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Have you already heard of Mangools? This is an excellent plugin with applications for people ranging from bloggers to enormous SEO agencies. Why is it popular right now? The interface is intuitive, and people of any skill level can easily get in there and start using it right away. Sporting features such as keyword research, analysis of the competition, and scanning backlinks, this program is like a Swiss Army knife. It is full of features. How can we get a discount or a coupon code for Mangools? A Mangools coupon code would come in handy while so many are out of work. We will look into this but first, let us see why we want to use Mangools.

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SEO Tools

SEO is just gaining in importance each year. This is great for those of us that are writers and bloggers. Your skills in writing are in demand by anybody with an online store. What is SEO?

SEO – providing information to users to increase your importance in search rankings.

You may have heard of Search Engine Optimization, but you don’t really understand how it works or how Mangools can help you. The concept is really quite simple.

How SEO Works

Think of a topic that you find interesting. What kind of hobbies do you like? Perhaps you enjoy snowboarding, and the winter season is coming up soon. You are looking to buy a new snowboard. Some might go straight to a store that offers snowboards to speak with a salesperson. That is a great way to go, but not always possible.

In my area, deep in the south of the United States, we don’t have a dedicated store for snowboarding. That makes sense. If I am looking to buy a new product, I am going to go online. I pull up Google and then type in the terms I am looking for. Maybe “Best snowboard for a beginner” would come up with some good choices that I can look at.

If you sell snowboards, you already know that people will be looking for the best beginner snowboard. Since you know this, you write an article or have a video ready that goes over the best beginner board. In turn, because you have the right information, users come to your site to learn more. Perhaps they click on a few of your ads or buy a product from you, and you just got a sale from providing information. This is the basic way that SEO works.

Why Is SEO Important?

Why Is SEO Important?

We have gone over a simple example that gives us a better idea of how SEO works. Why should we seek out SEO tools? One of the main reasons is to lower our advertising costs.

Look at some of the main social media platforms. You have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even with Amazon, if you want to promote your product to the top, you need to pay extra. For all these social media platforms, advertising costs are going up. Why is this?

As more people want to run ads on these sites, it pushes up the bid for ad space. Say there are only ten people that want to promote t-shirts on Facebook. The bid won’t be pushed up very high. As more people flood into this niche and platform, people will slowly push bids up for ads. In turn, it is harder for people to get a return on their ad dollars. It is no longer as simple as running a radio ad or a short commercial on the local station.

The Tools You Need

If you want to avoid the race between advertisers on these major platforms, you need to turn to SEO. With this, your ad spend is going to go to writers instead of giant platforms like Facebook. Find a blogger that is knowledgeable about your topic. Have them write about topics that your audience is going to be interested in. This will bring more users to your site and boost conversions.

How will Mangools help with this? First, you need to know which topics the writer should write about. Which terms are going to be popular? Which strings of keywords will be easy to rank for?

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Mangools will help you discover which topics you want to write about. Now you can write about the topics or use Mangools to do the research and then hand it off to your writer. Either way, it won’t matter.

By doing your keyword research first, you can get an idea of how many people are searching for terms. If only 5 people are looking for the term “Best red snowboard for beginners in Colorado,” it might not be a good idea to do a 2000 word article on this. It is too specific. Using the keyword research tool through Mangools, you won’t need to write the article to understand that you won’t get many views. It uses historical data to tell you that, and it will save you time.

At the same time, Mangools can suggest things to you they think you should write about. By using a scoring system, it will inform you if they think it will be easy or difficult to rank for a term. Maybe the search term “Best snowboard for Colorado this month” shows that over fifty thousand people are searching for this. When you do the keyword research, you realize that not many people are writing about this topic. This happens all the time. It is hard to find the time to make good articles on hot topics.

Take advantage of the hole in the market and rush to fill it. You will be rewarded with the visits. By finding that sweet spot between what people want to read about and low competition, you are going to get many more customers than you would try to battle your competition on Facebook or Instagram for ad space.

Analyze The Competition

It is not enough to just look for what terms are hot right now. When we consider why so many are looking for a Mangools coupon code, it is because you can also scan the competition.

Let us look at another illustration. You run a flower shop out of Brooklyn in the heart of New York and have been using Mangools now and noticed that it has increased online sales and how many people have come to visit your site. You are pretty happy with the results so far, but you wonder if there is something more you could be doing.

When you have Mangools, it allows you to take a sneak peek at the competition. How many users do they have? What terms are they targeting? Using your Mangools toolset, you run an analysis and notice immediately where you could improve. A rival flower shop has multiple articles that target the term “Best place for flowers on Valentine’s Day.” Not only is your rival getting a lot of business from these articles, but you immediately understand how you could, in turn, increase your own business.

Adapting To Your Competition

Thinking about the above information, when we use Mangools, it allows us to adapt to what the competition is doing. If they see a lot of success by targeting terms regarding a big holiday, you can adapt your marketing to this. Come up with a phrase that will benefit you. “Best flowers for Valentine’s Day in Brooklyn.” That phrase takes elements from a term we already know is working for your rival. We also add our own twist in there and add our location, which will benefit us and give us customers close by.

You come to your writer or blogger and explain what you want to do after running things through Mangools. Tell them which target phrase that you would like to see appear in the article and then have them build up the blog post based on those ideas. This is an important concept. You should be basing your articles around phrases that you know will be successful. Don’t write the article first and then try to insert the key terms. This gives a strange flow to the writing, and it will be obvious you are just trying to rise in the rankings using SEO.

Conclusion For Mangools Coupon Code

Conclusion For Mangools Coupon Code

We are all looking for a Mangools coupon code because we can see just how easily their service will boost your marketing efforts. In this article, we went over just a few of how we can take advantage of the different tools. Continue to come back to Superb Themes to learn more about using plugins and reviews on the software. Superb Themes is your one-stop solution to find out more about everything that is happening in WordPress.

If you want to learn more about the Mangools coupon codes that they offer, continue to come back to our site and see if one is available. With digital software, developers are always offering great deals. By keeping on top of the latest news sites, you can often get a nice discount.

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