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LifterLMS Review – Our Honest Opinion

LifterLMS Review - Our Honest Opinion

Passive income is on the mind of almost everyone. It is attractive to think that you can do the work once and then continue to collect revenue. People write books or music that will sell for their whole lifetime. Another great way to generate revenue is through making a course. Do you have a skill or a passion for sharing? LifterLMS helps you take courses. Should you use this versus the competition? See our LifterLMS review.

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LifterLMS Pros

LifterLMS comes with many strong pros that will motivate you to try the product if you are trying to do a course. Take a look at some of the highlights:

  • Free to use
  • Integrates well with popular programs
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Integrates well with your online store

One of the biggest advantages here is the fact you get the core version for free. The world has changed rapidly, with many companies shut down and more employees working from home. If you find yourself in this situation and wonder how you can start up a new revenue source, try making a course. The cost is free, so you won’t need to worry about funds. If you enjoy making courses and are good at it, you can always pay for the extended version later.

Another big pro is the fact you won’t need to code the course. That would be difficult because you would need to create the interface, understand a coding language or two, and need particular knowledge. That is not likely. It is unusual to find somebody that really excels at, say, marine biology, plus they are also experts in making online courses. You can’t master every topic. With this in mind, they made it easy for a person with a basic understanding of technology to take a course.

Moving the pieces of the course around is simple. Drag and drop is something that people have been using for years. If you choose to also integrate with WooCommerce, that will be a simple task. Now you can sell books or other study supplements along with your course. That is a win-win situation where you can really take advantage of your knowledge.

LifterLMS Cons

It would not be fair only to highlight the best parts of the program. Yes, it is free at the core and a great value. With that said, you should know about the following:

  • Extensions are expensive
  • The design could be better
  • Does not integrate well when you have a large site

They need to be careful here and increase the quality of their product. This is not the only course creator that you have access to. You have many alternatives with things such as LearnPress and LearnDash. In fact, in our review, we counted at least eight competitors, similar to this product.

The product is good to start with since you have the core version at no cost. It is hard to complain about the price when you get so many options without using a credit card. Still, though, you need to buy a payment gateway. That will run you about a hundred USD. If you were hoping that you could get away with spending nothing on the product and still accept payment, that is not realistic. What if you want to take payment in a variety of ways and have multiple gateways? That will be even more money. If you are tight on funds, that might prohibit you from getting started.

LifterLMS Review – Prices

Reviewers also noticed pricing on bundles is very high. This hurts the product in multiple ways. With so many alternatives out there and the bundles out of the range that many will pay, it hurts your community. The lower the number of people using the product, the slower you will get updates. If you reach out to people on the forums, the users will not answer questions. They will have shifted over to a product that doesn’t charge as much. We would like to see the price come down to grow the community and add more people to the discussion forums.

LifterLMS Pros & Cons

Why Create A Course?

Before we dive fully into our review, why would you want to start up making a course? You probably have no experience with teaching. It will take many hours, and you will need to learn many new skills.

Well, there are many advantages to building a course. First, you can expand your business faster. Say you sell t-shirts. You get an order, and you walk over to the printing machine to add a graphic. Then you ship out the order. This is a business that can’t scale very well. You are just one who does all the orders, and you can only send out so many shirts.

The courses scale very well. You make the course just one time, unlike that shirt we just described. It does not take a person to bundle up apparel and then ship it off to a new place. Everything is automated. All sales are made, and you won’t need to be on the computer. If you have an experience that you know other people will pay for, make money. People are monetizing so many different things now. If you have a big following with Instagram, take advantage of that. Maybe you get sponsored by a cookware company since you love making videos in your kitchen. The point is that people are making money in many different ways now. Try making a course and monetize it.

You will be able to scale your learning business very quickly. Funds from the first course can pay your rent while you are making course number two. Then you have two separate sources of income. Since the income is passive, you can build a learning empire.

The Free Options

LifterLMS is proud to offer a free version for WordPress. We all know that WordPress powers close to a third of the net now because it is so easy to use. This product is similar in the sense you are going to be able to take courses very easily. Your payment will need to come in manually because accepting PayPal or a credit card would require you to add on a payment gateway, which will charge you.

With the free version, you can still engage your learners by giving them achievement badges. Think of a video game and how it sucks you in by giving you small rewards to encourage you to continue playing. Hit a new milestone, and you can show off to your friends what you could accomplish. Creating that sense of community is very powerful and urges people to keep going so that all their friends can see how much they have mastered.

Certificates are another great way to encourage your customers. The college price is shooting up, but we still have many ways of showing our expertise in certain areas. Think of CompTIA. These courses are the best way to get a job working with technology and then advancing into networking and security. You don’t need a college degree to get an advanced job. Pass the test and pay the fee to prove you understand the information.

You also get automated emails to encourage students or give them additional resources. Keep them learning by promising them eBooks that are delivered right to their email.

LifterLMS Quizzes

LifterLMS Quizzes

A quiz is a great way to do training. It shows that a student has mastery over the subject to the point that they feel comfortable answering questions quickly.

If you work in a professional capacity, there are probably all sorts of ways you could train your employees with this software. Language learning, real estate, business courses, and online health would all be covered. There is no limit to what you could make with this software.

LaunchPad is a theme made for WordPress that will work well with the software. Even if you don’t use the theme to make your course look better, LaunchPad can still be used for other pages.

You will be able to easily change designs, the layout of the page, and your typography. The creators really put a lot of work into making sure that everything can be customized to your taste, matching the current colors and design for your site.


If you are serious about taking courses, you will want to move past the free version. As we said earlier in our LifterLMS Review, the bundles get expensive but come with many options. For $999.00 for the year, you get unlimited active sites. Video features will be activated, and group features as well. Private coaching opens up as a new way to make money from clients.

If you are serious about making teaching a side gig, you will need to go with this top tier. The cost is expensive, but you can invest once you start to make revenue from the free version. Keep in mind; even the lowest tier charges $99.00 so that you can accept payments. If you want to start making recurring revenue each month, this is going to be a must.

LifterLMS Review Conclusion

In conclusion to our LifterLMS review, we wanted to say that the free version is nice but just a taste of what the product offers. Most users will only work with the free version for a short time before they feel the need to upgrade. The highest tier is around a thousand for the year. Using this to train people in a professional setting, such as quizzing staff on new regulations or laws, will quickly pay for itself.

We want to conclude our LifterLMS review by saying that this is a good product, but the bundles at around a thousand each year are quite expensive. There are many competitors that you can find that are cheaper. Experiment with the free version and see if you like the interface. If the software works well, try the trial first before getting involved at an annual price.

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