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Top 5 Most Secure VPN Services 2022

Every Internet user has heard about a virtual private network. Indeed, there are plenty of situations when such software can become not only useful but also lifesaving. The first and most widespread reason to utilize a VPN is traveling. Lots of countries across the globe have restrictions on certain web services. This does not refer to adult content, for instance. There are lots of messengers and social platforms that are prohibited in China, Russia, Muslim countries, etc. Traveling in business or as a tourist, you will hardly want to refuse from a commonplace means of communication. The next, no less crucial, aspect is the protection of sensitive and confidential data stored on a device, be it a laptop or cell phone. In the process of connecting with a certain resource or app, data can be intercepted, thus, third-party frauds get access to private info.

There are some more benefits of using a VPN that are specific for particular jobs and fields of activity. However, the truth is undeniable: everyone utilizing the Internet should take measures to protect oneself against web villains. Thus, the next step is to figure out which of the available services will match the expectations and necessities of a particular user. For this, one should carefully study a VPN review to find out the main pros and cons and decide. Here is the main information on the top five services that will come to the rescue whenever you need to protect your own data.

When it comes to opting for a VPN, there is one undeniable requirement that should be fulfilled — the safety of users and their sensitive data. Thus, the search for the service should be narrowed to only the software that is safe to be utilized. Here are the top five of the safest services for the safeguarding of your data.

ExpressVPN Servie

1. ExpressVPN

Looking for a safe service, the best option is to start with the one under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands. Why? The Islands have full rights and sovereignty over the data regulations in force. Thus, users will not experience unexpected surprises. In the meanwhile, there are more than 3 thousand servers in 160 countries across the globe. While connecting, a user has the chance to choose one.

Another important aspect is speed. ExpressVPN can boast of impressively high results that have been confirmed not only by those who test but also by users — 85 Mbps for downloading and 91.22 Mbps for uploading. The tests have proven that the speed loss after connecting to this service is only 11% that is even hardly felt if you have a good connection to the web. Fields of application and compatibility are wide: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, torrenting, gaming, etc. 

Why is it safe? ExpressVPN does not collect any personal data that can help identify a user. The dates of connection, a chosen server, as well as the amount of transferred data — only this information is collected. Thanks to this logging policy, clients of the server enjoy full anonymity. As personal data is not collected, there will be no risk that it can be intercepted or that it will leak to scammers or blackmailers.

As for the flaws, it is possible to mention that this service is quite costly, however, getting a subscription for a year, may save. There is also no VPN kill switch for iOS if this feature is a must for someone. In general, that is a safe anonymous service totally deserving the money to be paid for it.

NordVPN Service

2. NordVPN

The next alternative can boast of more than 5,000 servers in around 58 locations. Netflix and iPlayer unblocking, Bitcoin support, fast live chat support, as well as permanent improvement of the technical features — these just a few benefits to be mentioned. As for other technical features, here are some more:

  • OpenVPN support for strong encryption;
  • A kill switch;
  • DNS leak protection that ensures the safety of users’ identity;
  • Double data encryption so that no sensitive info could be utilized against the clients;
  • Onion support being an extra security feature;
  • Some servers open the possibilities for torrenting;
  • CyberSec technology ensuring the protection against ads, malware, and phishing;
  • A clear policy of no-logging;
  • The servers support P2P;
  • Panama registration reassuring that all the activities on the web are not going to be visible to anyone.

As for speed, this service cannot boast of the same results as the first one. Though it is still quite fast, around 60 Mbps. Another great benefit is well-designed and thought-out apps for Android and iOS. The one from the Google Play Market has a high rating of 4.4 stars.

In total, NordVPN can be a great choice for particular attention the developers pay to the safety of its users, as well as for plenty of handy features.

HMA (HideMyAss) VPN Service

3. HideMyAss (HMA)

The abbreviation stands for HideMyAss!, the name that describes the concept of all the VPNs. This service has got more than a thousand servers in 290+ locations. These figures are lower in comparison to the above-reviewed services, though, they suffice as stated by users. It has got its own No Log DNS that provides the clients with protection against the leak of DNS, as well as blocks access to phishing and malicious sites.

Another great feature is that HMA can work on any device a user has got. Aside from more or less standard Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android, it can be configured to work with any other platform, thus, one can set it up for routers and any smart device at home.

To try the service without the payment, there is a trial period of seven days. Subscription can be made only per year. The most cost-effective plan is applied if a user subscribed for three years at once. What is more, those who are not satisfied with the services may request a refund every six months. In comparison to most competitors, they offer only a single possibility to return money or none at all.

Talking about speed, it is quite average and, unfortunately, cannot achieve the results shown by ExpressVPN. The speed of the European and UK servers is decent enough so that a user does not feel discomfort when a VPN is on.

Zenmate VPN Service

4. ZenMate

This German provider is headquartered in Berlin. Launched by ZenGuard, this service has been highly praised by around 45 million users across the world. Talking about its speed, most of the European, US and Asian servers show results ranging from 70 to 98 percent from the original speed. The number of services is not specified by the company, however, it is known that they are located in more than thirty countries.

The interface is user-friendly, as per the feedback from clients. What is more, there is a tab for torrenting and a tab for all servers where the info on the number of connected users is indicated. Thus, before connecting to one of them, there is the possibility to choose a server that is less loaded. Thus, the problem with overcrowded servers is solved.

The safety of users is ensured due to AES-256 encryption. To understand this better, one should note that such encryption is used by militaries and banks. One more great feature is that an encryption key for every session is uniquely generated. It means that even if one of the billion chances to crack encryption and intercept the traffic of a particular user, the moment this user logs out, the key becomes useless.

CyberGhost VPN Service

5. Cyberghost

Based in Romania, this service puts effort to become one of the most popular VPN clients among users worldwide. It also uses AES-256-bit encryption, as well as offers OpenVPN and IPSec to its customers. The policy of no-logging contributes to the protection of the anonymity of a person on the web.

The number of servers has reached 4 thousand across 60 countries. Besides, it offers quite a wide compatibility with most devices and browsers, in particular:

  • Windows,
  • Mac,
  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Chrome,
  • Firefox,
  • fire TV, etc.

Thanks to being under the jurisdiction of Romania, the users are protected. The system can boast of its no-leak protection, as well as Cyberghost lets its users watch Netflix and safely torrent.

Another great benefit is the possibility to connect up to seven devices to the service irrespective of the subscription plan one has paid for. Most competitors can offer up to three or a maximum of five devices linked simultaneously. Its support chart and the ease of installation also contribute to the fact that it is highly rated by users.

When it comes to safety on the Net, every user should not disregard the basic principles of online behavior, as well as should not ignore the need to protect personal sensitive data by a trustworthy VPN service. Among the above-reviewed, it is plausible to find one meeting your requirements for compatibility, speed, price, and the level of protection.

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