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OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster WordPress Plugin

One of the easiest and most effective ways of reaching your customers and users is through email. A study by eMarketer found the median ROI of email marketing to be 122%. This quadruples the ROI of other digital marketing channels. In this article, you can learn all about OptinMonster in our OptinMonster Review.

Despite its effectiveness, there is one major challenge with email marketing. Before you can start reaching out to your customers or potential customers through email, you first need to get their email addresses. And if you want your email marketing to be successful, you want people to voluntarily give you their email addresses. Otherwise, you’ll basically be spamming, and your emails will probably end up in the spam box. 

Collect Email Addresses

This is why most websites today have a sign-up form asking visitors to enter their email address. You probably have one such signup form on your website. However, there’s one problem. If all you are using to collect potential customers’ email addresses is a basic sign up form, you’ll hardly make any headway. At best, potential customers will ignore the form. In most cases, they probably won’t even notice the signup form.

If you want your email collection efforts to bear fruit, you need a clever and properly integrated lead generation plugin optimized to turn your site’s visitors into leads and subscribers. One such lead generation plugin is OptinMonster. 

In this article, we will take an in-depth review of OptinMonster to help you determine whether it is the right lead generation plugin for you. 

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What Is OptinMonster?

Let´s kick off this OptinMonster review by telling a little bit about OptinMonster, which is one of the best lead generations and lead conversion plugins you will find on the market. OptinMonster was created by Thomas Griffin and Syed Balkhi and was launched in 2013. You can bet that by now, it has grown into a very mature and effective product. 

OptinMonster allows you to create beautiful lead capture forms without having to write a single line of code. This means that even if you have no technical expertise, you can still create stunning signup forms for your website without the cost of hiring a developer. 

OptinMonster Review – Quality Since 2013

Ever since its debut in 2013, OptinMonster has set itself apart from the competition by providing a clean, user-friendly interface and providing a wide selection of stunning form template designs to choose from. OptinMonster was also among the first lead capture plugins to offer the exit intent feature, which triggers popup forms to appear when visitors are about to exit your site. 

OptinMonster comes with a wide range of opt-in forms that you can use to collect visitor emails on your site, including: 

  • Lightbox popup forms
  • Sidebar Opt-in forms
  • Floating bar opt-in forms
  • Slide-In opt-in forms
  • Full-screen opt-in forms
  • Below the content opt-in forms
  • Mobile-friendly forms

What’s more, you can customize these forms as you wish to use OptinMonster’s intuitive drag and drop builder. You can change the text, images, fonts, colors, and so on. Besides, OptinMonster also allows you to insert forms into pages and posts using shortcodes. 

Why Use OptinMonster

Let´s continue this OptinMonster review by underling why you should use OptinMonster.

One of the things that makes OptinMonster one of the best lead capture plugins is its amazing set of features, all of which are designed with one goal in mind – to help you convert site visitors into leads and subscribers.  Below is a list of some great OptinMonster features.

Full Screen Welcome Gates

A full-screen call to action is one of the most effective ways to capture your user’s attention and get them to take action. OptinMonster has one of the best implementations of the full-screen call to action. Here’s why…

When it comes to full-screen call to actions, most lead generation plugins use a different page, which means that your users are redirected from your site. Unfortunately, Google does not like this behavior, which means there is a possibility that Google might penalize your site. 

OptinMonster, on the other hand, makes it possible to show a full-screen call to action without redirecting your site visitors. This means you can enjoy the benefits of full-screen welcome gates on your site without having to worry about the possibility of your site getting penalized. 


MonsterLinks™ is another great feature that you will only find on OptinMonster. This feature makes it possible for you to add a 2-step opt-in to your site’s images and links. The clever bit about MonsterLinks™ is that it is designed to take advantage of the Zeigarnik Effect, a psychological principle which states that people who have already started something are more likely to see it through to completion. 

With MonsterLinks™, the opt-in form is triggered when a user clicks on an image or link. By clicking the link or image, the user has already begun an action, and they are more likely to see it through to completion (subscribing). This makes MonsterLinks™ a very effective lead capture tool. 

optinmonster features


This is another great feature we need to mention in this OptinMonster review. that is exclusive to OptinMonster. This feature provides a set of visual effects and animations that make your sign up forms interactive and engaging. With these visual effects, your opt-in forms are more likely to catch your visitor’s eyes. Remember, I mentioned that visitors would often go through your site without seeing the basic sign up form tucked somewhere on a sidebar or at the bottom of the page. With MonsterEffects™, you can be sure that your visitors will notice your opt-in form instantly. 

Custom Content Canvas Form

I mentioned earlier that OptinMonster comes with an impressive collection of stunning and customizable templates that you can use as a basis for building your own forms. Well, what if you want to build your own form completely from scratch? 

If that is the case, the Canvas add-on form gives you a blank slate from which you can start building your own custom form. With the Canvas form, you can add any custom content by simply entering the necessary CSS and HTML. 

With Canvas form, there is no limit to what you can do with your opt-in forms. Whether you want to display products from your store, links to interesting content on your site, your social media buttons, or any other kind of content, go for it. 

After creating your own custom form using this feature, you can still apply any of OptinMonster’s numerous animation effects and sound effects to make your pop-ups even more noticeable. 

Behavior Detection Technology

OptinMonster’s behavior detection technology allows you to show visitors’ campaigns based on their behavior on your site. This makes it possible to show your opt-in forms to the right visitors at the moment when they are most likely to subscribe to your email list. 

For instance, if a top media site has covered your site and wants to convert the traffic from that coverage into subscribers, you can create a targeted campaign for traffic coming from that media site. This way, only people coming from this referral site will be shown this specific opt-in form. 

Similarly, you can create other campaigns that are triggered by other aspects of user behavior, such as a page on your site they are browsing, the number of pages they have viewed on your site, whether they have interacted with other popups on your site, whether they are new or returning visitors, whether they are using ad blocking tools, how far down a page they have scrolled, and so on. You can also target campaigns to users based on their location, the device they are browsing from, and so on. 

Exit Intent Technology

Signup forms are only triggered when a user is about to exit from your site with this feature. This prevents you from bombarding your visitors with popup forms with every page load. Also, this feature can be used to reduce cart abandonment for those with eCommerce sites. You can create campaigns that encourage visitors who have already loaded their carts to go through with their purchase. For instance, by showing popups that give them special discounts to encourage a purchase. The popup will be showing them an invitation to chat with a support agent or simply giving them a lead magnet in exchange for their email address, which you can then use later to convert them into paying customers. 

Integration With Email Marketing Services

Another great thing about OptinMonster is that it is compatible with an impressive number of email marketing service providers, such as MailChimp, Aweber, InfusionSoft, and Aweber. Besides, OptinMonster is adding compatibility with more email marketing service providers with each update. 

The process of integrating your OptinMonster form with your email marketing service provider of choice is also pretty straightforward. All you need to do is select your chosen email marketing service provider from a list of compatible providers and then authorize your account. OptinMonster also provides you with documentation to help you configure your form to your chosen email marketing service provider. 

Hosted Platform

When it was first launched in 2013, OptinMonster was simply a WordPress plugin. However, it has since been changed into a hosted platform. This has several benefits. 

First, as a hosted platform, it consumes fewer server resources compared to other WordPress popup plugins. This means that you get to enjoy the benefits of a highly optimized lead capture plugin without slowing down your site’s performance. Second, the fact that OptinMonster is now a hosted platform means that any website owner can use OptinMonster to add opt-in forms to their site, even if they’re not using WordPress.

Being a hosted platform also means that users now get to create their forms and all other content through their account dashboard on the OptinMonster website, instead of your WordPress dashboard. This allows you to manage all your forms from one central location and has made it possible for OptinMonster to provide a better, less cluttered interface to manage your forms and content. While you still need to link your OptinMonster account to your WordPress site through a plugin, this plugin is a lot more lightweight compared to running all the functionality of OptinMonster as a plugin. 

OptinMonster Review – Other Great OptinMonster Features Include: 

  • Easy A/B testing: OptinMonster allows you to simultaneously run different versions of the same campaign to find out which provides the best conversions. 
  • Built-in analytics: OptinMonster comes with built-in analytics that allows you to monitor how your campaigns are performing, which allows you to optimize your strategy for the best results. 
  • Inactivity sensor: This allows website owners to target inactive users.
  • Drag and drop builder: OptinMonster what-you-see-is-what-you-get drag and drop builder allows users to easily build beautiful forms even in a matter of minutes, even if they have no technical expertise. 
optinmonster themes

OptinMonster Pricing

No OptinMonster review without looking at product prices. OptinMonster offers four price packages. The Basic package costs $9 per month and gives you access to all the basic tools, and can only be used on a single site for up to three campaigns at a time. 

The Plus package starts at $19 per month. It gives you access to all the features of the Basic package plus advanced features like integrated A/B testing, device targeting, MonsterEffects, MonsterSounds, Inactivity Sensor, and so on. This package gives unlimited campaigns and can be used on two sites. 

The Pro package, which is their most popular package, costs $29 per month and gives you access to all the Plus package features, as well as extra features like exit-intent technology, full-screen overlays, MonsterLinks, countdown timers, attention activation, and so on. This can be used on up to 5 sites.

The last package is the Growth package, which costs $49 per month. It gives you access to everything in the Pro package, plus features like onsite retargeting, follow up campaigns, geolocation targeting, AdBlock detection, custom branding, and so on. This package can be used on up to 5 sites. You can use a coupon code for your first purchase.

OptinMonster Coupon Code

Even though OptinMonster might not be the most expensive plugin available on the market, the money you spend on plugins still adds up over time. Because of that, it’d be silly not to grab a coupon code and use it when you get the chance. Click the button below to visit OptinMonster & view available coupon codes!

No coupon codes available. Visit OptinMonster for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

OptinMonster is a powerful plugin of lead generation for WordPress websites, helping you grow your email list. The exit-intent feature of OptinMonster is successfully able to produce subscribers and customers from abandoning visitors. OptinMonster can also reduce a lot of abandonment of shopping carts and boost the revenue for your eCommerce website in an effective manner. You can make many types of marketing campaigns for your website and then have slide-ins, lightbox popups, floating header bars, welcome mats, and mobile OptinMonster forms included as well. 

OptinMonster Claim to Reduce the Number of Visitors Abandoning Your Website

Over seventy percent of the visitors who abandoned your website will not be returned. This is a massive number, and OptinMonster claims to reduce that number. Most websites capture a single email for every couple of hundred visitors. This is a lot of effort, money, and time being wasted.

The tools to improve the capturing process of email and then increase website conversion are not easy to utilize and are also not cost-effective. OptinMonster has a simple goal; they want to construct a piece of technology that captures and maximizes the rate of conversions for your website. OptinMonster launched in the year 2013. Since then, they have been trying to boost the conversion rate for many websites and small independent businesses. Customers of OptinMonster are observing a gradual increase and performance. 

OptinMonster Review – A Market leader

In a single month, around a billion people view a website that has been configured by OptinMonster. There has been an increase in overall sales and the number of subscribers. OptinMonster goes a step forward due to their ever-growing confidence and promises a no-risk, hundred percent money paid back guarantee that lasts for two weeks. Hence, if you are not happy with what you have received, you will have the opportunity to get all the money back. Many smart businesses and smart marketers have opted for OptinMonster and have succeeded, so do not waste time and buy OptinMonster as quickly as you can. Surely you want to see your subscribers and sales increase and see your business flourish.

OptinMonster Features

Yes, OptinMonster is an exceptional prodigy, but what makes it better than other similar WordPress plugins. It is their exceptional feature that has impressed many users. In this section, let us look at these features. 

Famous social media examiner, Michael Stelzner, says, “We are all in on OptinMonster. It works seamlessly for us. It has allowed us to increase our email subscribers dramatically.”

OptinMonster reportedly adds 250,000 email subscribers and increases leads two times in a mere 30-day time. 

Joe Simonds from Salt strongly says, “Within the first 30 days of using OptinMonster, our leads doubled! It was a game-changer.”

There is a 100 percent guarantee that the number of sales will increase.

OptinMonster is a cloud-based system and consumes much lesser resources from servers with minimal effect on the speed of the website.

Another feature is that OptinMonster offers many different campaign types and triggers.

OptinMonster offers many different templates. All of the features are from OptinMonster work perfectly pixel-wise. You receive an extremely professional display for your website. Granted that all of these features come with a very high price tag, but considering the features and their performance coupled with the results that OptinMonster is producing, the price is justified.

Why Use a OptinMonster Discount

Is OptinMonster for everyone’s use? OptinMonster is a potent lead generation plugin for bloggers, marketing agencies, small businesses, and eCommerce websites. Apart from these, if you want to grow their email list, reduce abandonment of carts, and increase your website’s conversion rate, you can use OptinMonster, Which is why we recommend OptinMonster in our OptinMonster review.

Look for Vouchers & Coupons During Promotions

OptinMonster can be installed on every website platform that you can find on the web. OptinMonster integrates all major services from email marketing. The requirement for OptinMonster is that you need a website that can add a custom JavaScript in the main portion of the pages from your website. More so, OptinMonster also gives the best possible popup WordPress plugin on the internet, with the integration of OptinMonster’s fantastic new features with your WordPress website that is self-hosted.

Optinmonster discount preview

OptinMonster Pricing Discount

Other types of plugins that are offering fantastic features cost much higher than the rate of OptinMonster. There are many different features with OptinMonster and many different packs to choose from, depending on your requirements and resources. All of the packs are priced lower, considering all the features that OptinMonster comes with. The packs include basic, plus, pro, and growth.

1. Basic Pack

The basic pack is priced 9 dollars a month, which is billed every year. This is the entry-level pack for those individuals who have recently started to use features from OptinMonster. The features that you will get are an unlimited opt-in form, a User-friendly interface, A/B split testing, and a Page-level targeting system.

2. Plus Pack

The basic pack is priced 19 dollars a month, which is billed yearly. This is the second level pack and is for those individuals who want more features from OptinMonster and have their business basics covered from OptinMonster. Apart from the basic features, you will also have Sidebar forum, Floating Bar, After Post / Inline forum, Sidebar forum, Content locking, and After Post / Inline forum availability.

3. Pro Pack

The pro pack is priced 29 dollars a month, which is billed every year. This is the recommended and advanced pack and is for those individuals who want to make full use of the potentials of OptinMonster and want to see their business grow the most and are ready to throw money for that cause. Besides the basics and features, you will also have Referral detection, Yes / No Forms, Scheduling, Exit-Intact tech, Full-screen campaigns, and many others. 

4. Growth Pack

The growth pack is priced 99 dollars a month, and if you avail the yearly basis billing pattern, it will cost you 49 dollars a month. This is the elite pack and does wonder for your business. We advise you to take the one-month billing to view the fantastic potentials of OptinMonster first. It carries all the features from the previous three packs and many more features.

The growth pack simply contains everything that OptinMonster has to offer, which is enough to transform your conversions heavily.

It contains Onsite Retargeting, Real-Time Personalization, Geolocation Targeting, Success Scripts, AdBlock Detection, Custom Branding, Activity Logging, Advanced Reporting, Unlimited Sub-Accounts, and 250,000 Pageviews, Follow-up Campaigns, Coupon Wheel Campaigns, Many Chat Integration, and Behavior Automation.

OptinMonster Discount Code

OptinMonster does not offer coupon codes regularly. Some websites claim to offer coupon codes for OptinMonster, exclusively. OptinMonster aid you in achieving 10 percent lower rates through them. You need to follow the instructions below to avail of the best discount offer. Firstly, you need to head to the official website of OptinMonster and navigate to the Get OptinMonster Now’ button.

You will head on to the pricing page of OptinMonster. Select the pricing plan that suits your needs in the best possible way. All plans have different features, as we have stated before. Click on the Get started button beneath the pricing plan and write down all of your personal information. This includes your name, password, and email. You will have now made your OptinMonster account. If you scroll down a little bit, you will reach the order summary of your purchase. 

Enter the Coupon Code

You will need to click on the “Have a Coupon” button and enter your coupon code. Some websites offer you a coupon code to avail of a ten percent discount on your price. Click on the apply button now. Now you will see a reduced amount, and you will save money from your purchase. Now select a payment method for your purchase, and you will be done. Other websites are present, which also provide you with exclusive deals. You will have to keep a lookout for these websites. These websites work ever so hard to ensure that you receive the availed discount. Also, head on over to the official website to receive coupon codes now and then. OptinMonster recently offered a 20 percent discount on their pro plan. OptinMonster offers a 14-day money returned offer, which is risk-free. 

So, there is no problem in making use of this offer, especially at lower rates. They also offered a black Friday sale. There is a higher chance of receiving a discount during holidays and special events.

OptinMonster Review and OptinMonster Coupon Code Rounding Up

OptinMonster is one of many lead generation plugins for WordPress websites, but OptinMonster exceeds all other websites with their high tier features and customer service. This software is convenient for website owners and small and new business people looking for growth and promotions. We advise you to stay away from pirating and making this purchase straight away with their services and prices.

OptinMonster Support Options

OptinMonster provides both chat-based and ticket-based support. Support is offered by an in-house team of experts who are quite knowledgeable about how the product works and conversion optimization. Their response time is quite fast.

Aside from the support team, OptinMonster also provides extensive documentation – including tutorials, videos, and how-to guides – which users can go through to figure out how to do things on their own. They also have a blog where they regularly post articles on conversion optimization. 

OptinMonster Review Epilogue

Owing to its amazing set of features, OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation and conversion optimization plugins in the market. It is quite easy to use, even for beginners and is compatible with most email marketing services. Managing all your campaigns and sites from one central place also makes it an ideal choice for webmasters running multiple sites.

While it is a bit expensive, it is mighty and flexible, and if you have the budget for it, I’d advise you to go for it. It’s sadly not possible to get OptinMonster Pro for free.

No coupon codes available. Visit OptinMonster for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

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