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Most popular VPN Services 2022

A VPN may seem complicated, but they are easy to use in reality, and the price is affordable. A VPN just stands for Virtual Private Network, and they are going to allow you the ability to be in charge of your security. Why worry about hackers and intrusive governments when you can sign up for a cheap VPN? We have listed some of the most popular VPN services around.

The private networks are easy to install on a variety of devices. Use them with mobile apps or on your desktop when working with data and information you don’t want others to get a hold of. You will have all your data encrypted so that others can not analyze your traffic. These services also allow you to trick other computers about where you are located.

The Most Popular VPN

Many times, you can get a good idea of which service to go with just by looking at what is popular. After all, will people really be using something if it was not high quality? The best services will rise to the top over time as people start to try out all the different VPN providers. Providers that are in tune with the market and the needs of individuals are going to start to keep their customers and attract more. Checking to see which VPN is the most popular is a good barometer to see which ones you should consider.

We reviewed a good deal of VPN services, and we looked at the statistics to determine which VPN services are the most popular on the market. Take a look at our list and what features they offer. You might just find the next VPN service that you can use for your personal use or use for your whole office.

1. HideMyAss

1. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is surely amongst the most popular VPN services around. The name is tongue in cheek, but the service is amazing. With HMA, you are going to have one of the most popular services out there. How did they get so popular? The answer is simple. The network is gigantic. Owned by Avast, HMA has had enough time to accumulate a huge amount of data centers and servers that are spread out all over the globe.

Why does the number of servers matter? Think of it this way. If you communicate with somebody in person, it is much easier to speak with them if you are in close proximity. When you are standing right next to your friend, it is easy to speak with them. You can clearly hear what they are saying. Your meaning is conveyed easily. It takes no time to communicate what you mean.

Now imagine you slowly move further away from the person you are speaking with. At ten feet of distance, it becomes harder to understand what they are saying. When they move back thirty feet, it is even more difficult to communicate with them. At fifty feet away, you are yelling at each other, and communication is much slower.

This is a good illustration of why it is better to have many data centers and servers spread out. Computers work similarly to how we communicate. They want to be located close to users so they can send information faster. If you are hooked up to a network that is several countries over, it will be difficult to get a good signal. Your speeds will be slower, and you will suffer from stutters and data that is buffering.

Servers All Over

Servers with HMA span of 280 locations. More than 190 countries are included in that. This means you will have a server that is close by that you can use for encrypting data. Some VPN providers will cluster all their servers together in places like Europe or North America. They try to focus on where the bulk of their customers are.

HMA takes a different approach instead. They understand that if they want to be the most popular VPN, they have to reach a wider audience. Instead of just keeping the majority of their servers in the western world, they expanded to include the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. This means no matter where you might go on vacation, and they are going to have your back. For the Middle East, you have 14 different locations you can choose from. Africa is stacked with twenty various locations you can access. Asia has more than 50 locations. For users that may travel a lot to China or Japan for manufacturing, we can see that HMA is the way to go.

A Variety of Devices

HMA is popular because it works on many devices as well. You might be devoted to Apple. You have the MacBook. Every phone you own has to be an iPhone. Apple even makes your tablet. Don’t worry about it! While some programs only support Windows, HMA has gained huge popularity by giving you access to the service through all of these devices.

You also have custom applications for all the normal operating systems that you will want to use. Windows is fully supported, so they cover that vast majority of users that have stuck with Microsoft. For your smartphone, they can help with Android devices. Even if you use Linux, they still can give you service. This is pretty surprising considering the market share that Linux has. For computer enthusiasts that are determined to stay open-source, Linux is a good choice. They have an emphasis on privacy and security. This means when you use a VPN on top of Linux, and you will be very secure and safe from hackers.

2. ExpressVPN

2. ExpressVPN

Why is ExpressVPN coming in at second place on this list? They are going to give you outstanding service with speeds that will rival anybody out there. They also have a thirty-day money-back guarantee. That means you can use the service for free for your first month. Don’t like something about the product? Don’t worry. You can get a full refund.

Another factor in how popular they are in a vast network. We are talking about more than three thousand servers. These are spread out over 94 countries. They also include 160 different locations. With this many places spread out, you can be almost anywhere on Earth, and you will get good speeds.

A Wide Platform

To work hand and hand with your giant network, ExpressVPN will also support many devices. You have all the normal operating systems, such as Windows, and the ones put out by Apple. On top of this, the more rarely used operating systems such as Linux are supported as well. Android is represented, and to the surprise of many, they offer support for BlackBerry as well. One of the most popular devices from the 1990s is making a comeback, so don’t forget your PDA.

Custom firmware is also offered for select routers. When this is used, you can browse sites without worrying about your history coming back to haunt you. A VPN is perfect for people who want to open up more channels and content from providers like Netflix. Why limit yourself to Netflix from one country when you can see shows from all over the world? A VPN on a router makes this very simple, and you can forget that it is even in place.

3. NordVPN

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is popular because they help their customers. Don’t worry if a VPN sounds intimidating. They are easy to use, and when you get help from the experts, you will be up and running in no time. NordVPN has everything that you need to succeed. They will give you a website full of guides and tutorials, and those are free of cost.

Don’t understand some of the terms? Look them up with NordVPN. They are also willing to put out detailed guides and walkthrough instructions to help you figure out how to get the most out of your VPN. They also have around the clock support. Chat with somebody that is an expert at any point in the day. Don’t worry if you are calling at off-hours. They will have teams in place that can help you when you need it the most.

4. CyberGhost

4. CyberGhost

Another very popular choice, CyberGhost, does a good job helping you unblock sites that you want to see. Don’t worry about geo-blocked sites anymore once you get signed up. They can help you with a large variety of services, including Netflix, Hulu, and even channels that are over in Britain. Perhaps you are very excited to see the premiere of a show that is unique to British TV. Don’t be concerned. Just log in with CyberGhost, and you will have access when people over in Britain get it first. This also includes sporting events as well. If you have a favorite soccer team overseas, make sure you see all the games first with a service like CyberGhost.

5. Proton VPN

5. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is another VPN provider that is amongst the most popular VPN Services.

The VPN provider is determined to keep the secret identity of journalists and activists. They take security seriously because it means your life at times. If you want one of the most popular VPN services that also fight for a better tomorrow, sign up for Proton VPN. They are very serious when it comes to preserving your anonymity online with fast speeds at the same time—another great service to watch when you consider popular VPN providers.

  1. Which one is the best vpn for multiple devices? I am thinking 5+ devices because we have a lot of people in the house and we all need to be safe. And I don’t want a poor vpn. Thanks guys.

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