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Mochahost Coupon Code

With almost two decades of experience, Mochahost is a great company to check out for personal sites or Enterprise solutions. They have some of the lowest pricing we have seen for both WordPress and VPS hosting that you can find. On top of this, they also offer coupon codes for even more savings. The current Mochahost coupon code is “GOOGLE50“. Using this code allows you to save even more along with the normally low prices. What if you are looking for a Mochahost coupon code in the future? We are going to go over how you can always search for the latest coupon code. For now, let us go over some of the reasons why you might pick Mochahost for your next job.

Information about discounts and latest coupon codes!

The Upside Of Mochahost

What separates Mochahost from the competition? They have many great aspects you might not be aware of.

  • Use your system 100% of the time
  • They guarantee your connection will be lightning-fast
  • Unlimited SSL certificates for your account
  • Supports cPanel, Plesk, and also SolidCP
  • Enterprise solutions available for storage

As you can see from this list, they have a little something for everybody. If you are running a small business, you need to make sure that it will always be up. With a solid set of servers behind you, then you don’t need to worry about going down and losing money. On top of this, large businesses also can use Mochahost. When you run a big company, you have a lot of data that needs to be stored. This might be in the form of video or images. Perhaps it is millions of lines of code when you are making a new application. That needs to be accessed quickly, and you can do that through their storage plans.

Support is also easy to get ahold of. You can call their number and speak with them over the phone if you want to explain the issue live. For many, it helps to have a live person on the other end that can guide you through the issue. If you are a customer, you also have a domain to plugin to do a live chat with support. This is strictly for customers, which helps them keep the time down when support will get back to you. Unless you are already working with them, you can’t utilize this feature. That is great when you need help quickly with an issue. They can give you priority for being a paying customer with them.

Mochahost Coupon

WP Starter

If you are familiar with Superb Themes, you know that we take WordPress hosting very seriously. We are always looking for the best service at the lowest prices. When you work with Mochahost and check out the first tier for WordPress, the cost is only $2.48 each month. Pair that with a coupon code, and the savings will be even higher. That is why so many want a Mochahost coupon code. For that price, you will get the following:

  • As much SSD disk space as needed
  • Unlimited WordPress sites you can set up
  • Cloud technology gives you rapid elasticity to act quickly
  • Unlimited SSL for life at 256 bit
  • Malware and spam monitoring
  • A gig of RAM is guaranteed
  • Visitors can reach up to 100,000
  • Unlimited email and webmail

Some might not want to switch over to a new host. They are nervous that the cost will be too high for migration. That is not a problem with Mochahost. They give you free migration over to their service, and they can also help you explain the process. If you are doing a migration on your own for the first time, it can be difficult and confusing. Allow the experts to go through all the steps. You will build up your confidence in terms of your next migration and get a better overview of the process.

At this price, it will be hard to find cheaper hosting. Sure, some options will go as low as a dollar for each month, but you won’t get a list of the same features. Here, you will get up to six figures in terms of visitors. The unlimited sites and also monitoring make this a good deal. Skip the fast-food burger today and instead get started with an awesome host for the price.

Secure Solutions

Is your site going to be secure if you use Mochahost? The answer is a definite yes. Think about the SSL encryption that you are getting. This will keep conversations private and off the radar for hackers. We mentioned earlier; it is going to be 256-bit encryption. What does that mean? This is different from 224, 384, and 512-bit keys. If you want to break 256-bit encryption, you would need to guess the right bit 256 times in a row. Is it going to be a 0 or 1? You would need to guess correctly 256 times, which means you would need to be very lucky.

Now, say the cybercriminal doesn’t know the password. They will not stay at their computer and go through all those combinations. The criminal will try to brute force the password. You have a lot of different combinations to go through. 2256 possible combinations don’t sound like a lot, but the result is 1.157920892373162e+77. With that many combinations, there is no way for the criminal to break your encryption. That is why Mochahost is ready to give all their customers this level of protection.

With this security level, you don’t need to worry about a criminal breaking into your communication with a customer. There is no way for them to guess that special combination of bits needed to see what you are saying with your guests and visitors. They also have no way of guessing the password. With so many combinations, they would spend several lifetimes trying to go through all the various groups of bits. That should make you feel secure knowing the Mochahost has you protected and they are guarding your business.

Mochahost Guarantees

Perhaps you are getting closer to being sold on the business. You understand the level of security they offer in terms of protecting your customers. They also give you free migration, which means you won’t have to worry about extra fees when you shift over.

Another awesome thing that can help convince you to make the switch are the guarantees. For many hosts, you might see a guarantee that goes up to thirty days. If you don’t like the service, have your money returned. In other cases, some hosts extend that to sixty days. With Mochahost, we are glad to inform you that you can get a guarantee that extends all the way up to 180 days. That is a long time to work with their system. Keep in mind, though; it only is valid for shared hosting. It will not be good for a dedicated server. On top of this, if you do register a that will be a sunk cost. Buying a domain goes through other channels. They will not be able to refund these costs.

If you have been on the fence about getting into an agreement with Mochahost, these guarantees should help with the decision making. With so many different types of hosting available, we are sure you will find something that will meet your goals.

For Developers

If you want to develop new applications, a good choice would be Mochahost. You have the option for JSP hosting through Linux. This is a JavaServer Page or JSP. This technology helps software devs make dynamic pages based on HTML, XML, or other document types. If you want to run JavaServer Pages, you will need a web server with a servlet container. This can be done through Apache, Tomcat, or Jetty. Mochahost is ready to support you in this way. Feel free to ask them questions about Tomcat and how to get everything set up. Since they are familiar with this type of development, they can get you ready faster than other competitors.

With your servlet, this will be a programming language class in Java. You now will extend out the servers’ capabilities that host applications you might be working on. Developers need this ability so that they have a better work environment and will code things properly. If you are looking to extend what your server can do, look into this technology. Mochahost will be more than willing to help you install everything that you need to get it working perfectly.

Finally, let’s conclude this article about the Mochahost coupon code possibilities available?

Mochahost WordPress Coupon Code

Mochahost Coupon Code Conclusion

We gave you a brief overview of what you can expect when you work with Mochahost. The security is top-notch with SSL 256-bit encryption. Hackers will never be able to go through all of those combinations to get into your site. On top of this, we also explored some of the ways they will make developers more productive. If you have a team that is putting together an application, ask Mochahost about compatibility with Tomcat. Servlets are a good way to extend your capabilities.

We also looked at the guarantees they offer and pricing. When you add in our coupon code “GOOGLE50“, the savings will be excellent with pricing this low. Continue to visit Superb Themes for further tips and tricks for WordPress and hosting.

Information about discounts and latest coupon codes!

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