Newspaperly LITE Documentation & Info

Let's take a look at the features

Before spending time on installing & setting up Newspaperly, we recommend hat you take a close look at the features to figure out if the theme is right for you.

LITE Feature Availability
Responsive Design
SEO Optimization
Custom Site Title
Custom Tagline
Hide Title & Tagline
Custom Logo
Custom Favicon
Header Widgets
Top Widgets
Sidebar Widgets
Footer Widgets
Custom Header Color
Custom Sidebar Color
Custom Header Title Color
Custom Background Color
Custom Header Background Color
Custom Header Image

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have issues or questions regarding to Newspaperly, then please have a look below, we have collected the most asked questions right here!

How do I change excerpt length?

Please read this very very nice article by

How do I add blog images, on the blog page?

Please go to a blog post, in the right sidebar insert an image under "Featured Image"

How do I change background color?

Please go to appearance -> Customize -> colors

How do I add a logo?

To add a logo please go to appearance -> Customize -> Site Identity

How do I change title color?

Please go to appearance -> Customize -> colors

How do I hide the title?

Please go to appearance -> Customize -> site identity

How do I change header color?

Please go to appearance -> Customize -> colors

Where can I get the premium edition?

You can read about the premium edition here