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Could your marketing use a little boost? Marketing on the Internet is difficult. It feels like every month, there is another massive update to how to rank. With, you choose where to put your focus. Will it be on security? Will you focus on SEO? It is up to you. They have domains starting at just a few dollars and websites starting at free! Let’s take a closer look at and find what they can do for us with our review. It might be time for you to switch out your current web host. review Review

Making The Switch

Most of us already have a web host. There are many different options out there to pick from. So why should you switch to What sets them apart from the sea of other hosts?

  • Custom email for a professional business
  • Security is a strong focus with the security plan
  • Close to 100% uptime
  • Support for good causes

Why are they called They want to empower you to be a force for good in the world. This company wants you to put aside old traditions and be a rebel in your market. Are you a rebel that is fighting for social change? This is the web host for you! will give you free hosting if you are considered a rebel for good in your current industry. How does this work? In our review, we want to cover how you can get hosting through Rebel for free.

Making Changes

The team over at Rebel takes the idea of social change very seriously. To show this, they have a classification called ChangeMakers. The change creators can be nonprofits or charities that are actively improving the community. If you apply today, you can get significant discounts on products and many free items from

Take, for example, Shepards of Good Hope in Canada. This team is dedicated to making food for the less fortunate. saw what they were doing in the community and wanted to support them. Rebel will train people with good causes so that they have better marketing and can reach more people.

Seeds of Survival noted that crucial people from Rebel wanted to meet when they were accepted to the ChangeMaker program. As a result, sources of Survival got a massive boost to their marketing. They were learning from one of the best companies in the business and creating a solid communication strategy. Rebel shows nonprofits how to get their message across many channels. With them in your corner, you will amplify your voice. As a result, the impact felt by your cause in the community will be even more significant.

If you currently run a business that does good in the community, you need to reach out to Acceptance into the program is a good step forward. Current companies in the program see a significant change in their marketing and their reach. Get in touch with them today if you think you will qualify.

A True Community

Going along with this idea that is in touch with the community, they have an excellent blog that they run. There is technical information that they offer to make your site more secure and also to improve how your site functions. Beyond that, though, they also provide positive blog articles as well.

We love how they run articles such as “All The Tools You Need To Go, Solo.” They commit themselves to help young entrepreneurs. So suppose you have any questions about how to start a business that will make a change, head on over to their blog. It helps when everybody is sharing information and encouraging each other.

They also offer a forum where entrepreneurs can get in touch with each other. Find out what is new. Ask some questions if you need help getting your WordPress site set up. Answer some questions if you can help. has been encouraging a healthy community for quite some time now. It is time to become a part of that community. With our review, that was one of the things that stood out most. So if you are looking for a host that is giving back to the world and creating a positive workspace, think about picking for your next host.

Pricing For

Pricing For

No review without looking at prices. With, Hosting starts at just $2.25. This is a fantastic deal that can be even better if you qualify for the ChangeMaker program. Need to be managed WordPress? The cost is only $6.00, and they will help you get started. WordPress can be intimidating if you are new to the platform. Don’t feel scared to ask for help. We want to emphasize with this review that they are always there to encourage you and help out.

If you care about security, VPS plans start at only $13.50. So what are the advantages you get with a VPS?

  • More reliable
  • More secure in terms of security
  • Does not share resources
  • Easily scale up your resources or scale down

When you are running a business trying to change the world, you need a reliable platform! With your private connection running just a little over ten bucks every month, you have no excuse not to go with When you use a Virtual Private Server, you won’t need to worry about other companies looking at your data. Sharing a connection with others can put your data at risk. When everybody is using the same machine, other people that have been assigned to your device can still see what you were working on. When you work in an industry where data is sensitive, that is a considerable risk.

Personal Resources

The system is more stable since your resources are not being shared with others when using the VPS. You can think of a shared server like a set of dominos. We all played with dominos as children. As long as you don’t tip over that first domino, everything stays stable. That tipping point, though, can mean the whole system comes down. If somebody on your server is using too many resources, it can impact you as well! Rest easy knowing that you have a private server with for a low price.

We looked at a wide variety of VPS systems provided by different providers. is one of the better ones, and they can explain how everything works in simple terms. So, if you have been thinking about upgrading to something more secure, why not try

Plesk Is Included

With many of the tiers for, we are happy to say Plesk is included. This is commercial web hosting software that helps to control aspects of your site. If you have never used it before, provides the perfect opportunity to use automation software. It was developed originally for Linux and Windows and has only gained in popularity over the years.

The management model works well for both shared hosting and dedicated if you want to use a VPS. Your server admin will have no problem setting up new websites and emails for everybody on your team. If you work with an agency, this is important. You are probably working on many different sites, and you need an easy way to act as the admin in various capacities.

Plesk comes in many different languages as well. English, Russian, Spanish, German, and Japanese are all covered. If team members work in other countries, they will now find it much easier to manage a whole catalog of sites. In addition to this, support staff have been trained extensively in how to work with Plesk. If you have thought that there has to be an easier way to work with your sites, try out They will train you on Plesk, and you will pick up some new skills. For companies that act as the admin for a wide variety of sites, you may find Plesk saves you hours each week in admin work.

Rebel review Review Conclusion

In conclusion, is excellent to try out. The low prices are very competitive when compared to other similar hosts. In addition, they put a strong emphasis on community and social change. If your views align with their own, give them a quick call and discuss the different programs. If you apply and qualify for their particular agenda, your nonprofit business can take advantage of huge savings. They also will have their marketing team sit down with your people to get your message out there and reach more people.

In general, is an excellent host to work with that has a unique perspective. We often say that we would like to support companies more that do good for the community. Now is the opportunity to put your backing behind a team actively trying to help while still providing an excellent service. makes it a wonderful thing to be a rebel by offering great deals to charities and outreach programs.

For more reviews and coupon codes, make sure you continue to check in with Superb Themes. We always have the latest and greatest in WordPress news. We hope to see you back here soon. Review

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