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Choosing an encrypted email is a great step forward in securing your data. There are a few very high-quality email clients that offer that kind of service; protonmail is the most famous one and probably the best one as well. Because they have low competition, their prices are high. There is currently no active coupon code for ProtonMail; click the button below to visit their website & view available discounts and codes.

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Introducing ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a secured email service from Switzerland. It was created in 2014 by scientists who had a meeting at CERN, which is a European Organization for nuclear research. The strategy of ProtonMail is to make secure and private email correspondence effectively available to all. To achieve this, ProtonMail utilizes zero-access and end-to-end encryption methods so that even the companies do not possess the capability to view the messages of the client. ProtonMail can make email encryption consistent. There are no special steps that need to be taken. ProtonMail offers secure applications for iOS and Android and a solid backing-up system for IMAP/SMTP by means of the ProtonMail Bridge programming. 

The parent organization of ProtonMail is Proton Technologies. It has a long and solid history of providing efficient security to its users. The company also owns two of the most used encryption libraries that are open-sourced. These include GopenPGP and OpenPGPjs. It also has a very long history of making progress in the direction of advancements in internet protection. 

Regardless of whether it is testing governments, teaching people in general, preparing writers, financing autonomous columnists, or even advocating the United Nations, ProtonMail has a long reputation of taking initiatives in the private division and is hence one of the world’s most popular security companies. For their excellent services, they expect their customers to pay higher prices than average. There is also a lack of coupon codes for ProtonMail in the market. However, all is made up for due to their excellent features.

Let us have a look at only a few of these amazing features. These features, alongside their brief descriptions, are given below.

End-to-end encryption  

Messages among ProtonMail clients are transmitted continuously in an encrypted structure. At the point when a client sends an email to a different ProtonMail client, the messages are encrypted on the sender’s gadget and will have to be decrypted by the receiver. The utilization of end-to-end encryption implies that messages can’t be caught in travel and decrypted by any outsider. 


ProtonMail expects that all mail servers may very well be compromised to accomplish an elevated level of security. In this manner, ProtonMail can install a better security service. They utilize zero-access encryption alongside the above-explained, end-to-end encryption to secure the information of the client. If a server just contains messages that are encrypted, then the clients have an elevated level of assurance that their data is secure in case of a security rupture. The utilization of encryption additionally stops ProtonMail from having the option to decrypt and hence share client messages with outsiders. 

ProtonMail does not have any promotions. ProtonMail security extends past solid encryption, and it incorporates highlights to moderate human vulnerabilities; for instance, the anti-phishing and two-factor confirmation safeguards.

Open source cryptography 

They utilize secure usage of RSA and AES and opt for open-source OpenPGP. Moreover, they only use open sources for their cryptographic libraries. By utilizing these libraries, clients have more noteworthy confirmation that the encryption calculations do not have secret backdoors or other security issues. The open-source programming of ProtonMail is one of the best around the globe in terms of security as they guarantee the most elevated levels of assurance. 

Protonmail users and reviews

Zero-access encryption  

Even if the contacts of a client are not utilizing ProtonMail, working with ProtonMail still gives extra protection and security. All messages that are sent to or sent from a ProtonMail account (regardless of whether the opposite side is using ProtonMail or not) are stored with zero-access encryption. What this means is that after the messages have been encoded, they must be decoded by the receiver. 

Furthermore, ProtonMail clients can send end-to-end encrypted messages to none-ProtonMail clients.

Hardware-level security  

ProtonMail has heavily invested in controlling and owning its server hardware in different areas inside Switzerland. This makes sure that information is leaked to the cloud services. This also guarantees that Swiss laws secure all the data of the client. ProtonMail servers use completely encrypted hard drives. This can make sure that the data of the user is protected in case there is a hardware malfunction.

ProtonMail Doesn’t Use Coupon Codes.

We have mentioned before that due to no advertisement, ProtonMail does not offer any coupons or discount codes. However, you can get a voucher or discount from their support; we will look at this in the next section. In short, voucher codes are given away by their support chat if you’re lucky. Since there is no promotion and advertisement, there are also no codes during the promotion. 

However, try to visit their website now and then to find a discount or coupon code. Who knows, you might get lucky and visit their website when they first start to offer coupon codes.

You Might Get a voucher or discount from their support.

There is a method to receive coupon codes, however. ProtonMail coupons are utilized to grant great discounts on paid subscription plans. Coupons are given out by the customer support team for some special situations. The criteria for choosing that person are random. You can visit the official websites for ProtonMail on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to get all the important information. So, if you are someone for whom a coupon code is very important, then there is still a chance for you to avail of coupon codes from ProtonMail.

No codes during promotions

Coupon distribution strategies from ProtonMail differ from others. They do not hand out coupon codes. They want to provide their users with the ultimate experience by reducing the interaction of their users with unwanted promotions. The removal of coupon codes from companies is also a major issue. Companies are doing this to reduce the risks of coupon codes. These include giving out fake coupons by various websites to get personal information from the users of ProtonMail.

No discounts during Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Unfortunately, unlike other email security systems, ProtonMail does not offer any new discount codes or coupon codes offered during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. They also do not give their customers any discounts on any holidays or special occasions. Officials from ProtonMail say that it is not possible for them to issue coupon codes as they do not offer any advertisement and promotion and hence make no money through that scheme. 

However, many websites on the internet try to fool you. There are many scams and fake coupon websites on the market which offer countless ProtonMail coupons and discounts. Avoid them at all costs. Simply, if the website that is offering the discount is not, then it is fake. They just want to receive your personal information. Hence, avoid such third-party websites. 

ProtonMail Pricing Plans

ProtonMail Pricing Plans Discounted

Now let us have a look at their four pricing plans; the free, plus, professional and visionary versions. The free ProtonMail service believes that everyone on the entire planet should be able to receive their services. They want to give away private online communication and security to anyone regardless if they can afford to pay or not. 

Their Free Plan will give you up to 500MB of storage, 150 messages per day, three labels or folders, and one email address. It is truly astonishing, considering you do not have to pay for it. The plus ProtonMail plan retails at 5 dollars per month or 48 dollars per year. It offers data storage up to 5 GB, 200 folders or labels, 1000 messages per every day, five email addresses, and the capability to utilize a custom-built domain. The professional ProtonMail plan retails at 8 dollars per month or 75 dollars per year. It offers all the services of the previous two versions, like data storage of up to 5 GB and 200 folders or labels.

Additionally, it provides the usage of 5000 users through an administrative account. It also carries better priority for customer support. Lastly, their visionary ProtonMail plan retails at 30 dollars per month or 288 dollars per year. It carries all services from the three previous plans. It also offers usage of up to 6 users. It is a family plan that carries maximum control over ProtonVPN and ProtonMail features. It additionally gives you storage of up to 20 GB, a total of 50 email addresses, as many messages, folders, and labels as required, and a support system for ten custom-built domains alongside the most superior priority support.

ProtonMail Coupon Code Conclusion

ProtonMail is extremely popular and polished. It utilizes end-to-end encryption in great control to provide you with fantastic services and security. It offers you a free basic account and does not tease you with advertisements. Those who require the complete services of ProtonMail will need to use better plans of ProtonMail. 

Needs and requirements of everyone can differ; however, ProtonMail will most probably complete your requirement if it is along with an email and business security. It all comes down to personal preference at the end. ProtonMail is an amazing option for the regulation of encrypted communications alongside business partners, friends, or others who want to receive protection from hacking or snooping. ProtonMail is an absolute must-try; we recommend it.  

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