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Penji Graphic Design Service Review

Why use Penji Graphic Design?

Graphic designers have been trained to do a multitude of things. From informing the public to entertainment, you can do a lot with expert graphic design. The team at Penji Graphic Design has a love for both the art world as well as technology. They know how to communicate to your customers what you are thinking and how you want to say it. With our Penji Graphic Design Service review, we are going to go over how they can inform, sell products, and bring attention to your company. At the end of this review, you will have a better idea of both pros and cons of the company. Let’s get started and look into Penji and their on-demand graphic design service.

Why You Need A Graphic Design Team

When you present your company to a client, you need to give them the right impression. From the color scheme that you pick to the placement of text and images, you are saying something about your company. Maybe you want to give the impression that you are on the cutting-edge of technology. Perhaps you are more focused on giving off the idea your team is professional and very reliable. These concepts are transmitted with the logos and slogans that you pick.

Think about the last time somebody handed you a business card. What were your thoughts? If you looked at the logo and wondered why the design was so cheap or simple, that company gave off the wrong impression. Your graphic design should not declare loudly that you were trying to save money and used the first logo maker you found online.

Some may think graphic design is just pairing nice pictures with a few font choices. In reality, it takes years of training and high-tech skills on expensive software. If you are a novice that has tried to jump into using Photoshop, you already know how complicated these programs can get.

When you hire Penji, they are effective graphic designers. You won’t overpay, and they will work with you until you are happy with the results.

A Few Highlights

Why should you consider Penji? Here is a list that you should consider. Think about these highlights while you are considering which graphic design team to go with.

  • Achieve your sales goals faster
  • Unlimited print ads
  • Unlimited digital ads
  • Use the UI and UX team as much as needed
  • Everything is paid for with a flat fee

Think about some of these advantages. If you had unlimited print ads, what would you do with that ability? We have all paid for creative ads that didn’t work well with the crowd. That is why you have A/B testing. First, you send out ad A and see how the target demographic will respond. Next, you release ad B. Compare the results that you get from both. If it seems like people respond better to your second ad, then you can switch over. Now, what can you do when both ads don’t get the response you were looking for? That would be a situation where you would want to start accessing a service like Penji.

Penji Pricing Plans

Penji Pricing
Penji Pricing

You might be wondering what you would need to pay to utilize this service. Professional UI/UX workers many times will charge close to six figures. If you want a UI/UX employee that is experienced and that will have a resume with big companies, the salary will easily surpass six figures. When you are a company that is just starting up, you might find it hard to hire at these prices. That is where this service comes in.

For our Penji Graphic Design Service review, we wanted to highlight how you are going to save money when you work with them. Look at the lowest tier that they offer. It is less than $400.00. That is much less than what you would expect to spend on a graphic design worker. When you pay this fee upfront, now you won’t have to worry about making changes. You can make as many changes as you would like.

The lowest tier will assign one designer to you. When you ask for them to take care of some graphics for you, they will jump on it right away. Once the graphic comes back, take a look at it. Is this what you saw in your mind when you thought of your next ad? If you want changes done, no problem. Just send it back and the next day it will be in the queue for the designer. Changes will be rapid-fire and allow you to touch upon the best ads that will work for your demographics.

The Most Popular Tier

If you try out the first tier and enjoy the service, you may want to see the most popular tier. Why is this the most popular tier with this graphic designer? The increase in price is minimal. You will only be paying under five hundred dollars every month. With that you will get the following:

  • It will include everything that you would normally get with the first tier
  • You now also can access website and application design
  • Custom illustrations will be available to you
  • You increase up to five users
  • Infographics are now available

That is a huge step up in terms of service. We have all seen those clever whiteboard videos. They get your attention because they are interesting! People enjoy watching small animations. All of those people that are attracted to creative ads also will bring in more sales. Think back to some commercials that you still remember. What was it that helps you remember them? Most likely they made you laugh or they made you look at things in a more creative way.

With Penji, you are going to be making ads that get the attention of people that stop by your site. Custom drawings would normally cost you hundreds if you get them from other sources. Instead, you can get it at a flat rate and it will also all be on demand.

On top of this, the middle tier would be awesome for an agency to utilize. You have up to five users so you should take advantage of it! When you spread the cost out among a whole agency, the price tag of $499.00 every month seems small.

Penjis Famous Clients Portfolio

Another thing that really impressed us with Penji is the type of clients they have. You can really tell a lot from a company by who works with them. Penji is no exception. Some of their clients include Calvin Klein, CVS, and also Reebok. That is just the start for the big names that want to work with them for their design work.

Penjis Famous Clients Portfolio

If you look through the image above, you will see many famous names that wanted to work with a professional team. Currently, if you need design work, doesn’t it make sense to just pay a flat fee? You can easily afford the fee of under five hundred each month.

If you want to cancel, that is easy. There is no contract that you need to sign. If you hire a graphic designer, they will require that you give them paid time off as well as benefits such as medical and vision. When you hire from Penji, you don’t need to worry about that. There won’t be a struggle as you go out and try to find a great worker with excellent reviews. It saves you a lot of time so you are not sifting through piles of resumes. Instead, you can just sign up for a month at a time. Feel free to cancel when you want. If the service is not what you were looking for, you can easily move on to the next company.

This is an excellent feature that lets you focus on the core part of your business. You should not be forced to spend hours trying to find the right designer. Everything is done for you and the price per month is very low compared to what a professional will charge. Embrace this new way of working with graphic designers! You will be shocked how much easier things are now that we have this level of technology.

Penji Graphic Design Service Review Conclusion

With our article, Penji Graphic Design Service Review, we wanted to highlight some of the best features. We love the fact that you can easily turn the service on and off. The reviews that we have seen from other users are very positive as well. Many customers noted that the 15-day guarantee really does work. If at any time you are not fully satisfied with the product, don’t worry! You can cancel and you won’t be charged. This is a great way to try out the product with no strings attached. Many times we are wary of experimenting with a service. It feels like you might get caught up in some sort of contract that is going to be hard to get out of. You won’t need to concern yourself with that here.

Once you have tried out the product, you can sign up for a more long term arrangement. When you work with them on an annual basis, the price drops a significant amount. For the lowest tier of service, the service will be close to just three hundred every month. If you already know that you need a graphic designer and you feel like they provide good service, this is the perfect way to save money. In conclusion, we love this service and you should give it a try.

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