creators of LifterLMS supplied many of the success stories on their websites. This gives you a better way of understanding what you can do with the software.

Take for example, Melissa. She was busy with a family like most of us are. It is hard to find the time to create new income streams. So that she could stay home more with her children, she wanted to try making a course. Many can relate to this idea since daycare often costs so much.

First, she needed a site. The solution was WordPress. It helped with the basics that she needed. Soon she was building sites for other people. Divi, which is an excellent builder, allowed her to use less coding and focus on making her own themes. People liked them and soon they were taking off.

What did she do with this knowledge? She made it work for her. Now she was explaining to people how to make their own websites. Melissa didn’t stop there though. She wanted to teach people how to make their own business. Courses on branding and Facebook ads were now some of the most popular. As the teacher, she felt great because she knew she had the power to change lives. Now people that were taking her courses could have the ability to spend more time with their kids and also work from home like she was. The important thing was that she never stopped learning and teaching. She pushed through making those poorly designed WordPress sites and now she is the instructor.

LifterLMS Coupon Code Conclusion

In conclusion, LifterLMS is a great resource if you feel like you have knowledge that you want to share with the world. You don’t need to have a lot of technical skill to make courses, but as we saw with the example of Melissa, it can really help. If you are already great with coding and CSS, you are going to be able to make excellent looking courses and quizzes. Who knows, perhaps you can teach others how to make awesome looking courses and then provide that as a course. Keep coming back to check on more software reviews. We will let you know when coupon codes are active and you can save big on software.

15% discount available, use coupon code “superbthemes”. Click the button to claim the discount!

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