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SEDO Review: A Detailed Guide to Sell and Buy Domain Names

SEDO stands for Search Engine for Domain Offers, and it’s the leading platform for domain sellers and buyers. This SEDO review aims at filling a gap in the process of building an online business. Countless blog posts, ebooks, guides, white papers, and tutorials are published to teach people how to create a website. Similarly, a plethora of marketers has published resources to help everyone craft a marketing strategy. Yet, the role of domain names is ignored in both instances.

Domain names are capital for online businesses, and you have to know the modus operandi of SEDO – the most prominent place to trade domain names.

SEDO Services


SEDO has been in the domain names industry since 1999 and has reached impressive stats. It’s the market leader by offering 19 million domains for sale. The company earned numerous awards across time and serious brands, such as Hubspot,, and, endorse SEDO’s services.

SEDO streamlines three activities and ensures a safe environment for transactions. First, SEDO’s experts help people sell, buy, and park domains. Before delving deeper into each type of activity, let’s summarize the importance of domain names.

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The Importance of Domain Names

First of all, a domain name differentiates you from the competition. Practically, it’s how your customers call your business. An inspired ear-candy word resonates with people, and you get a serious advantage over your competitors.

Second, it’s about relevance. People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and there is no second impression on the Internet. Therefore, chose a domain name that says as more as possible about your business. For example, suppose that your domain name is – it’s pretty obvious what your business profile is. 

Third, a domain name impacts the search ranking. Google and other search engines associate the site content and the domain name to create a profile for your business. For instance, our domain name is The search engine spiders check our range and the domain name, and they understand that our activity field is the development of WordPress themes. 

Fourth, a domain name is at the root of a brand. A sweet, inspired, and relevant domain name is ideal for converting it into a well-known brand. Brand awareness heavily relies on the domain name.

Sell a Domain on SEDO

It’s free and takes around two minutes to create an account on SEDO. First, you must create an account if you want to buy or sell. Next, you should take a look at SEDO’s offerings. These will help familiarize you with the SEDO interface and evaluate the value of your domain for sale. There are a couple of ways to sell an environment:

  • Buy Now” – choose a fixed price of the domain for sale based on your evaluation. This method is simple and fast; according to SEDO research, people sell a domain three times faster than with other ways.  
  • Make Offer” – let potential buyers know that your domain is for sale, and decide on the price based on the first offer you get.
  • Marketplace Auction” – start an auction to sell your domain, and the reserve price is the first offer.
  • Direct Auction” – start a normal auction and wait for bidders.
  • Auction Events” – SEDO holds bi-monthly auctions, and you can apply to put your domain up for sale during these events.
  • Brokerage Services” – ask for SEDO brokers’ help to sell your domain.

The transfer of domain ownership is a risky activity because you don’t know who the buyers are and their real intentions. Avoid all problems by using the free transfer service. SEDO facilitates secure payment and makes sure that the domain transfer is complete and legal.

Of course, SEDO charges a commission for these services. It’s debatable whether it’s a reasonable percentage or not, but SEDO commission starts at 10% of the domain price. The commission for sales that doesn’t imply auctions or SEDO brokers is 10% of the domain price and grows to 15% for sales suggesting auctions.


Bear in mind that you pay the fee only when the domain is ultimately sold. In other words, you can rest assured that no one will take your money upfront if you don’t sell the domain.

Tips for Selling a Domain on SEDO

The domain itself, timing, price, and good luck are the main ingredients of a profitable and fast domain sale. For instance, a domain name related to the crypto area is massively sought after these days. Of course, other domain names aren’t so frantically searched for, but you can still do some things to maximize the chances of selling the domain. Here are some tips to take into account:

  • Show your website visitors that the domain is for sale. Is it too complicated to create a sales page and let people know that you are selling the domain? Don’t worry, SEDO created a few sales pages to automatically display them on your website. Chose the one you like the most and use it on your site.
  • Chose a non-auction method to sell the domain faster. SEDO says that this method is faster. Besides, the commission paid to SEDO is smaller than for other methods of selling.
  • Use paid promotion for more visibility.
  • SEDO allows two types of listing to attract more eyeballs to your domain name. The pole position for your domain means that your domain will be featured in the Showcase listing on SEDO homepage. The second solution is to get your domain highlighted on the category page. It’s a cheaper alternative, the domain gets fewer visits, but the traffic is more targeted.

Buy a Domain on SEDO


SEDO guarantees the domain transfer; therefore, you won’t get fooled by scammers. Create an account and head to the SEDO offerings page. Use the complex but user-friendly filtering system to narrow down the search.

Do you have a particular keyword in mind? Type it in the search form, and SEDO will generate a complete list of suggestions. Then, depending on the seller’s preference, you directly purchase the needed domain or participate in an auction.

There is no problem if you don’t have a particular domain name in mind. The filtering system is powerful enough to let you find interesting domain names. The most exciting feature is the ability to search through categories. For instance, let’s suppose you need a domain name for a startup in the marketing sector. Click on the categories menu and select “Business” as the top level, “Small Business” for level 2, and “Marketing and Advertising” for level 3. Don’t forget to save your searches so you can get back to them if needed.


You have to wait between five to ten days after making the payment to take the domain ownership. This is because SEDO experts take care of the domain transfer in this time frame.

Tips for Buying a Domain on SEDO

This SEDO review can’t cover the needs of all domain buyers. However, there are a few tips that seem to work for the majority of buyers. If you desperately need a particular domain name available on SEDO, buy it directly or through an auction. If you have a list of domain names, you have more chances of getting the desired domain at a lower price. Check out our tips for buying a domain more quickly and cheaply.

  • Pay the required amount of money for domains for direct sale. Elsewhere, chances are that none will buy the domain, and eventually, the seller will start an auction. It’s possible, but you will probably end up wasting time, and there’s a chance that bidders will offer a higher price than in the first instance. It relies on your necessity – if you don’t need the domain desperately, you can add it to your watchlist and get notified about any news.
  • Look at the domain auctions that are about to expire. Go to the “Listing type” menu and choose “Expiring Domain Auctions”. Next, list them based on the time remaining, and you will have in front of you the domains that are going to expire in a short time. Check them to find an interesting domain name. Bid for it, because you have an excellent chance to win the auction.
  • Participate in special auctions held by SEDO. From time to time, SEDO creates exclusive auctions. For instance, a auction was held between 16th and 23th September. This was a chance to buy short and sweet domains at reasonable prices. 
  • Use SEDO brokerage services. These are more suitable for expensive domain names. Instead of risking losing money by purchasing expensive domains, you let the experts do their job.

Park a Domain on SEDO


Do you own a few inactive domains and don’t know how to monetize them? Do you want to earn some bucks completely passively? Consider parking a domain on SEDO. What is domain parking? It’s an unfamiliar expression, but you have indeed visited a parked domain in your course of browsing the Internet. Domain parking refers to displaying ads on an inactive domain name without associating it with web hosting. In plain English, you buy a domain for later use, don’t associate it with web hosting or other web services, and display some relevant ads when people land on that domain.

SEDO does a great job in this respect. You can park as many domains as you want for free with SEDO. Follow the explanations from this simple tutorial, and you will understand the entire process of domain parking. It’s somewhat similar to a mix of affiliate marketing and ads display. You earn money from each click performed by users on the ads displayed by SEDO on your inactive domains. SEDO takes care of all the aspects, and you make money. Pretty cool.  

Over to You

The right domain name is vital for the success of your online business. As an online entrepreneur, you have to know how to deal with domain names. SEDO is the leading player in the domain name industry; therefore, it makes sense to have a clear idea. Additionally, this SEDO review shows you how to buy, sell, and park domains.

Visit SEDO in order to buy and sell websites!

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