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Are you part of a non-profit organization, and you are looking for a team that aligns with your viewpoint? You might want to try out and their hosting. For people that are running a social enterprise, it is good to speak with people that understand. provides many different services that can make a difference. That is why so many are looking for a promo code. When you are part of the Rebel ChangeMakers, you also get reduced rates and free products. That is the kind of rebel that is making a difference. Right now, if you want to save big, use the code “GOOGLE50“. Why pay full price when you don’t need to?

Get managed WordPress hosting at for as little as $5.70 /mo

With Superb Themes, we always offer the best discounts for hosting and other services. Make sure to come back often and click our links to find the latest coupon code. Using a code can save you a very high percentage so that you never pay full price. We also can show you how to always check for a current code. Let us take a look at what makes so good.

Why Choose

Being a rebel should not always be a bad thing. Sometimes, it is good to stand out. Take, for example, community organizations that are trying to improve the neighborhood. You are going to need a strong presence online. This host can help with that. On top of the support, they give all their customers, groups trying to commit themselves to improve the community also get good discounts. If you are part of one of these groups, why not use our promo code? You can save money while giving back to your local neighborhood.

If you are not familiar with WordPress, that is not an issue. Use the managed WordPress option. Now you no longer need to be a master with cPanel. Somebody else can come in and look over all the plugins that you have. They will keep your site updated and also make sure things are secure. On top of that, can give you a free SSL certificate. When somebody visits your site, you want to keep your conversation between your computer and their computer private. The SSL will do that and make sure that things like credit card numbers don’t get leaked. Hackers are everywhere now. If you want to secure your business or non-profit, utilize

Another plus is a custom email. When you approach people for donations for your non-profit or your organization, it needs to look official. The professionals with understand this and will give you a custom email so that everybody knows your messages are coming from a good source. Don’t scare off potential donations because you are emailing people with a shady-looking email address. makes it easy so that everybody is sending email from the proper domain.


This host has some of the lowest cost hostings we have ever seen. Use this in conjunction with a promo code if you want to save big time. For example, look at the Pathfinder tier. This is considered classic hosting, and the price is very reasonable.

You will just be paying a dollar each month. With such a low price, you would probably find that in loose change on the ground. When you sign up for the service, it comes with the following:

  • A free domain so that your non-profit or organization will be official
  • Email for you as well as nine people on your team
  • A gig of space to be used for your company or business
  • Transfer up to five gigs of data

Considering you are paying such a low cost, these features are excellent. You can test out the service and see if this is going to work for your team. When you are hosting a 501(c), money might be tight. It can be difficult for running organizations that want to give back. People don’t always have the funds to help. When that is the case, why not try out this service for just a dollar? It would be difficult to find a price any lower. Experiment with the service and determine if the data speeds are fast enough for your applications.

Rebel hosting promo code Is Great For Experts

If you have a good understanding of both Windows and Linux, will work well for you. Many experts are looking for a promo code. This is because they have powerful Linux-based systems that expand into the Windows environment. The two main web-hosting services are Windows and Linux, so now you can choose the one that will be right for you.

Linux is a good choice for a start-up that may not have as many funds. Larger and more established companies will go with Windows. A bigger company will probably also want to go with a VPS or a Virtual Private Server. These are offered through and keep your security high. Both Linux and Windows systems offer a VPS, so you can decide which one you think will work better for your setup.

If you do decide to go with Linux while using, there are some big advantages. They include:

  • Cost savings in comparison to other platforms
  • Many different open-source programs you can use
  • Customize your own setup

Linux was created with the end-user in mind. Many people in the community give their time to look through new changes to the OS and help to decide where they need to improve. If you want to run Linux for free, you can. There is no cost associated with running a server through Linux. It will also be tight on security and have fewer holes compared to a Windows server. If you are already an expert and understand Linux on a deep level, you will have the opportunity to use both systems.

Support At

We saw several impressive stats when we were checking out support through If you give them a call on the phone, you will get an answer back in under two minutes. If you are busy and only have time to shoot off a quick email, that is fine as well. You will have an answer in under two hours. If you think about that compared to your current support team, you have to admit that it is a great service. When we send off a request to a hosting company, it can take much longer than just two hours for them to respond. If you have a serious issue, you may decide that going with a team like is needed to resolve your problem faster.

One downside to the support is the times that they provide for chat support. It will only be typical hours that you would normally see with a business running in North America. We would like to see those hours expand out to include around the clock help. This will really help them build up the customer base that they can get from people living overseas.

We can say that during normal business hours, they responded very quickly to a chat request. You have the chat window in the lower right corner that will stay active with your conversation even as you navigate around and explore the rest of the site. That means you can search for the answer on your own, and you won’t need to worry about losing your position in the queue.

The chat support explained that all of the hosting equipment is owned by AWS. In the past, AWS has not been the best about going green with their hosting decisions. Google Cloud has committed itself to lower its carbon footprint. If this is a concern for you, speak with a rep about it and see if they can come up with a custom solution for you. The staff is amiable.

Rebel promotions Promo Code Conclusion

In conclusion, we know that many of you will be looking for a promo code shortly. Like we mentioned, they have some of the lowest prices for hosting we have ever seen. There are many tiers that you can pick from. Normally, a host might only have three or four different tiers, but this host will give you a wide variety to pick from. All the different tiers make sure you can make an entry at any price point.

Remember, even with the low prices that they offer on many types of hosting; you can also get even more savings when using a promo code. Try the current one, which is “GOOGLE50”. By utilizing this promo code along with the already low prices, we guarantee that you will struggle to find a lower price with somebody else. This will be perfect if you are getting started with some non-profit. In cases like this, the funds might be tight at first. You can go with a host that cares and actually wants to support these organizations.

For even more in terms of reviews and coupon codes, continue to visit Superb Themes. We keep you in the loop when it comes to saving big on hosting and software. See you soon.

Get managed WordPress hosting at for as little as $5.70 /mo

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