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Provide Support Live Chat Review – All You Need To Know!

Provide Support review

You are checking your Google Analytics for your site and realize that something is very wrong. Looking at the data in front of you, you notice that people are coming to your site, and they are clicking on the links. Customers are interested in your products, but they are not completing your call to action. Customers are not going through the whole sales process. What could be wrong? You may need additional support. With our Provide Support live chat review, we will go over how this service can increase your bottom line.

What Is Provide Support Live Chat?

First of all, what is Provide Support? This is a service that provides live support for your online eCommerce site. Depending on the product or service you offer, that is very important. For example, what if you offer a web design business?

A web design agency will be in demand with customers, but it also requires good communication with a customer. You can put up your different tiers offering a basic site for $1,000.00 and then a mid-tier for $5,000.00. The highest tier offers all the bells and whistles and has a price tag of $10,000. What would happen if you are working with a potential client that runs a large Enterprise-level company? They want to do business with you, but they are not sure you can handle their work. If you don’t have a chat option, you might miss out on that sale.

It can even go beyond custom sales pitches. Going back to the example with a web design firm, think about how complex web design can be. First, you have to ask them what kind of design they want. Maybe they are working with specific colors or images that need to appear. Next, you need to discuss forms and other interactive features. What kind of scripts will be running on the site? Lastly, if there are issues with the design, how can they contact you quickly? Now you begin to see how having a live chat feature would be handy.

For any highly complex service, you need live chats. People that walk into a store feel at ease when they feel like they can ask questions. Create that sort of environment with Provide Support.

Big Name Customers

Not sure about trying out this service? What if we told you that Provide Support provides live chat software to some of the country’s largest companies? These include Koss, Siemens, and Unilever. That means some of the biggest companies in the world trust their customer service to this product. What do you have to lose if you try out this service? You will get the following benefits:

  • Chat over many domains with no extra cost
  • Secure communications
  • Agents can utilize unlimited chat windows
  • Works well with Wix, WordPress, and other eCommerce platforms
  • 30-day guarantee

When you are looking for a solid chat service, you want to see all of these features present. The service is very fast, which means customers will not lose interest when a message takes too long to appear. All communication between the agent and the client will also be secure. Customers need to feel like they are safe from anybody trying to sniff out traffic on the network. Your agents can also have unlimited windows going at one time. This makes them more efficient and gives them the ability to serve many different customers simultaneously.

Are you worried this won’t pair well with Shopify or another CMS that you like to use? This was designed to work with all of the eCommerce platforms. If you are using Magento, Joomla, or WordPress, all of them will work well with this chat feature. The main idea is to help customers quickly while they are in your online store. This encourages conversions and guarantees that your bottom line will rise. Informed customers that feel like they are speaking with a real person are more likely to buy from you.

provide support pricing

Try It Today

We went over just a few of the features that should motivate you to start using the service. Is there a way to test this service for free? Our review would not be complete without a section on how to try out the system.

There are no tight contracts or tricky documents that you need to sign if you are interested in working with the software. Sign up today, and you have the thirty-day guarantee. After your first payment, if you decide to go with another company, it is easy to refund your money. Just contact their sales department, and they will refund everything. They have no hidden fees, and you won’t need to pay to get out of a contract. They want you to try it out with this service and see if it works for your company. If you don’t see sales and conversions rising, the live chat feature maybe just not for your particular brand or niche.

What about a totally free trial? That is also offered through the website. By going to their website, you can enter your account name and email. That is all that you need to get started with a ten-day trial. You will see how easy it is to install the software and watch how it will integrate with your current store. It is great that they offer so many different ways to work with the service.

Multiple Platforms

Our Provide Support live chat review would not be finished if we didn’t address which platforms this will work with. We were surprised to see the level of compatibility that is offered. Look at the list of different platforms available:

  • iOS
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Android

They have covered all the major platforms that you might be using currently. Sure, Linux’s lesser-known distributions won’t be fully compatible, but since Linux is open-source with so many different flavors, this is to be expected.

If customers are on mobile, you have access to both Android and iOS. Mobile is exploding, and companies moving with that trend are seeing big increases in mobile sales. Make your online store even easier to buy from with a responsive chat window. You will be amazed at how much functionality they can fit on such a small screen!

The Agency Advantage

If you run an agency and work with many different sites, chat support is a good feature. When a company comes to you for their website, they want a one-stop-shop. Make sure you can do it all between content writing, maintenance, and graphics. By adding in chat support as well, improves your brand. Customers will feel like they can trust you with all aspects of their business. They won’t need to go elsewhere to find additional software to take care of agent chats.

No API is used, so you won’t need to worry about setting that up. As long as you have JavaScript enabled on the page, all of the features will work properly. Provide Support does not supply the agents, so keep this in mind as you work with them. If you run a very technical business where customers will be asking several questions, you need to have the staff on hand to handle those questions. Think of Provide Support as the conduit or channel that enables your agents to work with online customers.

There is no sort of complex coding needed if you want to get started. The setup is rapid and easy. Most companies were up and running in just a couple of minutes. Use the free trial along with unlimited seats for the full ten days. Then you can provide a use case to people higher up in the company and show why it would be a good investment. review

Provide Support Live Chat Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, this is an excellent service to work with. You can get started at the lowest tier with one seat for just $15.00 every month. Moving up to the next tier, $30.00 each month equals three seats that can be used, while the Enterprise-level tier is $60.00 for ten seats. As you can see, economies of scale are at work. The higher you go in terms of tiers, the more money you will save. For ten seats, the price of only $60.00 is a great deal.

If you go through their free trial, there are no limitations placed on the software. Everything you can do with the full version will work with their trial copy. You don’t need a credit card to apply. This is done, so you won’t need to worry about charges later on. Everything will be set up for you in just a matter of two minutes. Use it for the full ten days and customize everything on the interface until it fits your workflow. Remember, you can try it out with desktop operating systems and mobile, so try both to see how they function.

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