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NULLED, Pirated & Cracked Premium WordPress Themes

Pirating software is a global problem with China, America, and India leading the list in terms of piracy. The commercial value of stolen software is $19 billion for North America and the western part of Europe alone. This is a staggering figure. Software companies many times go out of business or end up operating on razor thin margins while so many people feel that it doesn’t hurt anyone to pirate content.

These factors add up to a huge issue for the software industry and it is spreading over to WordPress and web development. WordPress right now is the most popular CMS or Content Management System. It runs roughly 34% of the websites that you browse today! That is a huge swath of the internet, but with popularity, it also brings piracy.

WordPress themes can be expensive. Developers spend countless hours and years honing their craft and creating themes that people can use so that the average person can have a beautiful website. Not many people have the skills to design WordPress themes, but the prices you pay for themes are competitive. Still, some want to cut corners and think they will get ahead by saving a few hundred bucks and using themes that will have no customer support and zero updates.

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So what can you do as a new business owner? If you don’t have the money that you need to invest several hundred into a theme today, how can you get a website that will not compromise your whole network? We recommend using coupons and waiting for premium themes to go on sale.

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Elegant Themes & pirating issues

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is home to Divi, one of the most popular themes out there! If you have worked with WordPress for any amount of time, you probably have already heard of this great company. Not only do they offer Divi, but they also have a Divi builder plugin that can work with any theme! It doesn’t matter if you have a paid theme or a free theme, this plugin is going to transform your site in ways you never thought of before! Want to try out Divi or a paid plugin that is going to take your page to the next level? They have a 20% discount on all purchases right now!

Template Monster  & pirating issues

Template Monster

Need a huge amount of templates to choose from? Template Monster is the right choice. Beyond just WordPress themes though, Template Monster has a wide variety of things to help out your company. They offer templates for presentations done with PowerPoint or Google Slides. Template Monster can also improve your graphics with templates that will work with Photoshop from Adobe. Think about how much better your next presentation would look with professionally done infographics. Right now all of their WordPress themes are 7% off so it is the perfect time to try a new one.

Superb & pirating issues

Superb Themes

Superb Themes has been in the industry for years and that experience shows. Right now they are giving you the chance to have all access to their huge collection of plugins and themes that are going to jump start your website and get you up and running in no time. Normally, all of this would cost you $249.00 for lifetime access, but at this time they are running a big sale for 25% off so it is only $199.00. You can have support for unlimited domains, access to all the paid for themes and plugins, plus updates and support. If you have ever used WordPress with many different plugins, you know how important that lifetime support is!

Templatic & pirating issues


Save big with the code “SUPERBTHEMES” on Templatic. That will get you 15% off your next purchase and there is so much to choose from! Are you wondering if a template is right for you? Just ask to test out a theme and they will give you access. Don’t use a cracked theme! Plus once you get a template, you can install it on as many domains as you would like! Think about the savings there. All the templates are open source so customize them how you like.

Wordpress & pirating issues

Why not go with for your next theme? Your store and plugins will integrate nicely with themes from this site. If you are using WooCommerce to run a store, pair it with an awesome theme from Maybe you have heard a lot about the Jetpack plugin that can backup your site and keep you protected. It is going to work great with a theme from They don’t have any discounts right now, but if you check around big holidays and dates like Cyber Monday, you can usually find some really nice deals.

Malware & Viruses in pirated WordPress Themes

Not only will you need to worry about being sued for large sums of money, even if you are just using the site for personal use, these cracked themes can get you in trouble. Everybody wants to rank high on the search engine rankings for Google. Think about it. You want as many sessions as possible from users checking your business or online store. The higher up on the first page you can get, the more users will visit your site.

Many of these nulled themes are packed with malware and viruses. The themes may contain spam links that will throw up ads on your site to try and get clicks from users. If you put up your own ads on a website that already has spam links, users will be inundated with ads! The whole screen will be covered in links that are trying to get users off your site and funneling them over to products that are probably scams. These spam links will be redirecting your visitors as long as you are still using stolen software.

Say you are using a nulled theme and you don’t see any ads on the screen. Are you safe? Did you get away with it? Not necessarily. Malicious code can be working behind the scenes and using your computer network as the computer that is sending out the spam links! A botnet is a collection of compromised computers that all obey the hacker in control. He could use your computer in Denial of Service attacks or as fake traffic involved in click fraud. If you notice your pirated site is running slowly, more than likely your computer is still doing quite a lot of work behind the scenes that you are not even aware of!

Nulled / Pirated / Cracked Themes

Many people will not be familiar with the term nulled themes, but simply put, this is a WordPress theme that was stolen. You could think of it like a car that has had the VIN number taken off so that you can’t tell what the source is anymore. Nulled themes come with no cost up front, but there are hidden costs that many do not take into account. What are the flaws with nulled themes that people want to download?

Commercial losses from pirated software total $27.3 billion for the rest of the world which shows the problem is not just confined to Americans and Europeans. Worse yet, software piracy doesn’t require a user to be a skilled coder or a hacker that has memorized vulnerabilities in software or found the latest Zero-day exploit. Anybody can pirate software now with just the simple ability to use a search engine. There is no challenge in stealing the intellectual property of a company now.

Nulled pirated themes and the consequences it can have

Stolen WordPress Themes

The bottom line is you are in possession of stolen property. It might not seem like a big deal since it is not a physical good such as a car or jewelry, but being in possession of stolen software can be just as serious as stealing money out of a person’s home or car. Take for example software that you use on your computer to make music. These programs can cost thousands to purchase which makes them a target for people looking to pirate software and cut corners. You may not be caught just making music for yourself in your home studio, but most musicians have the goal of turning music into a side business or a career. As soon as people see your setup, they will know that you never paid for your software. People will not want to buy music created with pirated software and artists will not work with you if they know your work is built on fraud.

In the same way, for anybody looking to get into web design, if you are using pirated software, you can never work with clients. Potential clients will not work with your team because they know they could get sued! Legal costs are very expensive! If you are creating tutorials about WordPress on Youtube, there will be signs that you didn’t pay for your themes as well, which can lead to the pirate being contacted by the rightful owners where you will need to pay hefty fees to try and defend yourself in court.


We explored why some might try and get away with a nulled theme and showed the dangers of using pirated software. Instead of putting your business at risk with themes that are going to fail and be full of malware, support the creators that are working hard to provide quality products. With great updates and customer service behind you, your chances of succeeding will be much higher! 

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