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Looking for CRM software that pushes your pipeline? Pipedrive sets out to do exactly this. With a focus on the small business owner versus giant corporations, this hits the sweet spot for customers that need to increase sales for small to mid-range companies. How can we get a Pipedrive Promo Code? For this month, it is “PDP-superb themes.” If you use this right now, you are going to get a nice discount on your purchase. Before we dive further into how to get your Pipedrive promo code, let’s see if the application will apply to the company you currently run.

No coupon codes available. Visit Pipedrive for the most up to date status on discount code availability!

Who Is Using Pipedrive?

Pipedrive will appeal to business owners who are not satisfied with their current CRM or owners who have never tried a CRM before. CRM is a customer relationship management tool. It maintains a good relationship between your current customers and the people you are reaching out to convert them into long-term customers.

Using this software helps you organize all of your customers so that nobody falls through the tracks. As your company grows, it is easy to forget about a customer when you have not had much interaction with them. These are customers that we actually need to target! When you notice a customer has gone quiet, we need to figure out why. When you haven’t heard from them in a while, you need to start to worry.

Proactive Software

We have a general idea of how Pipedrive works and what it will target. Pipedrive keeps your sales and marketing proactive so that we don’t have customers that slowly drift away. All of your teams will be synced up so that people can clearly see on a calendar when was the last time you reached out to another company. Do you really want your support team, sales, and marketing guys all reaching out to the same company in one day? They are going to feel like they are being bombarded from all sides! It is much better when everybody is working from the same sales calendar so you can see exactly who was the last person to contact a live person on their end and what happened during the call.

It is not just phone calls from your different teams that need to all come in line with each other. The same goes for all forms of communication. Don’t fill up their inbox with a flurry of emails coming from five different people! People will start to assume that they are getting spam and stop responding at all. Communication with large companies is delicate and takes a refined touch where everybody knows what the other people on their team are doing.

Visualize Your Goals

Have you heard of a vision board? Perhaps you have used them at your company when you have a large goal you are shooting for. This is how they work in a nutshell. If my goal is eventually to own a horse farm that raises championship racehorses, I will make a vision board. This can be digital like you see with Pinterest, or it could be a physical thing you put on the wall.

Think about how your horse farm would look. What is the color of the fencing? Add a picture of that to the board. What does your house look like off in the distance on a hill? That would be another picture you want to add to your vision board. When you are done, you ideally have a clear vision of the goal you are going for and how you will get there. Pipedrive has a similar setup where you can help your team visualize what you are shooting for and where customers are in their journey.

Pipedrive Promo Code Conclusion

Map Out The Customer Journey

For tiny companies all the way up to your mid-range companies, Pipedrive creates a graphical representation so you can see where your potential customer is in the sales process. If somebody jumps in and takes over for another team member on vacation, the visual reminder is a good way to let everybody know how to treat the customer. If they are right at the beginning of the process, you can’t use industry-specific jargon or assume they understand what your company actually does. For a customer close to closing the deal where they are at the end of the sales process, you wouldn’t want to be going over the basics because they will get impatient.

Downsides To Pipedrive

Obviously, no CRM is perfect. How could Pipedrive improve? We want to understand the drawbacks before we invest several hours into learning every aspect. With a steady focus on increasing sales for a smaller business, it is perfect. Once your company starts to reach a size where you have thousands and thousands of customers, you will naturally run into trouble.

There is a limit on the email that you send out to your list. You are going to be capped at 1,000 contacts. That is fine when you are still a budding company, but if you have been around for decades and exceed this limit, it will get annoying breaking up your list into increments of a thousand each time you want to send out an email blast. Keep in mind, if you love Pipedrive and you want to stick with them even as you grow past this thousand contact limit, there are ways to automate breaking up the list. To automate, it will take some programming skills and a good understanding of the software.


Pricing was another thing that many reviewers noted could be improved with Pipedrive. Other types of software built to maintain good relationships with customers, such as Zoho and Salesforce, had lower pricing. That is why we encourage you to use our Pipedrive coupon code. With the Pipedrive coupon code, the price will be on the same level as Zoho or lower depending, on which tiers you are looking at.

Keep in mind, Pipedrive is only $12.50 per month, and it is very easy to set up and teach other users how to use it. Many times with Salesforce, the software has so many features; it can get confusing about what to use and when. With Pipedrive, you have fewer options, and things are more streamlined so you can understand what action to take at each step. Keep in mind also Salesforce has many different courses you need to go through so you can understand all the different ways to use the software. If you would rather jump right in and skip long and drawn-out videos on how to use the program, you want to go with Pipedrive.

Fast Onboarding

As noted in the earlier paragraph, one of the main selling points for Pipedrive is how fast you can get new people up to speed. This is ideal for a company that has no experience with a CRM before. The user interface is very simplistic, and it is obvious what every button does and how the windows function.

If you are a small company that needs to jump-start your sales team right away, look into trying out Pipedrive. There won’t be a need for a long training process, and people can start using it to good effect on the same day that they install it. Another great target market for Pipedrive would be a startup company or entrepreneur. These types of companies are often short on time and might have a lifespan that expires when the seed money dries up. These can also take advantage of Pipedrive since you won’t need to take several days to go through all the training videos. Fire up the software and watch as it organizes when you should be calling the customer, emailing them, or guiding them through your sales funnel.

Pipedrive Promo Code Conclusion

Want to look into getting a quick discount on Pipedrive? Looking at how low the base pricing is currently, it is hard to see how they can lower the price even further but use “PDP-superb themes” if you want the lowest price possible. That will be the best Pipedrive promo code.

If you go with the service on a month-to-month basis, it will be fifteen dollars each month. This is great when you are unsure about if you need a CRM or not. Since it is easy and fast to get started, you can use this pricing system to try everything out for a few months and then cancel if it is not making your teams faster. If you would like the service for a full year, the price drops down to $12.50, which is on par with companies like Zoho and other popular CRM choices.

Pipedrive Free Trial

Pipedrive Free Trial

For the lowest price possible, why not try out Pipedrive for free? They are so convinced that the user interface will be a breeze to use and organize your people, they actually let you use everything for free for a full two weeks.

Head on over to their homepage, and you can get started. They won’t ask for your personal credit card or any sort of business card. This means you won’t have to worry about them trying to make it difficult for you to cancel. You can try out the software, and there won’t be a surprise bill that pops up at the end of the month when you go to pay off your bill. Keep in mind, Pipedrive does keep your information for two months after you cancel. If you want to sign up and decide they are the easiest CRM to work with; there is no problem. The information is still saved in the system. If your team decides to skip organizing your sales efforts, your company’s data will be pulled from their system. Pipedrive cares about your privacy, and they want you to feel secure.

No coupon codes available. Visit Pipedrive for the most up to date status on discount code availability!

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