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Most Used WordPress Hosting Providers 2022

If you are going to create a WordPress site you are going to need a place to host it. There are some options for hosting the site on your own, but they are not recommended since they often will slow down the speed of your site and require that you use a stack of different technologies such as the LAMP stack or the WAMP stack. Not only that, but you may also need to get a new Operating System such as Windows Server 2019. Do you really want to dedicate a machine to your hosting that will need to be up 24/7 without any downtime? It is much easier to just pick a host that is trusted that will specialize in working with WordPress.

First, you need to consider the reputation of the host that you are looking at. Many underestimate how important it is to pick a host and just rush into the process without considering any alternatives. That is a huge mistake since some hosts will require a contract or have you pay in a lump sum upfront. Web hosting that is below the industry standard is going to hurt the reputation of your site and leave you frustrated if you can’t cancel the service easily.

It is best to read numerous reviews before signing up for hosting. You need to make sure the service provider is going to be fast, secure from hackers, and have a solid uptime. If you don’t have even one of these foundational issues, it is going to be a hard lesson to learn. One of the biggest indicators of quality is how many people use the service. If a host is slow or not secure, they are going to lose customers in droves. Let’s take a look at the list of the top hosts that are used the most. By showing their pros and cons, we can have a great idea of the landscape currently for hosting and find a great company that will support your website and get you up and running.

Siteground #1 most used WordPress hosting company

1. SiteGround

Ranked number one on our list of most used WordPress hosting, this is a very common company to see used by many people. Quick speeds to load your content, excellent support from their customer service department, and secure data make SiteGround the host that is trusted by a huge user base. recommends them as a host and right now the price is a real deal.

When you sign up to work with them, you have access to their WordPress installer that makes installation a snap. All the updates from WordPress will be automatic so you won’t have to worry about security flaws that will leave your customers vulnerable. SiteGround also has a free SSL  provided by Let’s Encrypt that will allow your customers to shop with confidence. Google is penalizing sites that do not have an SSL so it is great they offer this for free.

SiteGround also includes a staging area for your site. If you make changes to your theme or add in new plugins, you can see what those changes will look like before you switch it over to live. This can help you find plugin conflicts before they occur and also give you more confidence when you make a big update. Caching is included with their system so that means you will have less requests and faster load times. If there are any issues with your site, a team is waiting to help you at any time. Contact them through the phone or by email. They are ready to help and number one on this list!

Bluehost #2 most used WordPress hosting company

2. Bluehost

For most used hosting, Bluehost scores our number 2 spot. With efficient hosting offered at a low price, both bloggers and large business owners are turning to Bluehost for their hosting needs. Bluehost can be used by anybody in the world which explains their giant user base and why so many use them. It will be a long commitment if you sign up with them since plans range from 12 months to three years in total, but users that go for the longer obligation will also get the most savings.

Similar to the competition, it is easy to install WordPress with just one click. They can help you with your Google My Business which allows you to connect with local customers a lot easier. When somebody types in rug cleaning for Atlanta, Google My Business can be optimized so that your company will show up in the rankings and also display your location on a map so it will be easy to find. A very valuable resource if you are building a company that wants local customers.

Bluehost can scale with your company and offers VPS solutions if you need them. There is an easy-to-use interface that allows you to control your WordPress site from anywhere in the world. If you don’t like the service, there is always their 30-day guarantee that will refund your money if you are not happy with the end product. If you have any questions, call their support or sales team. They are available around the clock and are excited to help you with any questions.

WP Engine #3 most used WordPress hosting company

3. WP Engine

Need to GeoTarget your clients? Your potential customers can get content specifically designed for them when you use GeoTargeting and the awesome hosting from WP Engine. Along with great customer service and a secure site, offering custom content to people who visit your site is a great way to appeal to a very wide base. WP Engine has Enterprise solutions for massive companies looking to expand as well as smaller companies that are just getting started. With their intuitive scaling, it will be easy to grow with WP Engine hosting.

Hostgator #4 most used WordPress hosting company

4. HostGator

HostGator has been around for years and it is a name many thinks of when they need hosting. They are consistent and provide great service no matter what tier of service you choose. From the hatchling plan all the way to their Enterprise solutions, they all work well. HostGator is built off the LAMP stack which is Linux, Apach, MySQL, and the programming language PHP. This means that right out of the box, a lot of applications will work seamlessly with their system and you won’t have conflicts between programs. Try them out today for a low price and see why they are considered fourth for most used hosting.

Dreamhost #5 most used WordPress hosting company

5. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is used by many because of how easy it will integrate with e-commerce stores and sales. If you are using WooCommerce, you will feel comfortable hosting your online shop with Dreamhost because they designed their hosting from the start to work seamlessly with online retail platforms. Migrating over from another host will be a fluid process since they always have staff ready to help you out over the phone or by email. If you are worried about hackers, scans of your site will be done in real-time to detect any attempts to break into your control panel. Dreamhost also has staff ready to restore your site back to the way it was if anything goes wrong with your security. Another excellent choice to choose from.

A2 Hosting #6 most used WordPress hosting company

6. A2 Hosting

Do you need managed WordPress hosting to help you navigate the sometimes confusing landscape of web development? Try out A2 Hosting and see the difference going with a broadly used host can make. If you are just getting started, a shared server will be perfect and allow you to perfect your website as you learn the different plugins and build up a business. As your company expands, A2 Hosting also offers servers that are dedicated and listed as their Turbo servers. With speeds that are 20X faster, they will be able to handle any amount of traffic that you throw at them. A2 Hosting is a great choice to pick for both small and large websites.

Kinsta #7 most used WordPress hosting company

7. Kinsta

Why have so many people picked Kinsta? They are very fluent when it comes to the technology and language of WordPress so that you will always be using the best technology from the tech stack. They can offer you support with PHP 7.4 so that all the latest scripts are ready to go. MariaDB can take care of your backend and any data that you need to store. Ubuntu is also supported with Kinsta so you know they are very familiar with Linux if you run into trouble on that operating system. Last and definitely not least, the Google Cloud Platform is fully supported which means your site can scale quickly and on the fly. If you see a flood of traffic coming in due to a viral ad, you are going to be ready for the flood of traffic and your site will still be flying with plenty of speed.

That is it for our list of the most used WordPress hosting companies. WordPress continues to dominate the market as the top CMS. Try out some of the companies on this list and see the difference that it makes. When these are the top ones being used by customers, you know the quality will be high and the support will be spot on. Check back in with Superb Themes soon to read more reviews and lists that will keep you updated. 

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