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ScalaHosting Review – Why You Should Use Them!

ScalaHosting Review

Before signing up at ScalaHosting, we would advise you to get acquainted with the hosting provider by reading a ScalaHosting review. Here is our take on ScalaHosting.

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First, for our ScalaHosting review, we want to cover why you should even use the service. What is different with ScalaHosting?

  • Powerful hosting made for WordPress
  • Shared hosting if you are concerned about the cost
  • VPS custom made for you if you are concerned about security
  • Raw CPU power when you need help load balancing
  • Frequent discounts that stack with other offers

Many hosts will offer only a few options. With ScalaHosting, you can pick from all the options. When you are interested in keeping costs low, they have shared hosting. This is a cheap way to host your content. It is great for pages that are static instead of dynamic. At the same time, though, you need to share an IP with other people. It is just for beginners that are getting started with hosting. There are some security risks related to this. Other people on the server can give you bad performance. A busy website will really suffer, and you will need to add more resources.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have a VPS. This is a virtual private server. As the name implies, it is sealed off from other users. It is considered private, which means that it will lower the risk of having intruders. The cost is a bit higher, but you get all the resources to yourself. If your neighbor has a sudden influx of traffic, it won’t impact you. Also, if you need to call in more resources, the process is easy.

Raw Power

What about raw processing power? Perhaps you need to analyze a big data lake. Maybe you are creating a neural network or designing an AI. That all takes power. You will need to use vCPUs or virtual processing units. Companies need a lot of processing power in the virtual environment to design new products and applications. It won’t be hard to call in reinforcements using the ScalaHosting system.

With virtual central processing units, you can add as many as you need to get the job done. When you are finished creating that new AI chatbot, reduce the number of multi-core CPUs you need. This host understands that you need computing power on demand and not all the time. This is why using the cloud is becoming so popular. Even large sites such as Reddit are utilizing cloud resources provided by Amazon.


Secondly, our ScalaHosting review will look at the “Cons” of being hosted by ScalaHosting. What are the drawbacks when you pick ScalaHosting? Obviously, they can’t be great in every area. The following are a few reasons why you might want to pick a different host.

  • The virtual private server will have the fastest speeds with solid-state drives
  • Other plans miss out on all-solid-state performance, which leads to slower speeds
  • You will pay higher fees when your contract is up, and you need to renew the plan
  • There are no tools to make websites

We have noticed many of the popular hosts include web builders with their hosting. This makes sense. When you utilize WordPress, you want to compete with things like Wix or SquareSpace. You can do that easily with some of the plugins that exist, like Beaver Builder and Divi. Builders cost money, though, and every host is looking for an advantage. That is why many hosts started to include their own software with drag and drop functions. We would like to see ScalaHosting use this in the future.

Next in the ScalaHosting review, let’s have a look at ScalaHosting’s prices. The price is not always fully accurate. It says that you will get WordPress hosting for just $3.95 each month. That is true, and it will be a good price while it lasts. When you need to renew, though, you are going to see higher prices. When that occurs, other hosts will have the lowest price. If you don’t feel like switching hosts repeatedly, you need to pay attention to the pricing.

Last, it would be nice if all of the plans got access to the all-in SSD performance. We all know that solid-state drives cost a little more, but the performance is much better. They even have technology like NVMe, which is very fast. Hopefully, all the plans are upgraded to this in the future.

ScalaHosting Review - solve your hosting problems


What are some of the things that you can do when you work with ScalaHosting? Some of the most interesting features are centered around virtualization.

Imagine you have one computer. That one computer can have several different operating systems all running on one machine. While you might have one operating system such as Windows 10 going right now, think about how much more you could do if there were three different operating systems running on your machine. Using virtualization, you can be running a copy of Windows 10, Red Hat Linux, and MacOS. All of these can be assigned to their own window. That means if you have a program that will only run in Linux, you can run it natively.

They will have their own memory, their own CPU, and their own network for these virtual operating systems. It really does function as a computer in the real world that you could touch and modify. You might be interested in learning that this existed even back in the 1960s where IBM was running virtualization on the mainframe computers they had.

A hypervisor will watch over the other virtual systems that are running. Think of it as the program that is in charge of all the other operating systems. This can have some dangers as we will cover next.

Dangers Of Cloud Computing

With our last subheading, we got a little better idea of what is happening inside the system. Now we can understand the power of cloud computing and why it is a great idea to work with ScalaHosting. Need to use a different operating system? No problem. Use their hardware and assign over some memory and vCPUs to work with. This is a rapid elasticity. You can easily scale up resources that you need with the cloud model.

Keep in mind, though; there are dangers with cloud computing as well. You are sharing hardware with other companies all on one machine. ScalaHosting does provide the ability to have your own VPS or virtual private server, which is good if you are nervous about being hacked. Bad guys may be able to compromise one of the virtual operating systems running on one piece of hardware. From there, they can move the malware over to the hypervisor and then escape their virtual machine. That means they can infiltrate your system!

Stick with ScalaHosting if you want a security system. They take security very seriously. They understand that when you are sharing hardware with other companies, the other companies can impact you. That is why the company has many intrusion systems set up to detect hackers. Work with ScalaHosting and have confidence when you use their shared hosting plans. They have been working with cloud hosting for years, and they understand how to keep your virtual system safe.

ScalaHosting Review - benefits of using ScalaHosting

Why Should You Switch?

With our ScalaHosting review, we wanted to cover some of the main reasons you might want to switch. Take a look at some of the highlights that can change your mind about your current cloud host.

  • You are going to get some of the best speeds and performance in the industry compared to other cloud hosting providers
  • The migration from another host is easy and done for free
  • Encryption and SSL certificates are going to be set up for all your sites, and that comes at no charge
  • The uptime guarantee is 99.9%
  • You can trial the service for thirty days

If you are nervous about switching over to a new host, don’t worry about it! You have free migration, which means you can switch over to ScalaHosting easily. We really like this option since it makes it a simple process to experiment with a new host.

Month-Long Money Back Guarantee

On top of that, you also have a monthly long guarantee. Use the service for a full month. If you are not comfortable with the service, get your money back. They will not hassle you when you ask for a refund. Plus, since this is a digital good, it is a simple process to return it. Encryption is done through SSL to keep your customers safe. You won’t need to worry about accepting orders from customers and having your system gets hacked.

To test the speed of ScalaHosting, various websites exist to show you what the ping looks like. You can also do this on your own in the terminal or with a command prompt. On a Windows system, the ipconfig command allows you to ping different sites and measure the speed. If you are on a Unix-based system, use the ifconfig command to get a good idea of the speed and network.

ScalaHosting Review Conclusion

In conclusion, ScalaHosting has made it easy to experiment with their system. You have a money-back guarantee that lasts a full month and free migration. Make sure you utilize our ScalaHosting coupon code “Superbthemes“. It will stack with other deals so you can save even more.

Get 10% discount – use ScalaHosting promo code “Superbthemes”

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