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SEMrush Review

SEMrush Review

If you have a website or a blog, what are you looking for? We all want more people to come to our site. If you have a business, more visitors will equal more profit. When you run a website as a hobby, more visitors means you are getting out your message. How are we going to improve the number of visitors? How do we boost visibility? A prime way to do this is by using an SEO tool. SEMrush is excellent, and we are going to cover the good parts of the software and where it could be better. Let’s get started with this SEMrush review.

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Traffic Metrics

First of all, we need to impress upon you the importance of analyzing your metrics. Metrics can just be considered data or stats for your website. If you can’t look at metrics, you can’t hope to rise above your competition.

A good illustration would be to think of yourself as the captain of a ship. You understand your destination across the water, and you know where you want to go. When you start the voyage, a storm starts to blow and begins to blow you off course. If you don’t have data coming in, such as where the wind is blowing and your speed in knots, how can you know if you are headed toward your destination?

The same holds for your website. If you are not looking at the data and why people visit your sites, it will be hard to tell if you are getting close to your destination or goal. SEMrush does a good job of breaking things down so you can see all the data. This can include the following:

  • Data on other websites
  • Compare your traffic with competitors
  • Figure out the top players in the industry
  • Find what is trending.
  • Are people using mobile or desktop?

Once you have the data to start answering these questions, you are going to be on top of your sales game.

Semrush stats

The Competition

Without a tool like SEMrush, you may just be guessing at who is the big fish in your industry. One company might have a big presence in the real world and no presence online. Just because a company has a big impact at a trade show, it does not mean getting tons of traffic from online sources.

If you want to figure out the major players in your field, you need to start looking at search volume and metrics that show how many visitors are going to sites. Once you learn who is doing the best job, you can figure out the best parts of their strategy and add those ideas to your marketing campaigns.


SEMrush also lets you hop on to hot trends while they are still rising. Like you can analyze who is the leader in your industry, you can also see what links generate many views. Does it feel like you miss out on things that are trending? When you work in something like apparel, this can make and break you. Clothing that is trending now might not be popular at the end of the season.

In any industry, you should be aware of what is new and trending. Tools like SEMrush keep you abreast of new products and services that are emerging around your industry. Using the search volume as a guide, you will have better predictive powers as to what will be a good seller or start to fizzle out. Let hard numbers determine your decisions instead of going off your gut. You will find that search volume is a better indicator of what people are actually thinking.

Semrush for Mobile Or Desktop

Mobile Or Desktop

It won’t surprise anybody that users who are shopping on mobile are growing each year. People are doing more browsing with their phones than ever before. When they are stuck in line getting their groceries, they browse a site to look for something to buy on the weekends. People set in place to have something on their car repaired or take public transit all want to be entertained. These are the types of situations that are causing more of a rise in online shopping.

With more of a push toward mobile, that means you need to be looking at the data regarding responsive sites as well. A SEMrush review would not be complete if we didn’t cover the mobile as well. With this software, you are going to get a broad overview. You will see how many people are looking at your work while they are on mobile versus desktop. This will also give you a great idea of how well your site is set up for mobile.

SEMrush Review – Mobile Tools

For instance, perhaps you are looking at your amount of visitors that total up on the desktop, regardless of the browser that they are using. You notice that you have a bounce rate that is equal to roughly 30% of your traffic. Not bad. Then you move over to the mobile. With tools such as SEMrush, it is possible that you can go through all visitors that came from mobile phones. Once again, you are not paying attention to the browser that they use. We only care about mobile users versus those that are at a set location. When you run the numbers, mobile users have a bounce rate of 70%. If you are not looking at the data, you would never catch something like this.

By comparing the two main ways to view your site, you quickly figure out that you are displaying your site incorrectly on mobile. It is possible to use tools to simulate looking at the site on a mobile phone. Once you do this, you start to notice that navigation on mobile is complicated. Things are overlapping, and it is hard to see some of the images. Suddenly that bounce rate that you were looking at makes much more sense. It was only caught because you were using a tool like SEMrush. This is just one example where a few slight tweaks to your page can equal double the sales. Don’t cut yourself off from one funnel of traffic. Keep all your avenues open.

The Right Data

Not only will you get an idea of volume for different platforms, but SEMrush will also rate how hard it will be for you to rank for a set of words. If you see a difficulty of over 90, you already know you will have to pay writers quite a bit, and you should budget for that.

If you see a set of words with a high amount of search volume, but the difficulty score is low, go ahead and write some articles for that niche. It may be one of those diamonds in the sand. You can spend hours researching SEMrush to find these types of situations.

This doesn’t need to be limited to just your home country, either. You can also check the volume of keywords used in other countries. When you are looking to expand into other markets, use SEMrush as a guide, so your ad dollars go further. Don’t waste money hiring writers for topics that may not be popular in your new market.


No review would be complete without a look at pricing. For our SEMrush review, we wanted to give a brief overview. The lowest cost option will be right under a hundred dollars USD. This may seem steep, but you are getting forty tools that relate to PPC and SEO. You will be wasting far more on advertising and writing if you are not aware of the Pay Per Click cost on various terms. It is better to bite the bullet and get familiar with software that will warn you ahead of time if you are shooting for keywords that will have a very high PPC.

For companies that are beyond the starter stage, there are also Enterprise plans for SEMrush. This will cost your team $399.95, and you will have further integration with the Google Data Studio for visual models and representations of your market. You will also have free access to the API, which means you can dig even deeper into the data and use their tools more directly. We recommend starting with the first tier if you have not used software like this before. Other tools on the market will do similar work for a cheaper rate compared with the Enterprise-level tier.

Semrush pricing plans

SEMrush Review Conclusion

In conclusion to our SEMrush review, the product is great for learning where the holes are in your marketing efforts. Starting at close to a hundred dollars each month, it is a significant investment compared to other plugins. They don’t have an option to buy the software outright, so you will need to continue paying for it.

Even with the cost attached, you can use the data to make sure you are giving your writing team the right topics. You can also avoid high PPC terms that can go through your ad budget. Overall, a great tool for all the features you get. Continue to check back for even more plugin reviews.

Are you ready to give SEMrush a try? Click the button & try out SEMrush for free.

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