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ProtonVPN Coupon Code

ProtonVPN is a great choice if you’re looking to increase your security and privacy online. Most VPNs are very expensive at the moment and ProtonVPN is no exception. They sadly do not have any coupon codes available last time we checked. That might have changed though! Click the green button below to visit their website and view available coupon codes and discounts.

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ProtonVPN is a very carefully thought out product that is headed by the Harvard Ph.D. candidate, and it’s a Swiss Based no logs VPN service that helps you make your privacy strong and make it better than any other VPN system. When you search something on your web, it encrypts your internet connection and routes your connection through encrypted tunnels. It makes sure that hackers can’t take your information or hack your system/connection. It also gives you access to the websites that are otherwise blocked in your country. 

ProtonVPN has promised to stay on the front lines, whether its government challenges, educating the public, training the journalist, etc. There are a lot of people who used to complain about online privacy, and it had become a question mark for many professions. The developers of ProtonVPN care about the privacy of every individual, and they are using their expertise for the public benefit.

Values of Proton VPN  

ProtonVPN has the list of its values that they follow, and with these values, they have achieved this position in the market.


ProtonVPN provides you with the transparency you have the idea of who is running the service. Unlike other VPN services, they haven’t hidden anything from their customers, and everything is transparent in front of them. They are well-known for the quality of services providing improved internet privacy and security.


Proton VPN directly communicates with its customers if they are sensing any kind of thread, and due to the honesty and transparent messages, they have won the trust of the customers. Even the best VPN has limitations, it can’t be perfect, but it can be better from other VPN services.

Technical Excellence  

They keep the long track record when it comes to privacy and security. They don’t compromise the quality even if they have to use their Secure Core servers for privacy or to use! 0 GB networks for better performance. They give priority to quality.

ProtonVPN doesn’t use coupon codes  

ProtonVPN doesn’t use coupon codes. If you see coupon codes on some websites that are probably fake because it doesn’t offer any coupon codes to its customers. Most of the websites have photocopied some coupon codes on the name of ProtonVPN, which are fake codes and can hack your system, so don’t put those codes on your account. Be careful of fake codes. They are normally sent by the attackers, and they want to hack your system with the help of the fake codes.

Strong encryption  

It is the only highest strength encryption which can protect your internet connection and encrypt all your networks with AES-256 key exchange. HIMAC with SHA384 is also used for the authentication of the messages. 

Strong Protocols  

You don’t have to worry when you have ProtonVPN; it uses some very strong protocols that are very secure for your internet connection. It uses OpenVPN that is considered to be strong. By using the ProtonVPN, you will be sure that its most reliable protocol and your VPN tunnel are totally protected. ProtonVPN believes in making an environment where internet security isn’t an option but the default.  

You can get vouchers from their customer support  

ProtonVPN is community-supported, and it provides you with the best customer support. You can email the customer support if you have any issues. If you want the vouchers or any discounts you can directly contact them and ask about it. Their customer support is very professional to the whole VPN community, no matter wherever you are residing. You can simply contact them through email, live chat, or any social media platform, and they will get back to you about your query. You can also ask them about discount vouchers if they are available. The customer service will let you know about it and send it to you. They are updated about all the discount vouchers and promotions going on, so your go-to person should be the customer support for any questions.  

Free VPN service  

ProtonVPN is on the mission of providing everyone with security. They have been so generous in providing people with free VPN as well so everyone can have a secure internet connection, and they can easily access privacy. Its customer support system is also very active for free users and provides them with equal support. It’s the main goal of ProtonVPN, and if someone doesn’t want to purchase it, this VPN service is for the community, and they work for the betterment of their community without any doubt.

Discounts during events and promotions  

During the events, there are discounts on almost everything. The Christmas, black Friday sales, Cybersecurity events, thanksgiving, or whatnot. Promotions are going on, and ProtonVPN also offers some discounts during these events to promote their VPN services. 

You can save your money by availing those discounts. They are offered to help the customers save some dollars. These promotions events are not for a long time, so you have to keep an eye on when the discount starts and when you can avail them easily.

Access ProtonVPN Cheap & Easy

Access ProtonVPN Cheap & Easy

It has access all over the world, and it provides more than 45 countries with the best security and a platform where they feel protected, and their privacy is in the right hands. It provides them secure streaming and tor servers. It allows the safe file transfer for all the customers, and the highest strength encryption is offered in all countries to Proton VPN users. 

The amazing features are given with fast download speeds, unlimited bandwidth to protect the internet connection of the globe.  The servers are optimized with P2P file sharing for all the countries.

Pricing Plans for ProtonVPN  

ProtonVPN offers you 4 plans which you can purchase, and there is a totally free plan. You can safeguard your internet even on public WiFi and keep your IP address private. 

The plans are  

  • Free plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Plus Plan 
  • Visionary plan

The free plan has features, but these aren’t that advanced, but it still equally provides you with security while you are browsing. It protects your IP address even if you have lost the connection to the VPN server, but it doesn’t have the ProtonMail visionary included in it. 

The Basic plan costs you money per month, and it is also available all over the world. It can support 2 devices and has high speed. Secure streaming is guaranteed, and ProtonMail’s visionary is also included in this plan.

The Plus Plan also costs you some money, but it is considered as the best offer for the customers. It supports 5 devices and has very high speed plus the servers. It also has a smooth and secure streaming option, which is very safe. 

The Visionary Plan is also available in all the countries and costs you money. It gives support to 10 devices and has a high speed and secure core. It has tor servers and also provides secure streaming. ProtonMail’s visionary is also included in this plan.

Support for up to 10 devices  

It supports 10 devices for you and gives you a secure experience. Once you have it, it offers you different plans to purchase according to your convenience and use. The upgraded plan supports 10 devices, and some other plans are also there, which supports 5 devices and is still useful for the customers.

ProtonVPN features

30- Day money-back guarantee   

If you are new to ProtonVPN and using it for the first time, you will get an idea of how helpful it is for you to feel secure. It has also made a policy of 30-day money back if you are not comfortable with the VPN services, and it’s not according to what you expected from it. This happens very less because people are very comfortable using the ProtonVPN and they normally don’t have any issues with it. 

The refund policy is created to make sure that people are investing in something that cares about them. Their money isn’t at any risk and they have all the right to ask for a refund within 30-days. Make sure you purchase the ProtonVPN from their official website then you would be able to ask for a refund. They have some policies if you want a refund; if you are not following the policy, you won’t get any refund.

So, ProtonVPN is the best choice you will ever make, and it doesn’t only keep your internet connection strong but also unblock the censored content for you. You can choose one of the plans and unlock the full potential of the internet by using advanced privacy features. Its secure core servers operate on their dedicated networks and don’t depend on anyone, and it is placed in the Swiss center, which ensures the security of the world. There isn’t any drawback of this VPN service and provides you all the benefits which any VPN service should have in its system. The quality is ensured. Security is their first priority, and there is no compromise with user privacy.

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