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Nitropack Review – What Do We Think?

NitroPack review

Need to hit higher speed with your site? We have a solution that you may want to look into. With our Nitropack review, we are going to cover why you should at least try Nitropack. The system is easy and can result in much better sales for your company. With our Nitropack review, we wanted to cover both pros and cons to see what is working and what could be better. We also wanted to provide our coupon code. Make sure to click the link to see what the current code is. When you use “superbnitropack,” you can save 5%. Let us get started with our review.

An additional discount of 5% on your next Nitropack purchase.

NitroPack Pros

This service has many things going for it. Let us see what the highlights are that really impressed us.

  • Free to use
  • The paid model scales up well.
  • Shrinks down the size of code
  • Offers to cache, so you only load things one time for customers
  • Easy to operate

One of the best parts of Nitropack is that it makes your site faster for free. How many products can you say offer this level of service at no cost? It is rare to find a company that will let you experiment with the service continuously.

If you need to make your site faster and outgrow the free model, upgrading to more requests and caching more data is simple. The signup process we found was straightforward and intuitive. The NitroPack interface also worked well, and even a beginner could understand most of the terms that we used.

NitroPack Cons

It would not be fair only to cover the good parts of Nitropack. We also need to discuss just a few of the drawbacks.

  • Chat is not always available.
  • The timezone for employees did not match up with normal business hours in the United States and Canada.

We always like to test the customer service level of all these software companies. Many people doing a review will present an easy question to the help desk to see how fast they respond. Also, this is a good way to test the knowledge of their employees as well.

Working normal hours in the United States, we found it difficult to get somebody at Nitropack. Doing our review, I wanted to ask more questions about the CDN they use to cache data. Obviously, if the CDN is close to your customers, you will have better load times. If you are wondering where the data centers are located, the first person you would check with would be the help desk.

Unfortunately, there was nobody available with Nitropack to answer my questions. That wasn’t very reassuring and will cause some customers to move on. They did provide many resources to use that will help you through. This included a search bar to go through the articles they have posted. They also have many tutorials in place that were easy to follow and learn from.

NitroPack Speeds up your website

Slow Speeds?

With our Nitropack review, we wanted to highlight how easy it was to test speeds with their website. Do you know the URL of your site? We hope so. Just type in the address for your site, and you can run a speed test. That will give you an indication of your Google PageSpeed score.

When you run your site through the system, it gives you the current score and what your score could be. You will clearly see what improvement will be like after you integrate Nitropack with your site.

Some of the categories include FCP, also known as the first contentful paint. What exactly is this? This is when your browser starts to render the first bit of content from the document object model. That means the visitor to your site can get feedback from your site, and they can see things are loading. Once the first contentful paint completes, users looking at your site can start to enjoy the content you created for them.

The first contentful paint time-stamp shows when the browser renders that first part of the text, an image, or SVG. This is a good barometer to see how fast your site is. A low time means your site is loading in quickly and giving your visitors good content to enjoy. If the time is very high, users will be bored as they wait for the text and images to load in from the DOM. If this number seems too high to you, invest in trying out Nitropack.

Improvements In Many Categories

We wanted to point out how many different ways this one plugin can help you and why it is so highly rated.

  • Compress and minify JS
  • Compress and minify HTML
  • Improve image size and reduce KBs
  • Caching done on a global scale
  • Compatible with all the latest compression types, including GZIP and Brotli

When you get a plugin, you want it to work on many different levels. Take, for example, modification of your code. Your WordPress site might have been easy to install, but there is a lot of code going on behind the curtain.

You have your HTML code, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. All of these need to work in conjunction for your site to function. The more code you have, the harder it is to have a fast website. The server needs to respond to all the HTTP requests coming in. That can overburden the system, which shows up as slow load times for your customers. How does Nitropack fix this?

Minify It!

One of the highlights you have with Nitropack is to shrink your code. Minification will pull out code that is redundant and repeats itself. Maybe you made a mistake and included a library twice. That won’t break your website, but it also won’t help the page load faster.

Also, you can remove code that is not needed. Perhaps you wanted to include a library that would make a certain aspect of the page function. This could be a form that the user will fill out or an interactive map they can scroll through. If this feature is not used, you need to take out the library. Otherwise, it will take computer cycles to go through the code that is not needed.

The minification process will go even deeper than this, though. Pull out formatting that makes it easier to read the code but is not needed by the computer. Remove comments that help out other developers that might look at the code later on in the process. Even the variables and different function names will be reduced by using shorter variable names by using NitroPack.

All of this would be very hard to do on your own. With Nitropack, you press a button, and this process will be done to your HTML, JS, and CSS. Now that is what we call a good use of time.

Amazon CDN

Another way you are going to get help with your website is through the CDN. This stands for the content delivery system. With our Nitropack review, we wanted to cover some of the better features when working with their CDN.

Nitropack uses 215 edge locations. Amazon and the AWS service control these. These are spread out throughout the whole globe, which means your customers on a global scale are going to have your site delivered fast. When they visit your site for the first time, they can store many things in a special portion of the memory. This cache can store things like images, video, and even your minified code. When the user comes back, the system remembers them and shows them the same images—no need to load it a second time.

The CDN from Amazon CloudFront not only gives you a global presence but is also very easy to set up. You will also be implementing best practices for speed and precision beyond just CDN usage. You have a free option to use the CDN, which is very generous considering you are paying nothing for the service. Move up to the next tier for just $17.50 for the month. This allows you many more page views and access to more resources from the CDN. review

Nitropack Review Conclusion

In conclusion, we urge everybody to at least try Nitropack. What do you have to lose? The plugin is easy to search for and also easy to install. Once you are using the free version, you can see how much it improves your PageSpeed score through Google. Another great resource is GTMetrix. You can easily see the number of HTTP requests being made, the size of your site in KB, and the time it takes for everything to load.

Make sure to do a test between before you started working with Nitropack and after. If your numbers are getting better, you know that it will continue using the product. If you are not getting enough page views with the free version, move up to the first tier with the paid model. It is under twenty dollars USD for each month and will boost your stats in many areas. Keep in mind also; you can use our coupon code “superbnitropack.” This helps you save five percent off your purchase with them. Continue to come back to click our links and see if there are more coupon codes available.

An additional discount of 5% on your next Nitropack purchase.

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