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MonsterInsight Review

MonsterInsight Review

Do you feel like you need more insight into how your customers think? It may be that you need to try out MonsterInsight. Our review of MonsterInsight can show you what makes the service so valuable. By going through several aspects of the software, we can figure out if this software will be right for your personal business. It can be difficult to really determine which types of software are going to benefit your business, which is why we laid it all out in a simple guide. By following this, you will have a better understanding of what MonsterInsights will be doing for you. 

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Integrated with Analytics

One of the biggest things to come to the forefront in recent years is Google Analytics. Why is it such a big deal? Data is more valuable than ever. Large companies will offer services for free just to collect data from customers! That shows you how much they value trying to extract preferences from the people that use their products. Why are companies such as Google willing to give up billions in revenue to compile data?

Think of it this way. When your company pays for ads, would data on customers help you? Of course! If you could pinpoint exactly which customers will most likely buy your product, you could save thousands on ads! That is why this data is so valuable. During our review of MonsterInsights, we found that it integrates well with Google Analytics.

Tired of going back and forth between multiple screens? MonsterInsights makes it all easy by showing you the Google Analytics stats in the WordPress dashboard. This saves time and puts all the data together in a way that is easy to compile. It also allows you to keep access to your analytics restricted. You won’t have to worry about a rogue employee deleting out your master’s view. Keep in mind with Google Analytics, and if your master view is deleted, there is no way to analyze data that is no longer coming in. All of this is easily set up with a widget that won’t take hours to code up and get running.


If you run an online store, it is even more important to have something like MonsterInsights. It will allow you to make data-driven assessments. Why blow money on ads that are not converting when you can use your data to see what will be successful? This software makes it simple to segment data to easily tell what you are looking at. At times, it is overwhelming. After all, there is so much data, what do you actually pay attention to?

Many store owners work with WooCommerce. It is easy to start selling online and get set up and saves you a lot of money. There is no sense in having a physical brick and mortar store right now when there are many social distancing restrictions. Offer your products online. Most people who try out MonsterInsights in conjunction with WooCommerce have noticed an increase in traffic and sales. This is because the two programs were programmed to work together.

Some of the best parts of running your store along with this service are as follows:

  • Hot products
  • Track inventory
  • Average order value
  • Conversion rates for products
Improving Your Flow

Improving Your Flow

When doing a MonsterInsight review, we wanted a sense of how it would help our readers with their current company. We noticed there are huge benefits to getting started immediately. You are going to be able to see what products you have that are popular. Is something trending suddenly and flying off the shelves? You are going to know about it when you watch closely along with your analytics. This allows you to keep a good flow, go in and order more products, and continue to hit the cash register. The last thing you want is to have a hot product and not enough inventory, just cash left on the table.

Another benefit we noticed when doing a MonsterInsight review was the concept of your average order value. When somebody is shopping with you, how much are they spending? This is an important insight because you are spending money to bring in customers. When you use dollars to buy ad spend, you are actively putting forth money to get your website’s eyes. If your average Product sales are low for visitors, you won’t be as effective with your ad money. It may be time to look into higher class products, how to upsell your services, or offering warranties on products that can boost how much you make off each customer. When you look at big box stores, you will notice many of them do things like this to try and take advantage of each customer that walks through the door.

Last of all, when you have analytics software, it is easier to see what is converting. If you have Product A that converts at a rate of 15% and then Product B that comes in at only 2%, you know where to put your ad dollars. This is just yet again another way to get a good idea of how reviewing all the data coming in and going out will aid your company.

Tracking Forms

WordPress makes it easy to set up forms. It might have taken a lot of coding to try and determine what your customers were thinking in the past. That is no longer the case when you have so many ways to collect data. Plugins such as Gravity Forms and WPForms make putting together a form for trivial tasks. The question is, though, what you can do with all of that extra data.

For example, when a customer arrives on your site and fills out a form, that is a very important interaction. It shows that they are interested in what you are offering and starts the customer journey. They are at the mouth of your sales funnel, and it is important to move them along smoothly to becoming a paying customer.

Once you use a plugin to create a form, you need to make sure customers are actually filling it out and giving you the information you can act upon. Your forms need to be optimized to make the most out of conversions. If they are not done in such a way so that you can see who is completing the forms, it is going to be very difficult for you to take action that will pay off.

Optimize Forms

To optimize conversions in the past, you would need a team. One person or even a team would develop the forms while another group would become the analytics team. You won’t have to worry about that anymore with the new features from MonsterInsights. Even though Google won’t show you how many people view your forms or convert, MonsterInsights has ways of getting this information.

With a simple addon, you can start seeing data such as how many people are actually coming across your form. You will have no idea how well your form is converting if you don’t know how many people actually see it! The addon is an easy task to install and activate, like most things with WordPress. There is no need for a difficult setup or a strange configuration guide. The addon just works right out of the box to start to integrate MonsterInsights with your WPForms or Gravity Form data. Even better, once you know how many people fill out the form compared to views, you can start to optimize things with your forms to boost your completion rate.

MonsterInsight Review by users

MonsterInsight Review

Overall, we can give MonsterInsight a great score. The price is low compared with everything you will get when you sign up for the service. Google Analytics is an important facet to your company, but it can be tough to understand everything you are looking at. Why allow all of that data to pass you by just because you didn’t go to university to study analytics?

The installation process for MonsterInsights is simple and easy to do when compared with similar plugins on the market. You won’t need to get on the line with customer support if you want to do a regular installation. Some software types, such as Salesforce, require long courses and tests to be passed before you can really get into the details. You won’t find anything like Trailhead with MonsterInsights. All of the options are intuitive and make sense out of the box. Don’t hold yourself back by thinking that you need a degree to start analyzing data and getting results with all of that information coming in.

In conclusion, we recommend that you use this product if you need to improve your sales conversions. Forms can also be bolstered when you have percentages you can look at. Continue to come back for further insights into plugins.

Visit MonsterInsights to try their free version & view their current discounts on their website.

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