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Live Chat Inc Review – Our Honest Thoughts After Using It For A Month

Live Chat Inc review

What would you say if we could provide you with a solution to considerably grow your sales, improve customer loyalty, and make your support agents more effective? On top of that, this solution doesn’t cost you a dime.

Live chat software has the potential to scale up a business while offering an excellent implementation strategy. LiveChat is a live chat software (the name is pretty suggestive, isn’t it?) that is simple to install and use.

Read this article carefully to learn the pros and cons of live chat and how to use LiveChat Inc. Chances are that your sales and revenue will grow by implementing the following suggestions.

LiveChat Inc is one of the best pieces of live chat software. Comparing its features to its pricing plans, it is easy to see that LiveChat is a 100% profitable investment. It’s a standalone SaaS product and not just a WordPress plugin, so it works seamlessly with 170+ services, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Dropbox, Drupal, Magento, and PrestaShop.

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How To Implement Live Chat Inc

You are free to test LiveChat on your site for 14 days with no credit card required. That is awesome! You see how the product works before paying for it. It’s not a unique feature of Live Chat—other businesses also have offered free trials —but it’s helpful for people on tight budgets.

Installing the LiveChat on your site is as easy as ABC; just create an account and follow the instructions.

Hint: The recommended method for installing LiveChat is through a WordPress plugin, but there are other two ways to install the software: manually or via Google Tag Manager. This is just my two cents, but I think that LiveChat made a small UX mistake by using such a small font for “Check all plugins.” Once you click on it, a list of other ways to install LiveChat is revealed. The interface shouldn’t hide these multiple options, don’t you think?

Live chat installation

Live Chat Inc Features

LiveChat impresses its users with a large palette of options. I can’t believe that there would be a user who accuses LiveChat of missing a feature. I won’t showcase the entire list of features because you might get tired of it—yeah, it’s a long, long list! Instead, I will highlight the most useful features that should convince you to give LiveChat a try.

Customization Options

Live chat customization options

The work of the support agent matters the most, but the design of the chat window also plays an undeniable role. Users associate a plain window with poor support while a good-looking one attracts the user’s attention. The chat window is highly customizable. Here are just a few options:

  • Maximized and minimized chat window design
  • Unlimited colors for widget background, title bar, customer text
  • Business logo
  • Support agent pictures

Live Chat Inc Apps

The LiveChat developers genuinely care about their customers. They have developed apps for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and web browsers. You and your team have plenty of solutions to choose from to ensure your clients get the best support. You can even chat with the clients while drinking a beer with your friends—we didn’t recommend it, but you can do it by accessing LiveChat directly from your smartphone.

High Security

Security is a big concern for every online business, and customer support can be a vulnerability if you have a big support team. More people means more chances of getting hacked due to human error.

The LiveChat developers did their best to make their product secure. It bans abusive visitors by blocking IP addresses and masks credit card numbers in chat. Additionally, LiveChat integrates Google’s 2-Step Verification to get access to the support interface, and agents log in with no restriction or use a specific IP.

Live chat inc security

Do you want to welcome your customers to your site? Do you want to display a personalized greeting message? LiveChat lets you create various greeting messages and display them when specific conditions are met.

Agent Tools

The job of a customer support agent isn’t simple. You have to provide the proper answers immediately, even though many customers are contacting you at the same time. There’s no need to mention that some clients’ requirements are out of an agent reach.

Luckily, LiveChat has a few cool options to help agents. Canned messages and keyboard shortcuts are effective time-savers. The interface is user-friendly, and agents have tons of information available about the people they’re chatting with.

Live Chat Inc Analytics

You don’t have effective control over the results of a live chat system without a solid analytics tool. LiveChat’s in-house analytics is all you need. It keeps track of:

  • Chat duration, availability, and satisfaction
  • Agent activity and responses time
  • Chat heatmaps
  • Daily reports

Live Chat Inc Pricing

Live Chat Inc Pricing

Like it or not, pricing is capital when making important business decisions. No one knows better than you how much money is too much for your business to spend. LiveChat has four pricing plans: Starter, Team, Enterprise, and Business plan (the most popular plan).

The cheapest plan is Starter, which costs $16 per month per agent and is billed annually. The Business plan costs $50 per month per agent and is billed annually.

Don’t be disappointed that I haven’t provided a clear verdict regarding the price. Anyone who gives a universal verdict in this respect is a liar because they don’t have a clue about your business or what you need. They would need plenty of details to provide a firm answer to the question of installing a live chat system.

Instead, I highly suggest taking a professional approach. Create a detailed strategy to predict the profitability of a live chat solution and test the alternatives available on the market, including LiveChat.

What is Live Chat?

If you are an average internet user, then you have certainly noticed live chat on some websites—that small window in the lower right corner of the browser. With live chat, a customer support agent is ready to provide you with the needed information.

38% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that offers live chat support, while 29% said they would inform their friends about a positive live chat experience. Many big companies—even Fortune 100 companies— have implemented a live chat solution, and the results are positive.

Check out the advantages of live chat to understand how it can help grow your business.

Live Chat Advantages

Increase Sales: Plenty of companies that have enabled a live chat solution have grown their number of sales. Live chat is the most preferred customer support method, so implementing live chat support means that you care about the customers’ needs. Live chat helps buyers make decisions, so it reduces the number of abandoned carts. If you care about your clients, they will care about your business!

Fewer Expenses: Support via telephone is massively used, and it will still be used for many years to come. But the biggest problem of this type of support is the cost, especially when you sell worldwide. On top of that, a support agent can’t handle multiple leads or customers simultaneously.

A top live chat subscription plan costs only tens of dollars a month, and the support agent can handle a few discussions simultaneously. Overall, the monthly expense for live chat support is lower than that of phone support but more expensive than email or social media. However, live chat is more efficient than email and social media. Taking into account the price and effectiveness, it’s easy to see that live chat is the best solution. The price can be reduced a lot by using a Live Chat Inc. coupon code.

Boost Customer Loyalty: Many customer-satisfaction studies have revealed that live chat has the highest level of satisfaction. It’s simple to use (just type in your question, and an agent will provide a qualified reply), fast (it sometimes takes only seconds to get the needed information), and user-friendly (you don’t have to dial your phone or go to the Twitter or Facebook page). For many people, it’s the most convenient support alternative. In this context, it’s no wonder why so many customers become loyal.

Learn Customers’ Pain Points: Live chat software has a big advantage that is often entirely ignored: it shows you the weak points of the business. For instance, if 30–40% of all buyer issues come from the return policy, then it should raise a question for you. Perhaps the policy is unclear, or it’s not visible enough for the site’s visitors.

You can improve the business by paying close attention to all the customers’ pain points. In addition to analytics reports, you will also get a strategic overview of the customers’ pain points and expectations.

Effective Use of Support Employee: An experienced support agent can handle a few leads or customers at the same time without trouble. With live chat implemented, you don’t need a huge team of support agents but just two or three well-trained employees to help buyers.

Live Chat Disadvantages

Not Comfortable for Everyone: Some potential buyers—especially those who are less tech-savvy—don’t like using live chat. Other people simply don’t know how to use it. These buyers will most likely prefer to make a phone call or send an email.

Time Zone Issues: The time zone differences may put you in trouble if you sell worldwide. People don’t care if you are in a different time zone. They expect a fast turnaround from the live chat agent. The longer they wait, the more frustrated they will be. You have to ensure 24/7 live support for your customers, which is easier said than done!

Mobile Unfriendliness: Some live chat features don’t work on some mobile devices, and that can hurt the buyer’s experience. On top of that, it’s not relaxing to type an entire story on mobile to get the needed support. It’s way simpler to make a phone call, isn’t it?

Live Chat Inc Conclusion

Now you have a clear idea of the pros and cons of live chat software. It depends on your specific business model, but live chat generally brings in more revenue for mid- and large-size companies.

LiveChat works smoothly with plenty of services. For instance, it works perfectly with WordPress, and users have given the WordPress plugin high ratings. The ease of use, customization and analytics options, and the integration with many other services all make LiveChat a solid choice.

Ready to add a live chat to your website?
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