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There is a bunch of live chat software you can choose between, we have tested and reviewed most of them, and Live Chat inc. is definitely our favorite. Sadly it’s expensive to use, but that can be fixed with a discount code! Click the button below to visit Live Chat Inc. & view their available discount codes.

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LiveChat Inc for WordPress

Live Chat Inc. provides you with a hassle-free live chat helpdesk service that perfectly integrates on any webpage. This service is to provide you live chat support to be integrated upon your business WebPages, to provide support and help to your customers to increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately the sales. You can save yourself from all the hassles of support ticketing and email support systems, by using this service to provide real-time support to solve the customer’s issues right on the spot. 

In today’s modern world, customers always demand fast services, and in aspects of support, they expect the availability of solutions at the same moment. Hence, with the Live Chat Inc. service, your customers will not wait. Live Chat Inc. does also provides you with instant feedback regarding how your chat agents or you manage support for the customers. 

After a conversation takes place after the ending, end users are asked to grade the quality and performance of the support provided. This feedback ultimately helps you in evaluating your performance to bring necessary improvements, which can result in providing a better experience to the customers; it can further lead to building a solid reputation for your business. 

You must have experienced a situation in which you were not able to find help on a website, imagine that scenario, and think that how much relief can be provided to the visitors by using the service of Live Chat Inc. 

One of the crucial things you always have to care about in business is the satisfaction of the customers, which cannot be achieved if they don’t get fast support and help. If the customers are satisfied with your support, then there is a great chance that they will buy from you again.

Activate a discount code for LiveChat Inc.

There are no discount codes to be seen on the official website of Live Chat Inc. though there are many third-party websites out there on the internet which provide various discount codes for the services of Live Chat. 

To activate or use a discount code, you have to write the discount code on the checkout page when purchasing Live Chat, in the field of coupon or discount codes which is provided where billing is done.

Special promo codes and bonus codes

Most of the companies provide special promo codes on events like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and Black Friday sales. It is possible that promo codes for Live Chat services are available over the internet on third-party websites or even on the official website of Live Chat.

For bonus codes, it might be possible that the bonus codes are provided to the existing customers or returning customers through emails.

Why LiveChat Inc. offer discount codes

The use of promo codes or discount codes has become very common in today’s world of online shopping. So a company has to offer promo codes to attract price-conscious customers as well as for competing with the competitors in the field who provide cheaper deals. The same might be the case for Live Chat. The ultimate goal of these codes is to promote shopping from them.

LiveChat Inc Discounted Pricing

There are five different plans provided by Live Chat in total, the starter plan, regular plan, team plan, enterprise plan, and enterprise plus plan. If you are beginning, the starter plan is recommended for you as it offers all the functionality you need at the beginner level, for interacting with customers, and for providing them help with the selling of products and services. As you go for a higher plan, you will get better statistics, better reports, along more interactive features. The cost is calculated based on how many seats or help desk agents you require. The annual packages offer you a cheaper rate. The plans are further discussed below.

1. In the starter plan, the charges are 16 dollars per seat per month in the annual package. If you choose to pay monthly, then you will have to pay 19 dollars per seat per month. 

2. For the regular plan (ideal plan for medium scale businesses), you will have to pay 30 dollars per seat per month in the annual package, for a monthly package 36 dollars per seat per month will be charged to you.

3. For the team plan (it is if you want a full-time support team). The charges are 33 dollars per seat per month in the annual package. The charges are 39 dollars per seat per month if you choose to pay monthly.4. For the enterprise plan (it is designed to handle a relatively large customer service department and to cater to a heavy demand for support). The costs incurred are 50 dollars per seat per month in an annual package. The charges are 59 dollars per seat per month if you pay monthly.

Who LiveChat Inc. Is Ideal For

The service can be best used for managing a business webpage, like an e-commerce store, or for a website that publishes and sells content. It can also be deployed for a blog website. 

It depends on the situation, if the situation demands to provide real-time chat support to the visitors, then you have to use services of this kind. This service includes solutions and support on the spot, at the same moment, without making the customer or visitor wait, which can give an excellent impression and can increase customer satisfaction. 

If you will reply to your customers in real-time, there is an increased chance that they are going to buy from you; they can have better clarity, removing any doubts in their minds at the spot, thus inclining them to think that you care about them. You must be thinking that the whole setup process of integrating a live chat helpdesk on your website would be complex and confusing. 

This is not the case with Live Chat; they provide a 5-minute setup, so you can deploy a live chat support system on a website in a lesser time frame than replying to a single customer’s email inquiry. The signing up process for Live Chat is very easy. Live Chat Inc. provides you with the option to try their services for 14 days with no charges, and you do not need to provide any credit card details, providing you with an opportunity to test without any pressure. Only an email address is needed to sign up; you will be done with the signup process in less than 5 minutes.
5. Then there is the most premium plan, the enterprise plus plan (it is designed for fortune 500 big companies that have a very large staff of helpdesk participants to manage). For this scenario, the Live Chat provides customized plans and charges accordingly.

LiveChat Inc. coupon code information

Information regarding what the coupon code offers is provided along with the code, where it is placed. As seen so far, the codes are available on third-party websites, and the WebPages having codes show the information related to what sort of discount these codes are going to provide, along with the information on how to use them. The information regarding terms and conditions is also provided.

Voucher for Live Chat Inc.

Vouchers provide one-time discounts to the customers. There are no search results found, which include the word voucher for Live Chat because in online purchasing today, coupon codes or promo codes are used commonly. Voucher codes are a bit old and are mostly used in the physical world. It might be possible that Live Chat does provide them in another way.

Livechat inc discount

Why it’s important to use a coupon code for LiveChat Inc

Having multiple different plans is a disadvantage as each plan is very different from others, providing different features. This thing can make the customer take some time to understand and in selecting out a price plan, which would be ideal for his business requirement. So selecting a plan here is a complex and time taking procedure.

If you want to try out the service to get hands-on experience, then you only have the option of a 14-day free trial. There is nothing like a free basic plan to get hands-on for a better understanding of the service.

This is a disadvantage for you, especially if you manage an organization and have a crucial requirement to keep long term records for providing support tickets or something else, as the starting plan provides chat history for only 60 days.

Live 24 Hour Support 7 Days a Week & Rock Solid Reputation

Situations arise in which you get stuck at something or are not aware of the features of the system to use in difficult situations, to cater to your needs Live Chat Inc. provides you with support at all times so that you do not have to wait to clear your path or feel helpless.

More than 14,000 companies from different parts of the globe trust and deploy Live Chat to manage their live chat help desks efficiently. Big companies like Samsung, Air Asia, Roku, and ING Direct trust Live Chat to handle their business. Hence you do not have to worry about trusting them or about their reputation, and they have managed to get this solid reputation because of quality and standards.

Testimonials from Big Brands: 

You can always visit the Live Chat site to check the testimonials which are available there to assure yourself of putting confidence in their service standards. The glowing testimonials provide proof that there is no competitor of Live Chat in terms of quality and reliability. 

LiveChat Inc. Support

Live Chat provides top-quality support compared to other live chat helpdesk competitors. They provide support round the clock via their proprietary chat software. There is an extensively detailed knowledge base that provides you with all the knowledge and help that you need. 


Live Chat services are easy to use, along with being low in cost. The services are scalable and provide practical solutions for any website or business, regardless of its scale.  

Live Chat Inc. is trusted and deployed by numerous big companies from all over the world. The reason is that their end-users are satisfied with the service. The customers like the speed of getting solutions fast. 

So if you want a reliable service to take care of the real-time support providing your business, then Live Chat Inc. might be the best option for you.

Grab a Live Chat Inc, coupon code and get your next purchase at the best possible price!

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