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Most Used WordPress Themes 2022

For those that are new to the world of WordPress, there is a lot of new terminology surrounding the world of development that may be difficult to understand. What is a CDN? Do you really need that SSL certificate? Is the uptime for a host important? Here at Superb Themes, we always want to bring you the best and latest information from the world of WordPress. Themes are one of the main reasons WordPress is so successful now, but how do we define a theme? What exactly do they do? What are the best-selling themes that we can use for our own sites? Read more here on our most used WordPress themes.

A theme is a group of templates and stylesheets that defines how the website will look. You have a large variety to pick from, and they can be managed from your dashboard. Free ones are available if you want to try out a theme before buying the pro version. also offers many collections in their theme directory that you can go through.

The Most Used WordPress Themes Serve Different Purposes

Many themes are created with a specific purpose. Perhaps you are starting a law firm, and you seek out a theme with that express idea in mind. Maybe you sell clothes online, and you need an easy way to put together all the different looks for this new season. Themes are perfect here because each layout can be tweaked or customized to the point where you will feel like it fits your business. Even better, themes used can utilize plugins. These are helpful because the plugins will interact with your theme and amplify your vision for what you want your brand to stand for.

1. Divi WordPress Theme

1. Divi

With changes that have recently swept through WordPress core, many developers or new users might be looking for a new page builder. Why not try the Divi theme? If you design a new site from scratch, many components go into putting together a full website. Do you want to make a blog that is just for close friends and neighbors? Divi already has a layout ready for you that will focus on the blog side of things. Maybe you have a great idea that you are ready to try out as a business.

Test Your Business Idea Before Spending Too Much Money on the Idea

Don’t spend big bucks on a brick and mortar store. Instead, first, cement your business idea with a web page and see how it does. With the Shop Basic layout, you will have your simple shop ready to take orders much faster than somebody that doesn’t have the Divi plugin. Once you have proven your business idea works and are making money, upgrade the site and expand upon it using Shop Extended. It seems like there is no end to the amount of premade layouts that you can choose from with this awesome plugin.

Additional Pages to Support the Main Page

Any blog or business site is going to need additional pages to support the main page. There is already a layout created for your About page to be done quickly with some text about your team and some pictures so that users can get to know you. Perhaps there are parts of your site that have not been constructed yet? Use a layout called Maintenance Mode so that users know more content is on the way! Divi has laid out everything so well already, and you can have all the pages for your site put together to have a roll out in a matter of days!

2. Astra

2. Astra

Astra has been growing at a fast pace that surprised a lot of people. What can account for this high-speed ascent in popularity? Right now, you can get Astra as a free theme. Think of it as a test drive for a car. Would you want to purchase a vehicle before you got behind the wheel at least once? Astra can be plugged right into your existing website, and you can see what this plugin can do for you right now.

Astra Themes Focus on Spead

With a focus on speed, the developers wanted a plugin that would load up your page fast to retain users and keep them focused on your content and not the loading bar! You will not need to keep up with any sort of HTML or CSS to control the look of your website because all of that will be done behind the scenes. Do you want to upgrade to the paid option? For the pro version, the cost is only $59.00, which is significantly lower than many of the other paid plugins. This low price makes it an easy decision to try out the theme and see if the extra features will help your website stand out. An excellent paid plugin reaches number two on our list with many premade layouts and a great free option. Try it out today and see why it is one of the best-selling themes right now.

3. Neve

3. Neve

Billing itself as a lightweight theme that focuses on being low in size and agile, this theme is constantly at the top of popular download lists. How does this theme get ranked with perfect five out of five stars on many sites? First, the plugin has a free option, which lets you see if it is right for your uses before buying the pro version. Few plugins are as small as Neve with so many choices. Right out of the box, you will have close to a hundred different premade layouts that you can demo and see if you like them before you apply them to your content. Not only that, but Neve is compatible with AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages are being pushed hard by Google, which means those pages show up at the top of the results. Make sure your site pops up first on phones by using Neve!

4. Hestia

4. Hestia

Need a great one-page website for lead generation? Hestia Pro will be easy to customize with your own colors for branding, and you will never need to touch the code. Typography and layout are simple with the Pro version, and Hestia also offers a free version that will let you get your feet wet with the system before you upgrade to Pro and enjoy all of the features. Another excellent paid theme that constantly is found at the top of popular download lists.

5. OceanWP

5. OceanWP

Another one of the most used WordPress themes is OceanWP. OceanWp has a great blog with tips on adding more features to your page, cost-effective hosting, and new plugins. Even better, though, they have demo sites that our life right now that you can scroll through and click on. This will give you a great idea if this best-selling theme gives you the performance you need. It links up well with Elementor and offers Woo Popup, which will help your online store make more sales. OceanWP is another great best-selling plugin to add to our list that lets you navigate their themes before buying.

6. Elementor Starter Theme

6. Elementor Starter Theme

When you fire up Elementor, you will notice all the elements you can choose from. This makes sense considering the name of the product is Elementor. Here, you can choose from a wide variety of ways to customize your site using columns, images, and even Google Maps. Don’t worry about hiring a designer because you have icons already given to you. Video also can be easily integrated into the site so that everything looks seamless. You will love the fact that you can try out Elementor for free as long as you want before you purchase it. Tweak dividers and spacers until you get the perfect look, then get the pro version to take things even further!

Finding the best & most used WordPress themes

Plugins for WordPress are done in the programming language PHP. PHP emerged in the middle of the 90s as a scripting language. PHP is well suited for web development, which is why it works so well with WordPress. All through the ’90s and decades beyond, PHP has been popular and continues to integrate well with the WordPress ecosystem.

No matter what problem or task you face in your site-building journey, there is a plugin that will address the issue more than likely. PHP code is easy to implement and distribute, which means somebody can easily write the program and then send it to you in an email or let you download it from a website. The best part is you won’t need to understand code if you want to use any of the programs written in PHP. There is no need to copy the code and put it through a compiler on your own. All of this will happen behind the scenes without any direction from the end-user.

Plugins for Free

Even better, many programmers are kind enough to give away plugins for free to enhance users’ experience worldwide. Thousands of plugins for WordPress are ready for download in many directories spread out over the net. Once you have worked with some of the free plugins, you may come across a paid plugin designed by a third-party you are interested in. Many people make it their full-time job to design plugins for distribution to enhance websites. In our list, we will look at some of the best selling plugins that were created. These have been tested in a detailed manner and remain some of the most popular tools to create amazing sites. Now that we understand better how plugins will interact with our themes, what are the most used WordPress themes?

That is it for this list. Keep checking back with Superb Themes for the latest in both themes and plugins. We will continue to review the best products to give you an idea of what you can do to boost your own site.

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