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SEO optimizing your website in 2022

SEO optimizing your website in 2022

More and more businesses are waking up to organic growth on search engines. So should you. If we take a popular search engine like Google, which has a market share of 86%, which has more than millions of searches. This indicates that if you show up on searches here, you will get the attention of your potential customers. 

Let Google be your new best friend, and make your content nice so your friend will love it and your website. It creates conversions and sales.

SEO optimization is the way forward to make your website search engine optimized. A Danish company, PK Medier, has had great success with just this and offers their expertise to large and small businesses alike. Their own website is a shining example of SEO work well done. In the following, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to SEO optimize your website just like PK Medier.

First of all, SEO stands for Search engine optimization, which in the long run increases the quantity and quality of visitors to your website – organically. You should be aware that SEO optimization is a long process that needs to be nurtured along the way. But having said that, it is worth the investment in time. 

Do you want to be number 1 on Google too?

On Google, at the top and bottom are the paid posts – the ads. But beyond that, you’ll find the organic results, and of those, the websites on the first page get more than 90% of the clicks. So go for it with your SEO optimisation and get a lot of views.

Three basic steps in your SEO work

When you need to SEO optimise your website, there are three key elements and building blocks to optimising, which PK Media also clearly shows on their own website. These three elements are visually distributed in a pyramid with links at the top, content in the middle and technical set up at the bottom and largest. 

This division indicates how the technical set up of your website is crucial for your SEO optimisation and then whether the content is optimised for SEO and finally at the top are the links which tie it all together and are important for creating authority.

We’ll help you through the three elements below.

Technical set up: the technical set up of your website is the whole foundation of your site and is therefore hugely important. When we talk about technical set up, we are talking about the structure of the website, the mobile friendliness and how “heavy” your site is. It is crucial for Google to read your page quickly and there are no data heavy elements. You also need to make sure that the page you want to rank high on is no more than 3-4 links away from the front page.

Content: the middle part of the pyramid focuses on your content on the page and whether the written text is optimised for search phrases that you want to own. To start, pick a few relevant keywords or search phrases and create content with about 2 repetitions of that word or phrase per 100 words. Create relevant content on your page so the user stays on the page and doesn’t leave – Google doesn’t like that. Therefore, have good space between paragraphs and lots of them. 

Links: Last but not least, in your SEO optimization you need to focus a lot on links. This includes internal, external and link building. The internal links are the small hyperlinks that you can place around your page to refer across the pages. This allows both the user and Google optimized to navigate around your page.

Secondly, the external links have the function of pointing to websites other than yourself. It shows your expertise in the field and that not all your knowledge is about yourself. Both of these are important steps in your SEO optimization.

Link building is essential for creating authority for your domain and therefore your website. You need to appear to Google as the popular one in the class, and therefore several other websites need to point to you and recommend your page. This should be seen as a form of PR through links. It contributes significantly to your SEO optimization as your page ranks higher and has a high PageRank. Google places websites with high PageRank high in its search results.

SEO optimization is much more than these basic tips and tricks, but if you’re still not intimidated and want more information on how to rank #1 on Google and increase your organic growth, feel free to read more on our page.

Get professional help for SEO optimization

Does it seem like a lot to take in, or are you thinking you can easily get started with SEO optimizing your own website, or keep it in mind when building your first website. 

If getting started with your SEO optimization seems a little overwhelming, we recommend turning to professional SEO agencies who can help you get through the optimization process easily and gracefully – and you won’t regret it. Working with professional consultants and SEO specialists can benefit you with even more subject-specific insights into search engine optimization.

Choose an agency that’s right for you. There are many different agencies, each with their own expertise and specialism in SEO optimization. PK Media is a Copenhagen-based agency that grows big brands and small start-ups alike, and does so with the company as a partner – every step of the way.

The best and most rewarding collaboration for them is when the cooperation between client and their specialists is maintained with monthly meetings and sparring along the way. Here they believe that the best results with SEO optimization are created by a close sparring on the original tone-of-voice, design and universe that the company wants. Close client contact gives you peace of mind and you follow the process of collaboration.

PK Media does its work based on strategic, analytical and data-driven insights, which are therefore the basis for proving its success and creating measurable results in the best possible way. 

How does an SEO optimization process unfold?

How does an SEO optimization process unfold?

Whether you embark on SEO optimization yourself or have professionals assist you with the tough but rewarding task, you need to keep your process in mind and lay out a good plan. For example, a process with an agency often runs through 4 main points:

Analysis: first and foremost, an analysis of any current website and where your optimizations for SEO lie. This can look into your technical set-up of your website, but also a general market analysis that pinpoints your opportunities in your specific market. Who are your competitors and from there set realistic objectives and KPIs for your particular business.

Start-up phase: after the analysis, a start-up meeting with your agency or a long-term plan for your own SEO optimization is set up. Action plans, strategies, objectives, expectations, actions and initiatives will be looked into and timeframes will be set. What small things can possibly already be screwed with and then prioritizing what larger initiatives need to be done.

Execution: now the hard work begins. This is where the technical improvements need to be made step by step, and your SEO friendly texts need to be written so that Google can have plenty of time to index the texts.

Debriefing: Finally, remember, or often your agency will, to summarise objectives, and show results and reports of progress. There will be an evaluation. However, SEO optimization is a long-term process, and it is often something you can always continue with.

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