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Pipedrive Review

Pipedrive Review

There are many different CRM plugins on the market that promise to make your pipeline more efficient. Where does Pipedrive fit into your organization? With our Pipedrive review, we go over the best company size for this CRM, as well as the best features. We will also cover what this CRM can do better so that you understand all aspects before going into a year-long contract. Let us get started with our Pipedrive review so that you can start implementing some of their ideas for organizing your sales funnels.

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Simple Interface

This is one of the best selling features for Pipedrive. You have other CRM suppliers out on the market, such as Salesforce and Zoho. They have more features, and thus they are more complicated. That might be exactly what a large corporation is looking for, but if you want a good way to stay organized, it is easy to understand and go with Pipedrive.

With another CRM, you can be more granular with the data if you have used Google Analytics before understanding this concept. With Google Analytics, the software really gets as complicated as you would like. There are infinite ways to analyze your details and data. If you are trained in data analysis, this can be a great thing. There is no end to the combinations. For people that are just getting started, it might seem overwhelming.

The UI for Pipedrive clears away the clutter. It is very straightforward that it doesn’t cloud the screen with many options that you will need to learn. This is great for training somebody new on the software. With minimal things on the screen, users don’t get distracted as they try to explore the interface. With a business that needs a simple approach, this is going to be your best bet. Later on, as your confidence grows, you may want to shift over to something like Insightly, where you have infinite choices.

Organizing Your Organization

If you have a small to mid-sized company, you might have noticed some confusion in your sales department. Who is assigned to a contact? When was the last time somebody talked to this contact? What did they speak about? These are important questions. If you have a client that can potentially bring you ongoing business, but three people from the sales team all contact them on the same day, it will reflect poorly. You need to organize your organization.

When you first get started with Pipedrive, just like the name implies, they help you drive your pipeline. They provide a visual element so you can follow along and see what you need to do to get your customer to the finish line. The standard pipeline that they give you to start with will apply to most companies, which means you can jump right in and get started without any tweaks.

Need to make a new pipeline because you just added a new client? No problem. Go under Settings and click to create your next pipeline and give it a memorable name. Now you can track your customer from that initial contact all the way to paying the customer. If you need to move them along your pipeline, it is very intuitive. You just drag them to the next stage, so every employee understands where they are at. Now everybody is on the same page, and you don’t have to worry when somebody on the sales team goes on vacation for two weeks.

Scheduling Contact

No matter what kind of business you run, you need to be in contact with clients. Even if you have a mobile cart that sells hot dogs on the sidewalk, do you provide an incentive for contact information? How do you reach out to customers to inform them about new products and deals you are running? The owner that stays in contact will succeed where others fail.

Pipedrive lets you map out an individual pipeline for each client, which you should be doing. A massive company you do business with will have a much larger business cycle. If you are not aware of this and calling them every two weeks, they will shut you out. The opposite is also true. For a small and nimble company that moves quickly, you want many more contacts with them.

With custom pipelines made with Pipedrive, you can leave notes and create the expectation for all your employees. Large companies can be contacted once every quarter by senior-level salespeople. Smaller clients can be handed off to the new sales provided members as they gain experience. You are creating a profile for each company and scheduling contact accordingly.

Contact Timelines

Pipedrive understands your company follows best practices when you communicate with other companies. As a general rule, each company should be contacted once per quarter, so they know you are still alive, but not more than twice a month unless there is an active need an active interest.

Contact Timelines make a road map that spells out the last person contacted and who should be contacted next. Reminders can be given so that your salespeople don’t forget and follow up with hot leads. Scheduling these emails and phone calls has never been easier since the timeline is done for you.

Contact Timelines make a road map that spells out the last person contacted and who should be contacted next

The Big Picture

In our Pipedrive review, we also wanted to point out you can easily create a quick business profile, so you know how often to contact them. They have a Smart Contact Data feature, which will give you all available public information automatically.

If you are approaching a company with ten employees, it would not be out of bounds to ask to speak with the owner right off the bat to set up a meeting. When the company has over five hundred employees, it will take a bit more finesse to meet with the top people.

If a potential lead appears twice on different calling lists, the program will push them together. This is handy when pursuing heads of an industry that may be on the board for multiple companies.


The pricing is very reasonable. You only need to pay $12.50 for the lowest tier of business. That is close to what similar CRM programs will charge. Move up a tier to advanced, and the cost will be $24.90. After that, you can expect to pay $49.90 as a professional and then just under a hundred each month for the highest tier.

Try out the lowest tier first if you have any question in your mind if this will serve your business. When you go with the month to month contract, you can just cut it off if your team is not meshing well with the software. One of the best parts of Pipedrive is that you will understand very quickly if the program is for you.

Other CRM offers to supply you with a large number of features. If you are new to organizing your sales contacts and tracking the position of a lead in the pipeline, you don’t want a ton of filters and different ways to segment the data. Pipeline is perfect for beginners since it is so straightforward. There is no complicated interface to get bogged down with. You will understand very quickly if the program is right for you instead of going through countless tutorials just to discover the software doesn’t suit your workflow.

Pipedrive users

Smaller Companies

As far as detractors for the software, the number of contacts is limited. This makes the program more suitable for companies just starting that are growing to medium size. If you are in charge of a large company, you will quickly outgrow the limited features and the contact list restrictions. When you need to send out an email blast to ten thousand different people, there are better market programs.

Conclusion To Pipedrive Review

In conclusion, Pipedrive has many aspects that we love. Right now, they are running a sale that will help you with the initial cost. Take advantage while they are running this deal to see if you could organize your company better. This is perfect for a company that has not tried to set up pipelines or track contacts with clients. It appeals to beginners and eases them into the flow of scheduling calls and profiling companies.

This will also help you get set up so that you are automating what flows into your pipeline. Create a web forum easily for people to speak with each other about topics that would apply. From here, they can get support, and they also feed right into the start of your sales funnel. A chatbot is also available to field questions when people don’t feel comfortable using the forum to ask questions. From the chatbot, they will flow right over to your salespeople and even schedule those initial calls so that you can put a new customer at ease.

Continue to check back with Superb Themes. We will tell you the advantages of each plugin and program to see where it will fit into your company. For everything WordPress, make sure you bookmark Superb Themes.

Are you ready to give Pipedrive a try? Click the button & try out Pipedrive for free.

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