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Mangools Review

Mangools Review

SEO is a hot topic that big business is interested in. Giant companies like Adidas and Deloitte put a huge emphasis on getting their SEO into a great spot. Why is SEO so important? Why are big companies like this interested in SEO? Read our Mangools review to learn more about this.

First, SEO helps you find the customers you want. Next, it is a great way to save on advertising dollars. When you find the right keywords, you won’t need to pay as much for ads. Are there tools you can use to help? Mangools has many tools designed to put you in control.

Mangools review – a suite of tools

Let’s start the Mangools review with a look at the SEO tools that Mangools offer. Plugins and programs designed to help with SEO might have one or two really good applications. With Mangools, you get a variety of tools that will work together well. The programs include:

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

Just like a carpenter will need to use a chisel, hammer, and nails to create something, you also need the right tools to master SEO in the industry today.


Considering the cost of many SEO experts charges, you might think it is beyond you and too difficult to master. SEO doesn’t have to be hard when you have a subscription to Mangools.

They give you access to KWFinder. Keyword research might seem tough first, but when you have the charts in front of you, you will see the process is actually quite simple. This application can give keywords a score, depending on difficulty. This scale goes from 0 – 100. If you see a cluster of words that are rated an 89/100, you already know you should move on to something easier before you tackle a set of keywords that hard.

Competitor Keywords

You cannot only look at keywords you want to shoot for, but KWFinder also makes it simple to see what competitors are ranking for. If your competition is having a lot of luck with a certain set of words, you will be able to see that and gauge if you want to start writing content to target those keywords. Mangools has developed a complicated algorithm to judge how complex or difficult it will be to master keywords using the cost of CPC and the current position on Google. Don’t be left in the dark when you have tools like this you can access.

KWFinder is great because it gives you the following options:

  • Find easy keywords to shoot for
  • See how the competition is ranking
  • Find out where competitors are weak


Mongools SERPChecker

What are SERPs? That might seem like a strange term, but it is easy to explain. Search Engine Result Page. Why do we care about this? Customers are much more likely to click on one of the top results when searching for a product or service. When you search on Google for the best Chinese food in your area, it is doubtful that you will go all the way back to page three or four with the search results. Most people will click on one of the results that pop up first. That is why it is so important to master the SERPs.

With Mangools, you will be able to check the results page for local and nationwide terms. You no longer have to spoof or change your IP address to get an idea of what a local market is going to look like. Type in your local market you are aiming for and the search terms that interest you. Mangools will give you accurate data and rankings for all the websites. Now you know who your competition is at the top. Used in conjunction with the other tools, you can learn what keywords they are using and start to make content to target phrases where the competition is weak.


SERPTracker helps track changes in rank

You want to see the search results from any market in your country, but you always want to track what is happening with the results. Did your competition recently make a huge jump in the rankings? When did this happen? Why did it happen?

When you are using SERPWatcher, you will be aware of big jumps coming from your competitors. Not only that, but the tracker will also let you track your own progress. If you target something very specific like the phrase “Best Ice Cream in Queens, New York,” don’t you need to watch this phrase and see if you are going up in the rankings or back down? Of course!

This tracker is the right way to see how much progress you are making. If you don’t have benchmarks that will mark off where you have been and where you are going, it will be difficult to move forward with the right keywords. Track the search results and look at the history or what happened in the past.


We went over just a few aspects for Mangools, and already you can see how powerful these tools are. What can you expect to pay for all of this? Many assume that if you want these applications on-demand, it will run you several hundred each month. In reality, the cost is very reasonable.

Starting at just under thirty dollars for each month, you will have access to a huge number of options. This annual plan will give you access to all the tools we went over and even more. You will get:

  • The ability to look up keywords
  • Suggestions for keywords
  • Look at keywords for competition
  • Look at the SERPs for any market
  • Track Keywords
  • Lookup for your whole site each month

The only downside for this first tier is that you can only have one account logged in at a time. If you want to add simultaneous logins for many people working on projects, you will need to go with the agency tier. This will give you the ability to have 10 people all logged in at the same time.

What Can you do with Mangools?

Let us look at some examples of what you can do with a service like Mangools. That will give you an idea of what you will accomplish once you sign up for the service.

First, you must understand that if you get your keywords incorrect, it will be devastating for your business. As an example, we think about a plumbing company that is based in Jacksonville, Florida. You want to increase your business and help more people find you online. If you don’t have a tool like Mangools, what happens if you start generating content for your site?

Keyword Research

Without first checking the difficulty of your keywords, you could be writing on a topic with a difficulty of close to one hundred. Perhaps you want to boost your relevance for a term like “Best Plumber in New York.” Without tools at your disposal, you might hire a group of writers to start putting out content targeting this term and related terms.

That would be a huge mistake! The term “Best Plumber in New York” is going to be very hard to rank for. Think about it from this perspective first. How many people are going to be going for that term? How valuable is that term? If you are not using any tools, you won’t know what the CPC is. For valuable terms such as Mold Removal for a big city, it might cost you close to a hundred dollars per click. This is because mold mitigation and removal are often worth six figures for the company that gets the job. If you don’t understand how hard it will be to rank for a term, you could have your team on it for months and waste a lot of writing potential. You need tools like Mangools to tell you how much effort you need to put into a given set of keywords.

SEO Strategy

In line with the above paragraph, you will be able to use these tools to start to craft your SEO strategy. If you research a term like “Best Plumber in Queens, New York,” you may notice it has a score in the 60s or 70s. With that in mind, you know you need an effort from social media, your writing team, and your video team. Then you can use the SERP tracker to watch and see if your efforts are paying off. If you are not watching to see if you are starting to climb the ranks for your given term, how can you know if your efforts are actually working?

Once you can see what works and what causes a fall in the rankings, you can expand your operation to include other applications that Mangools offers.


Have you wondered why your competition is able to get ahead when you have the same content? It comes down to the quality of your links.

Mongools LinkMiner

If there is a situation where two websites are competing for the same term and have the same amount of content with the same set of terms they are shooting for, who wins? In the eyes of Google, the company with the better links will win the number one spot for the set of keywords. LinkMiner will give you everything you need to figure out which links you need to be shooting for. This is a huge number of tools you need to start using today.

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