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OptimizePress Coupon Code

OptimizePress is an awesome set of software. Without any coding experience, you can put together unique checkout systems, slick landing pages and help customers opt-in. There is just one problem. With all these options, the software does not come cheap. How can we get an OptimizePress coupon code? If you act quickly, they will cut the annual fee from $299.00 to just $199.00. That is a huge saving! You will be saving a third of the price. Are there other ways to get an OptimizePress coupon code? We are going to explore how always to check and see if they are available. This article will also give you tips on using the software at no cost at all. Let’s get started.

Coupon code available. Visit OptimizePress for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

OptimizePress – 1 Month Long Trial

With most software, they will give you a trial to see if you enjoy using the product. OptimizePress is no different. When you work with them right now, enjoy a full month where you can use the software. Once you publish the landing pages that you made, they are yours to keep. This is the sign of a great company.

This software can be used for all of the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Funnels for conversions
  • Checkouts
  • Payment processing

The list can go on and on. When you are paying to work with OptimizePress, they realize the cost is high, but it pays off big with the variety you get. If you are trying to start up a company with nobody else behind you to code, this is a must-have. You will save time on your website, so you are not focused on the wrong things, and be able to push forward in getting your business up and running very quickly. Entrepreneurs should take note because this is vital if you want to come across as a professional company. An agency would also get a lot of use out of the software as well.

Saving Your Work

With a long list of sites, you need to create, cut down on the development time, and speed up your flow. Remember, the trial lasts for the full month, and when you are done making your pages, they are yours to continue to use. Landing pages can be cloned using plugins and new technology. If you spend the time making a landing page, you will want to keep it going forward. Don’t worry about getting cut off from the pages that you create. There are always ways to retrieve your work by copying the pages that you have currently published.

OptimizePress Pricing Discounted

OptimizePress Pricing Discounted

So far, we have looked at how people can use this software for free and how you can get an OptimizePress coupon code. How does the pricing break down across all tiers? Do you even really need a coupon code?

For the lowest tier, you are going only to pay $99.00. That is not for the month, either. The starter tier lasts for a full year. With that, you are going to get the following:

  • Unlimited pages with the page builder
  • Unlimited leads and traffic
  • Marketing themes
  • Over 250 templates
  • Integration with your favorite products
  • Full support

That is a lot considering the low annual price. If you are running an online business, it is important to work with a group with templates known for converting. OptimizePress is a powerhouse in the industry, and they know how to earn you additional sales and leads.

The next tier is going to be your mid-tier. The jump in price is minimal and comes in at just $149.00 for the full year. Now you have access to five sites, which allows you to experiment more with how you utilize the software. You will have more opportunities to test the software.

Reviewing OptimizePress, we would say the additional websites you can install the software on will be the big draw. You will also get scarcity alerts when you go for the mid-tier.

Scarcity Alerts

You may wonder what a scarcity alert is when you sign up for the middle tier with this software. Many consumers have already seen this but don’t know the term.

When you go onto an eCommerce site, you might have noticed messages in the lower right corner telling you customers are buying products. An example would be “Elijah in Oklahoma just bought a set of knives.” The messages will follow a set script. It will list the name of a person and a location along with something in your store.

The plugin attempts to motivate people to buy products before you are sold out by sending out these low in-stock alerts. This is an older technology, and you should be advised that the alerts are not real. At this point, most consumers realize this, so it is not recommended to purchase the higher tier for fake scarcity. Still, it will motivate some customers when you create that sense of urgency. It will rush a few consumers into purchasing for you and may annoy others. Do some A/B testing to see how much it increases your conversions or if sales go down.

The Highest Tier Reduced In Price

The Highest Tier Reduced In Price

The highest tier is where a coupon code for OptimizePress will really come in handy. Normally, this would run you $299.00 for the year, but if you act right now, you can have it for the year at a price of just $199.00.

If you are looking for a recommendation on what to buy, we would advise you to go with the full suite. With the highest tier, it is just an additional hundred dollars for the year. When you get the full suite, you will have access to the following.

  • Funnels
  • Checkouts
  • Leads
  • Split Testing

This is going to really come in handy to increase sales and conversions. Make funnels that are easy for your team to follow. When everybody can clearly see the flow a customer takes, it is easier to get everybody on the same page. WordPress makes it easy to make your funnels, which is the perfect way to set goals for your sales team and train them regarding what you want them to accomplish to move the needle.

Checkouts will also be added to your suite of tools. You will have an easier time accepting payments, and you can also make custom checkouts. If you want a system that matches your current customer flow and design aesthetic, utilize the checkout system to great effect.

OptimizeLeads will give you the ability to add an opt-in form to any page on your site. Use them on landing pages to boost your mailing list. Add them to your main page to give customers the chance to learn more about your products. That will be a nice arrow in your quiver in terms of what you can do with marketing.


Last of all, split testing is now made easy. As was mentioned earlier, for something like scarcity alerts, you really need to test it out to see which way works better. Are customers responding to scarcity that is not real? Leave that as part of the page and incorporate the idea into your funnel. If it seems like people are wise to what is actually happening with your inventory, go with the option that is making more conversions. There is no better way than experimenting with split testing.

You should not just be worried about comparing your scarcity alerts against not using them. With the data the system is feeding you, you are in control. Perhaps you think that having a primarily red versus green site is a huge factor in sales. That might seem ridiculous, but the color of your site can have a huge impact. There would only be one way that you can test out your theory. Have one landing page with one color and another with the color scheme you think is holding you back. This is just one example when there are so many others. Test everything you can think of until you hit upon that right combination. Tweak the header, your footer, image placement, and high-resolution video. As long as you have enough visitors coming in, all of these can be tested.



Another reason so many people are looking for an OptimizePress coupon code is the level of integration. There are so many different services out there. It is hard to keep track of them all. Zapier, Drip, and Ontraport. It is hard to keep up because there are new systems that are coming out constantly.

If you look at the list of the companies you can integrate with, the selection is astounding. More than likely, if you work with some email company, OptimizePress can connect their forms with your service. This means there is no need to copy over contacts in bulk and worry about importing things. It will all be done for you. That means you can focus more on building those funnels and showing the sales team how to work with them.

OptimizePress Coupon Code Conclusion

In conclusion, many are going to be looking for an OptimizePress coupon code currently. If you act quickly, you can save a hundred dollars on the full suite, which we recommend. For future coupon codes, continue to visit our site for further deals.

Visit OptimizePress for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

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