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Proxy Services for Better SEO Management: Monitor SERPs & Audit Websites with Smartproxy

Smartproxy SEO Management

Are proxy services used primarily for shady or illegal activities? Why would someone invest in proxy services to hide online activities if they have nothing to hide? Is there any practical purpose of a proxy server, except watching Netflix shows restricted in your country?

These questions are legitimate and pretty standard amongst Internet users. Indeed, some cyber criminals use proxy services to hide their identities and activities. It’s also true that people use proxy services to access restricted content from streaming companies like Netflix. Altogether, cohorts of people use proxy servers to improve their businesses. Proxy services help many web admins and online entrepreneurs—while fully respecting the law.

Do you know that proxy services do wonders for SEO management, website audits, data scraping, or finding the best travel fare? In the following paragraphs, we will explain how to use proxy servers for SEO purposes. We will also introduce you to excellent proxy services that provide solutions that will not disappoint!

Smartproxy offer “Pay As You Go” options for residential proxies from $12.5 per 1GB


Some users may find it trivial to read the explanations of a few particular terms in this

area. Skip this chapter if you are an intermediary or expert user of proxy technologies. On the other hand, carefully check each term if you are a novice willing to learn.  

Proxy service – the intermediary role of a device or software connecting your device to a network or the rest of the Internet. Practically, it’s a middle-man that filters the incoming and outcoming traffic to your device. In this way, you avoid revealing your online identity. Proxy services may be used for local networks, but the most frequent use is to scrape specific data on the Internet. Hide your identity on the Internet.   

Residential proxy – the type of proxy service that uses an IP address allocated by an Internet service provider. A residential proxy borrows IPs from real devices, so the chances of getting blocked when using this proxy are almost zero. A residential proxy ensures 100% anonymity and eliminates the risk of getting blocked. The mechanism behind it is simple and effective—you send a request to the residential proxy, and it replaces your IP with an IP from its database and sends your request further. Next, the destination server sends back the requested data to the residential proxy. Finally, you get the data from the residential proxy. What matters is that the destination server doesn’t know your actual IP address. 

Datacenter proxy – it’s similar to a residential proxy, except the IPs are virtual and aren’t allocated by an Internet service provider. Firewalls and other security devices may realize that you indirectly access a resource so you may get banned. You share the IPs with other customers unless you don’t go for a dedicated data center proxy. 

Of course, there are many other types and classifications of proxies. For example, shared and private proxies are dedicated to SEO jobs. Altogether, the most common are residential and data center proxies.

What is Smartproxy?


Smartproxy is a proxy services provider that covers all the needs of its users. It offers an extensive palette of proxies and features at a reasonable market price for sale at affordable prices. It’s hard to believe that you won’t find a proper solution for your needs if you choose Smartproxy. You can read more about Smartproxy and how to use proxy services in the resource center and the blog at the official company’s website. Use Smartproxy’s resource center and the blog to learn more about this company and about using proxy services in general.

This provider offers residential, data center, dedicated data center, and search engine proxies for various use cases such as, for example, retail and social media. On top of that, Smartproxy has specific representatives for retail and social media. For instance, you may visit your Instagram profile using an IP from whatever country you want by using the Instagram proxies offered by Smartproxy.

Let’s put all their services under the microscope to get a better idea of Smartproxy.

Residential Proxy

One of the main advantages of Smartproxy’s residential proxies is the massive array of locations available and the unlimited connections. No matter where you are located, you may surf the web from no more than 195+ locations from all across the globe by using 40 million IPs. Smartproxy lets you borrow an IP from almost all the countries—even though you are in Central America, you may use an IP specific to Japan. What’s more, you can target not only countries but also big cities. For example, Smartproxy allows the usage of an IP specific to Berlin, London, Moscow, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, or New York.  

There are no limitations on the number of locations and connections, regardless of the pricing plan purchased. The setup process is simple, and the intuitive dashboard provides valuable insights on traffic usage.

Datacenter Proxy

Unlike the residential proxy offering, the datacenter proxies provided by Smartproxy cater to the US only. 40,000 IPs covering all USA territory and hundreds of subnets are enough to scale your scraping keep your identity hidden. In addition, the fast-rotating IP system ensures that no firewall or security system detects your virtual IP, so you don’t get blocked. Finally, don’t worry if you want to use one IP for a complete browsing session—Smartproxy allows 30-minute sticky sessions – a 30-minute session with one IP. 

The main issue of a datacenter proxy is that two different clients may use the same IP. You don’t have any information about the previous browsing sessions of the IP you use. A dedicated IP is a safer method of Internet browsing, and a dedicated data center offers this option.

Dedicated data centers are more expensive than regular data center proxies. Still, they come with extra features like dedicated IP rather than GBs for a price, improved speed and stability, and unlimited traffic.

Additional free tools with the proxy subscription:

X Browser


    The browser developed by Smartproxy is anti-detection and enhances your anonymity. Anytime you surf the Internet with your browser of choice, it reveals some traces of information about you. For example, Browser X doesn’t only hide your real IP, but it also hides information about the agent used to navigate. 

The possibility of using multiple profiles is excellent. You create various profiles by selecting locations, operating systems, time zones, and languages. This is an excellent and valuable option. For example, imagine that by using the same browser, you can visit a website using an IP specific to Japan on a Windows device and switch instantly to another profile with an IP specific to the US on an iOS device.   

Chrome and Firefox Extensions

You aren’t limited to X browser to benefit from Smartproxy features. Use Chrome or Firefox extensions to stay anonymous, too. Install the extensions the same as you do any other extensions. Configuring them is intuitive and straightforward. Once you finish the extension installation, you get instant access to the proxy servers. Authenticate, choose the location and the type of connection—rotating or sticky—and you are in complete anonymity. 

Smartproxy SEO management. Monitor SERPs & Audit Websites

How to Use Smartproxy for SEO Management

Proxies are a relatively uncovered area on blogs and magazines for SEO practitioners. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s an uninteresting and ineffective way of improving the rank of your websites. Yet, a reliable proxy services provider may give actionable tips to improve a website’s ranking. Small businesses don’t necessarily need proxy services, but these are helpful for mid-to-complex businesses. 

Smartproxy has a few tools and services that may boost the search ranking position of your online businesses. Check out the following paragraphs to learn how to use Smartproxy for SEO management.

Data Scraping


Data is golden these days, and SEO practitioners know it. Gone are the days when repeating a keyword and a few backlinks were enough to rank well. Now, every detail matters, and you need a data-backed strategy to improve your site’s ranking.

Data scraping is the process of gathering publicly available information through the use of tools that crawl websites and bring you back information. Based on this information gathering, you can craft competitive strategies. You collect data from your site, competitors’ sites, or third-party sites. 

Luckily, you have plenty of data scraping tools to choose from for your projects. Smart Scraper by Smartproxy is one of the most excellent tools. Start by installing the Smart Scraper extension and go to the page you want to scrape. Next, launch the extension, click on the “Start Scraping” button, select the areas of the webpage that should be scraped, and download that data. Choose between. JSON and.csv format.

Competition Research

Indeed, scraping data from your website competitors isn’t necessarily a job for a pure SEO practitioner. Still, the big picture of the work done by competitors provides a set of actionable tips to improve your site. A proxy server doesn’t reveal your identity, so you can freely check all of your competitors’ sites. Of course, Smart Scraper is the perfect tool to collect data for your analysis. 

Collecting a bunch of data isn’t enough for a successful SEO strategy. It’s of paramount importance to interpret the data and identify your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, scrape your competitors’ websites to learn about their site performance and compare the data against your website. Is your site considerably lower? You should entirely focus on this issue. Is your site faster than competitors, but the earnings aren’t as expected? Your site is OK, but the offering or the content underperforms.  

Competition research identifies the pluses and minuses of the competitors’ websites. A proxy server is a reliable tool to perform market research. For example, a proxy server and a simple script allow building lists of products, discounts, or keywords. 

SERP Monitoring


Smartproxy’s public API helps you extract useful information from everywhere around the web. Use your brand name as a keyword, and you will get tons of public data about it. You need the help of an experienced developer to get the most from Smartproxy API, but the investment pays off quickly. There are no restrictions in terms of requests and locations. 

The advanced rotating systems automate the job of the proxies, and you shouldn’t worry about CAPTCHA-related issues.

Over to You

Proxies aren’t SEO tools, per se, but may provide web admins and SEO experts with useful data. Smartproxy is an excellent combination of top-class services and affordable prices. Use it confidently if you need proxy services. Carefully read their offering because Smartproxy has a large palette of services.

Smartproxy offer “Pay As You Go” options for residential proxies from $12.5 per 1GB

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