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Momenteo Review- An Addictive Tool for Business Management

Ideally, business management should be about growth strategies, client acquisition, customer satisfaction, and solid revenue. Practically, business management includes countless phone calls with accountants, filling bureaucratic papers, conversing with rude clients, and dealing with unpaid invoices. A tool that reduces these frictions is golden for a business. The less mature a business is, the more it needs such a beneficial tool.

Momenteo does many valuable things for a business, especially for solopreneurs and small teams. It’s simple to use, and the interface is user-friendly with plenty of beneficial features.

Momenteo simplifies the chores of business administration and saves time to focus on real problems.


Momenteo Review

Momenteo is a cloud-based software platform aimed at streamlining the administration of a business. It creates and sends invoices, generates estimates and expenses, tracks billable time, and lets you add tasks to a calendar. You can do all this from a single dashboard—from your Android/iOS device or computer. Momenteo has been on the market since 2014 and has served satisfied customers from 38 countries. Brain Station, Tech Pcvipers, and Guide Entrepreneur have all endorsed Momenteo.

The combination of all of these points should pique your interest. First, start by creating an account—it’s simple, and you don’t need any particular guidance. Then, check the following paragraphs to learn how to use Momenteo and save time for your business.


With the free plan, you can send invoices to two clients maximum. You are free to send as many invoices as you need once you sign up for an account to those two clients. Open your dashboard and click the Invoices button.

To send invoices to more than two clients, you will need to take a premium plan.

This way, you can test the software to see if it meets your needs before purchasing the pro version.

.Momenteo invoicing

Next, click on the “plus” button in the upper right. Fill in the details needed in the General Information and Content areas. You can choose the currency, add information from the calendar, activate late fees, or add discounts.

.Create Momenteo invoice

Next, you have to design the invoice. Momenteo comes with a large set of options to craft a stand-out invoice. You have to choose between three layouts and select how to display your business logo. Also, the color combination of the invoice design is fully tailorable. 

Momenteo customize design

Finally, you can copy the invoice for future use.

It’s worth mentioning that the invoices are trackable, so you see when a customer receives and opens your invoice.


Working with estimates is quite similar to invoices. First, you have to click on the Estimates Menu section to generate an estimate. Then, follow the same steps as creating an invoice—preparation, design, sending, and verdict. You are free to choose the same or a different layout than the invoice. The estimates are trackable, too. Besides, Momenteo easily converts the accepted estimates into invoices.

Estimates are excellent for customers interested in your services, but customers may also need an estimation of the total budget. A simple, precise, and concise assessment avoids long phone calls and lots of messages.


Momenteo expenses

Tracking expenses is capital for an accounting tool, and Momenteo does it in style. First, create an expense by clicking on the Expenses Menu section in your dashboard. Then, choose from various expense categories, select the vendor and the billed customer, apply the taxes, and upload the receipts. Momenteo stores all your expenses, and you can analyze their evolution. It’s an excellent help for optimizing your budget.


This section is perfect for solopreneurs or small businesses needing a more straightforward storing clients’ details, not a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Momenteo stores your customers’ details and lets you perform basic analysis. For example, use it to find out your cheapest supplier or the client who purchased the most from you. Based on these interrogations, you may reward the best business partners and foster those relationships.


Momenteo reports

This section is crucial for your business. Complete and intuitive reports make Momenteo more than a simple accounting tool. It provides you with a general overview of the business. Tax summary, profit and loss, revenue, invoices, expenses, revenue, available money, due taxes, and travels are all at a click away from you.


Keeping track of all of your business activities can be difficult. Thanks to the Calendar section, you won’t need to worry about that from now on. Instead, mark important meetings, travel, expenses, and invoices so that you will have a complete overview of past and future activities. The interface is visually appealing, so marking meetings, invoices, or expenses is as simple as ABC.



It depends on your business type, but for people on the move, the Travels section of Momenteo is an irreplaceable tool. Operate all your travels from the Momenteo dashboard and forget about sticky notes, Excel, or Google Sheets files. Enter your current location and destination address, and Momenteo will calculate the distance. Set up frequent travels if needed. 

Time Management

Momenteo has a built-in time management system to keep track of billable hours. It’s an option needed, especially for customers that want to pay hourly. You can include the number of billable hours in the invoice to avoid any debates with the customers. It’s simple to use and integrates nicely with the Calendar.

Momenteo Review – General Impression

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Momenteo is an addictive tool for business management. It’s great for startups and small and mid-businesses; large corporations need more complex software. Take a look at Momenteo if you run a business because you may save precious time by using it. You don’t need more than five minutes to get a total overview of your business by checking Momenteo’s dashboard. Since time is the most valuable asset for a business manager, Momenteo may be a good choice. The user-friendly interface and the affordable pricing plans are two other factors that should convince you to consider this tool. Give it a try and let us know your impressions.

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