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OptimizePress Review

OptimizePress Review

If you want to increase sales and leads, you need a professionally designed site. A large part of this is if you have all the modern functions that you would expect from a new website. This includes forms, customer feedback, and a fast checkout. Without these, people will assume your site is caught in the past, missing key components. You may wonder how you can add these functions though. Most of us are not coders. It takes often years just to have some proficiency in putting together code. What can we do then so that our site matches the competition? A fast solution is OptimizePress. In our OptimizePress review, we are going to cover who this applies to, how it can be used, and how it could be better.

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Who Can Benefit?

In our OptimizePress review, we want to cover who this plugin will apply to. First, it is used by major companies. If you are a digital marketing firm, you are in good company with their clientele. Many other digital marketing firms are putting together forms and landing pages using OptimizePress. This is not strictly a solution just for major companies though.

If you are a solo entrepreneur, you wear many hats. You become the marketing team, the site designer, and product quality control. It is overwhelming at times! Not to worry though. WordPress and form design has advanced to a point now where you can put together a site fast along with simple checkout systems that will make sense to the consumer. Moreover, you will be losing fewer customers to a confusing checkout process. We all want to retain customers after you worked so hard to get them to the site. Make sure that they can easily understand how to purchase your product or the service you offer. Last of all, you are going to have more time to focus on what makes your business great. As a solo entrepreneur, you have limited time. Focus it on getting new clients, not pouring over code when that is not your forte.

Landing Pages

One of the things that OptimizePress does very well is landing pages. A landing page should not be confused with your main page or your home page. There is only one goal for a landing page. Make money!

First of all, the landing page is focused on customers. While an About page is focused on explaining who you are and what you do, the landing pages want to make sales. You can already see why a service like OptimizePress is going to make you more money in the end which is why we wanted to put out this OptimizePress review.

Keep in mind though, the landing page needs to look nice. It should be well designed with a theme that matches the rest of the site. You can’t have fonts and colors that clash with everything that came before it. That is where the templates come in. This plugin gives you over 40 templates that have already been proven to increase conversions. You can customize them to match what you already have on the page. They won’t confuse the user with a lot of busy navigation that is hard to understand. Less noise means your audience won’t be distracted. On top of all of this, they will load quickly as well. Why not try it out and see if it is going to increase conversions for you as well?

Opt-In Or Opt-Out

Opt-In Or Opt-Out

If you want a list of customers you can contact with new deals and sales, they need to opt-in. These types of forms don’t need to be complicated either. When you experiment with the platform, you will notice you can shift the text, font, and colors you are using. Set up just a few fields to complete. Name, zip code, email, and contact number. If a customer wants a quote, you can now follow up at any time.

Their email can then automatically be added to a service like MailChimp. As long as they opt-in to get advertisements from you, they are now a subscriber.

Say you run a decorating company and you want to increase your business in the fourth quarter when you know you get the majority of your customers. Look at your subscriber list and think about what will motivate them to pick you as the decorator for a Christmas party or an end of the year bash. Perhaps you decide to go with 30% off on the first purchase. That is a great way to get new customers and get them off the fence. You just presented them with a great deal so they need to make the decision. A countdown for the sale will motivate them, even more, to act decisively. All of this is thanks to a product like OptimizePress which can accept their contact information at all times of the day.

Respecting Your Customers

Before you start to collect information from your customers, you need to first understand the laws behind this. When a customer gives you their contact number or email address, you need to consider what region you live in.

For business owners located in the United States, you have to worry about the CANSPAM act. When you send out an email blast encouraging people to get thirty percent off their first order, you are excited. The business owner is just thinking about how much they can boost sales and what the response will be. There are other things to consider as well though.

If you send out an email blast without using a service such as MailChimp or AWeber, your email may never reach customers. There are restrictions on how many people you can send the same email to. With a Gmail account, you can’t just add fifty people to one email and then send it out. There are restrictions and you can easily have your account banned for sending out an email blast without using the right resources. Each email needs to be sent out with the proper information at the bottom of each email that you do. Keep this in mind.


If you are located in Europe, OptimizePress is going to work very well for you. GDPR is the strongest set of protections for consumers in the world when it comes to their data and privacy. There are limits as to how long data can be kept and what your business can do with this data.

GDPR is not easy to understand. When it was implemented a few years ago, there were close to a hundred different articles. Few business owners have read through all of these articles. For those that have read each article, you must also be able to interpret what is being laid out. Since it was adopted by both the European Parliament and European Council, if you want to do business with those countries, you have to have an understanding of what these laws mean. Without a lawyer at your side, it can be difficult to put together all the pieces.

When you add all this up, it is a great thing that OptimizePress comes GDPR ready. For this OptimizePress review, we give them high marks in regards to working with business owners in Europe. Many times, these plugins are developed in North America, which means they are more centralized around those laws and regulations. OptimizePress makes it so that you won’t have to read through all of those articles and consult a lawyer as you collect info from your customers. You will automatically collect consent in the proper way and stay in the compliance time frames you need to avoid litigation. Compliance will also be stored away along with your lists so you can always reference it in the future.


We looked at many of the ways that OptimizePress can help us increase sales and conversions with our OptimizePress review. It would not be fair to only look at everything the plugin does well. What are the downsides when working with OptimizePress?

  • Dated look for some templates
  • Lag with customer support
  • Issues with some plugins

First, we want to address that some of the templates have not kept up with all the modern designs we see now. There are so many different drag and drop builders out on the market now as well as form builders. We would have liked to see more done in the way of blending together graphics and forms for a seamless approach. Some of the layouts appear to be clunky. With a form, it needs to be simple yet appealing so customers take a few moments to fill it out. This is the first way we see where they could improve their product. We are sure that with time, the designs will evolve and take on even better layouts.

Next, it would be great to see more innovation from this company. There are many different options that you can get when you work with them, but where are the features you can find in only one place? When a company offers things that are available only through them, that is what builds a loyal customer base. Once they start to have products and services you can only find in one place, we know the users are going to explode. Going forward, we want to see more innovation from this company so that they are offering things that the competition can’t generate.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Lastly, customer support could be better. You see this a lot with smaller companies. They often have a staff that is stretched too thin. If you have difficulty integrating your software with some of the other popular plugins, they will get back to you. It just takes the staff some time before they will contact you. All requests will be responded to, but it would be nice if the staff worked in a more timely manner. This may not be possible until the company expands further and they are able to add more staff. We are sure that this will not be an issue for long as they continue to expand and add further products.

OptimizePress Review Conclusion

Overall, this is a creative set of products that you need if you run your own business. With our OptimizePress review, we showed you all the pros as well as the cons. If you want more reviews and tutorials, come back often. Superb Themes always has the latest for WordPress.

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