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Themeisle is known for its high-quality themes, such as Neve and Hestia. Neve is one of the most downloaded & best-rated WordPress themes in 2022. The only downside is that it’s expensive, but that’s easy to fix with a coupon code. Click the green button below to visit Themeisle & view what coupon codes are currently available.

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Neve Theme coupon code

Neve WordPress Theme

Neve is a speedy, customizable, and multi-purpose theme. It is perfect for working alongside startups, agencies, blogs, firms, small businesses, e-commerce shops like WooCommerce, and personal portfolio websites alongside most types of projects that you can think of. Moreover, it is a completely AMP and responsive theme. Neve can load up in milliseconds and can adapt to any viewing device. 

While Neve is lightweight and has a highly minimalist design, the theme is highly extendable. It also has a unique SEO-optimized code, which results in top rankings in Google search results. If you have browsed the free theme directory on, you must have come across the Neve theme. The Neve theme sits right on top of the popularity charts. It is active on around 30 thousand websites. It also carries an impressive five-star rating. The core theme is free. 

The developer of Neve has also released a premium version, which gives you even more functionalities. In addition, Neve has just released version 2.0, which is another significant and exciting reason for you to try them out. Finally, we will review the Neve Theme to understand the Neve theme better. In short, Neve is filled with customizable options. It has a great affinity with popular page builders like Elementor. It also provides you with an optimized performance foundation to help you get your WordPress website to load quicker.

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Neve discount

The Current Neve Coupon Code

This multi-function theme is the perfect way to create beautiful websites. How can you find the current Neve coupon code? The current Neve coupon code is never difficult to find. For example, we provide the latest coupon codes on our site. If you are looking for a way to save money on Neve, click on the green button we have presented. Here, you can see the latest coupon code for the Neve theme. Think about it. You can see great reviews on our site while also saving money. We provide ways to save and always grant access to great coupon codes on our coupon code articles.

The Neve Discount Code For 2022

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How To Use The Neve Discount Code

We see this asked a lot on the Internet and also with forums. People want to know how to use the Neve discount code. It is quite easy.

  1. Navigate over to the site. Make sure you are using the official site. Downloading themes and software from unknown sites can harm your computer. Visit and you will be greeted with many products to choose from.
  2. Pick the right plan for your site and business from the ones listed below. Keep in mind, when you go with a plan that lasts for a lifetime, you can use it for as long as you would like.
Neve discount code

3. Once you decide between either Personal, Business, or Agency, head to the screen where you confirm your purchase.

Purchase Neve with a coupon code

4. You will not need to put in your discount code or coupon code for Neve on this page. Instead, it will be automatically applied to you. This makes it easy to check out at the lowest price. As you can see, you can pay in various ways, including PayPal, credit cards, payment through Amazon, or even a wire transfer.

Where To Input The Neve Discount Code?

Are you wondering where to input the Neve discount code? Don’t worry about it! The creators made it very easy to use this coupon code. Head on over to From this leading site, you can see various business plans that will work for anybody.

Once you pick the plan you like, you pay with your credit card or another electronic means of payment. The coupon code is already input into the system. These automatic coupon codes for Neve come in handy when you are in a hurry. Make sure you act quickly, though. These types of deals don’t always last. If you wait too long, the discount might go away. So work now if you want to save. When you purchase lifetime access, you will keep the most.

Lifetime Neve Access Discount Codes

Are you looking for a discount code for lifetime access to Neve? We don’t blame you. This is the best deal they offer—Head over to their leading site where they sell their themes. Scrolling down, you will see three different plans to pick from. The personal plan would typically be $274.00, but you will only pay $189.00. That is a massive amount of savings, close to half off. With the highest level tier, Agency, you would typically pay $724.00. If you buy it right now with lifetime access to the Neve discount code, you only pay $499.00. Don’t forget to keep coming back to our site as well. We will keep you informed if there is a coupon code; that is even better.

Where To Find Neve Coupon Codes And Discount Codes

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Neve Theme Price Discount

The Neve theme is available for free. You can get it at In addition, there are add-on plugins for you to play around with. There are three significant plans, personal, business and Agency; each suite for individual needs. 

The primary difference lies in Neve’s features and the number of websites you can use on Neve. For example, the personal plan comes in at 39 dollars; a business plan is at 50 dollars, while the agency plan is at 99 dollars.

Neve Is Great But Expensive, Use A Voucher Or Promo Code

It is essential to understand the caliber of the neve theme before you get into the actual process of finding coupon codes. This is because Neve, from the beginning, has branded itself, saying that it is “a lightweight theme built for speed in the new WordPress era [of page builders].” 

That is a good summary of what you can expect from neve themes. Neve is only a mere 200 KB on a new WordPress install, including WordPress itself. This site is highly efficient, even for today’s day and age. On top of that, Neve also offers simple customization and a real-time WordPress customizer for you to fiddle around with. You will also be able to customize the header and layout of your website. All can be done through a straightforward interface control and a live preview of your website. 

Neve also offers countless already made demo websites from which you can import content with mere clicks. This works excellent with page builders such as Elementor for extreme design control. Neve thankfully prioritizes mobile design. As most WordPress themes are swift and responsive nowadays, Neve takes a step further by focusing primarily on mobile optimization. It goes as far as getting support for Google AMP.

Why Neve Pro Is Expensive

Neve Pro gives you countless more opportunities. In this section, we will look at the add-on features of Neve Pro. Firstly, you will have the capability to have full affiliation with WooCommerce. You can provide your store with fantastic features with WooCommerce integration. You will be given unique new features designed specifically for your blogging experience. You will take the header builder to a whole new level with new pro features. With transparent and sticky menus, you will have numerous HTML components for headers, complex styling options, and mobile headers.

Apart from the features mentioned above, you will have custom layouts, Search engine-friendly options, great customization options, proper speed optimization, a one-click rollback option, and a safe update system. 

Where To Get A Neve Coupon Or Discount Code 

You need to search for the correct website instead of the valid coupon codes. Once you find the right website for yourself, you will get the correct coupon codes. One of the websites on the top for providing coupons for Neve is us. This website does so well that it takes complete responsibility and strives very hard to save up your time. They operate around providing updated, genuine, and reliable coupon codes. There is no need to search for hours and waste your precious time. 

All valid coupons of Neve are available at us. The website can check for all the little details and the correct authentication for the coupon codes for Neve. More so, all coupon codes are hand tested by us. These coupon codes are then rechecked and are done so at regular intervals. Therefore, you can find the entire list of coupon codes for Neve at us.

neve coupon code

Characteristics Of Neve Pro

Through Neve, you can create professional-looking websites, and you can do so in minutes. You will also have access to custom designs for headers and footers. You can even redesign the headers and footers of Neve through simple drag and drop features. You will be able to control the website’s layout while having a lot of options. Every aspect will be fully customizable, and performance will be quick. If you are a freelancer or a hobbyist, Neve has made special arrangements for you. You will also have a head start on the design and all types of content editing. You will also have access and heavy integration with Gutenberg and any other page builders out there. For instance, Brizy, Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, and Site Origin. 

Therefore, customizing your website is now a straightforward task. Luckily, Neve is already Mobile ready and is also compatible with AMP. This means that you will have an excellent and responsive website. This also means that Neve will be able to produce your website as an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), and you will always be on the good side of google. Furthermore, your website will enjoy the luxury of being ready to import on one click and starter website. You will have a growing collection, too, as the library of the Neve starter website allows you to import an already made website in very little time. Each month, new designs are being added to the collection too.


More so, you will be notified of all the latest offers from the website. The website gracefully takes complete responsibility for all its coupon codes. Still, if you need further confirmation or have any other related queries, you can very easily contact the website runners. The website runners promise to sort out these issues in an immediate manner. 

So, all you need to do is click our links to access the newest Neve coupon code. There are many websites in the search engines that claim that they have authentic coupon codes for Neve. This is where you have to decide to choose your website. If you end up picking, you will have the help of finding all coupons and the latest offers from Neve within one click. Some people struggle to find their chosen websites as they use them for keywords. 

So, switch your keywords, and you will surely find the website you are looking for. We make a huge claim that if you do not find what you’re required at their website, you will not find it anywhere else online.

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