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Do you want to create slideshows in just minutes for your WordPress site? MetaSlider can help you accomplish this. With SEO-optimized slideshows, you can quickly build up your page to look professional and dynamic. MetaSlider is the number one slider plugin and gives you a long list of options and functions.

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MetaSlider Introduction

If you are looking to add a slider to your WordPress site, there are dozens of WordPress slider plugins available to cater to your needs. For a quality plugin that will be light on resources, look to MetaSlider. Some plugins are bulky, and they will make your site perform slowly. Sliders can effectively be used to make the best use of available space to display your content eloquently. 

MetaSlider is one of the available slider plugins in the market where you have a paid version and a free version. The plugin has different options for slider styles and transition effects for your slides to display your content impressively. With the MetaSlider plugin, you can easily create basic image sliders for the use of your WordPress site, along with shortcodes and template tags.

About MetaSlider

MetaSlider is a WordPress slider plugin introduced in the market by Matcha Labs. They are a digital agency based in the UK that does specialized projects in WordPress and iOS development. This team has a lot of experience putting together top-tier software.

5 Advantages of buying MetaSlider Pro

  1. Comparatively, the prices are very reasonable and affordable.
  2. A free plan is offered which comes with multiple advanced features to cater to your needs. 
  3. The product has a great list of amazing and useful features.
  4. It was listed in the list of Best WordPress Slider Plugins 2021.
  5. It was also listed in the list of Best WordPress Carousel Plugins 2021.

Summary of Positive MetaSlider Reviews

Users have written reviews about the interface of the MetaSlider plugin being straightforward and intuitive, which makes it easy to work with. In addition, the users have said that they found the customer support team is constructive and competent. Users noted that many of the features help them save time on projects.

Get More Options with MetaSlider Pro

The paid version of MetaSlider provides you with many additional practical and powerful options.

  • It includes the animated layer slides.
  • It provides YouTube and Vimeo slides.
  • There are Post Feed slides provided which display your latest posts.
  • The theme editor is provided for you to customize the look of your slider with the 30+ settings.
  • The thumbnail navigation enables you to display thumbnails at the bottom of the slider for navigation purposes. 
metaslider refund policy

Documentation and Support

The documentation of MetaSlider does provide an overview of the plugin and its functionalities, but it is a fundamental overview that does not provide extensive detail. It would be more helpful if examples and screenshots were included in the documentation. 

The premium version provides you with priority support through a private ticketing system in the support area. 

The free version users can post their issues on, but that can be slow.

Pricing for MetaSlider Pro

MetaSlider is a premium plugin, but it provides you with the choice to start and get a hands-on experience with its free version to check if it suits you. The free version is available on their site. It gives you the edge to try and then purchase the premium version. For a small-scale business setup, the free version of MetaSlider is a good idea, as it will cater to all your needs. The look is very basic for the free version. If you wish to have uniquely created stunning sliders, then Metaslider is excellent for small business owners.  

The paid version is for advanced users who want to make maximum use of the premium version features to make their sliders uniquely unforgettable, along with full customization options. There are five different pricing plans for the premium version of MetaSlider. You can choose a plan which best suits you for your requirements. There is a difference in price according to the difference in the number of sites on which you want to use MetaSlider. The price plans are written below:

  • MetaSlider Pro license and access for 1 to 2 sites will cost you $39.
  • MetaSlider Pro license and access for 5 sites will cost you $79.
  • MetaSlider Pro license and access for 20 sites will cost you $119.
  • MetaSlider Pro license and access for 100 sites will cost you $189.
  • MetaSlider Pro license and access for an unlimited number of sites will cost you $289. 

All of the plans mentioned above provide you with one year of automatic updates along with one year of premium support. Unfortunately, the free version users are only offered basic support on The good thing is that you can even try the premium version without any pressure as they do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind.

MetaSlider has promos during Black Friday

There are no coupon codes or promotional codes provided by the official site for MetaSlider. They claim that their prices for the products are justified and provide the best value in return for what you pay for. The quality of the products is always top-notch, which makes it hard for the company to offer discounts and savings offers to promote shopping activity. 

On days like Black Friday, New Year, Christmas, and Halloween, sales are occurring around the world. There is a chance that some special coupons on these days are provided for MetaSlider, but you can’t guarantee it since the price is already very reasonable. This shows how much the company has confidence in its products. They know the value of their work and are confident you will want to use MetaSlider when you see the competition.

metaslider pricing discounted

Is it worth waiting for a coupon code?

Everyone likes to save a few bucks on a purchase. But should you wait and see if MetaSlider will issue coupons to use? MetaSlider officially claims that they do not provide any coupon or promo codes because it is hard for them to maintain the quality with a price reduction. With this in mind, it would be better for users to not wait for any discount and try the free product if they are interested.

There is rarely a discount available for MetaSlider

As stated in the earlier written paragraphs, there is almost zero chance that you will find a coupon or promo code for a discount on MetaSlider. The company has complete confidence in the quality and performance of its products, and they are well aware of the value of their products. They claim that their prices of products are entirely justified and reasonable. They think that as the price is very affordable and returns the best value in return for its price, there is no need to give discounts to attract customers and compete with rivals. Therefore, the statement that there is rarely a discount available for MetaSlider is correct.

MetaSlider Coupon Code Conclusion

MetaSlider is a very light and straightforward slider that is comparatively found to be very user-friendly when compared with things like Slider Revolution and LayerSlider. Though in some aspects, it is found that there are some flaws in the user interface design since it is not ideally designed. A new user needs some time to get used to it to interact with the system seamlessly. 

MetaSlider provides four different sliders, but they are very similar in design and have a minimal number of features. In addition, the coin sliders are found to be not responsive. A suggestion to improve can be to offer more customizable features with the product.

Another thing is that the information or preview of a particular slider isn’t provided, which makes it challenging to choose one. So the only methodology left is the trial and check method to see the look of each slider, which ultimately is a time-consuming, complex task.

No coupon codes available. Visit MetaSlider for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

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