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ShareASale Review – Get To Know A Must Partner In Affiliate Marketing!

ShareASale review

With one of the strongest networks for affiliates, you want to start using ShareASale. We all need a steady stream of income we can depend on. What if you get let go from your job? What if your job is shut down due to the pandemic? These things can happen very easily now. It would help if you had a way to make an income that will continue month after month. Let us get started with our ShareASale review. In our ShareASale review, we are going to cover both the pros and cons of this company. Let us get started with one of the most popular affiliate networks.

Become a member of the best Affiliate marketing network on the Internet!

ShareASale Pros

What will draw in people to work with ShareASale? You have the following you can look forward to utilizing:

  • Access a massive array of affiliates
  • Over forty different categories
  • Choose a niche that you work best with
  • Merchants approve of you quickly.

When you sign up with an affiliate, you want a large number of products to pick from. Maybe you are a big influencer when it comes to fashion. That will be perfect. You can advertise many different types of clothing with your website, or you can market when you post on social media.

Maybe you are an expert when it comes to tech. That will work as well. Easily see the commission structure ahead of time. They will tell you which keywords you can bid on. Then you get approved quickly. Some are done automatically. Now you hit the ground running. With so many different categories, you will find a niche where you fit in. It might be clothing, electronic items, cooking, or hobbies. With so many companies to pick from, you can turn your passion into profit.

A massive database will also tell you about all the promotions. Go over what promotions are currently popular. This is a good way you can find promotions that are hot right now. Get the code easily that you need to copy over, paste it into your site, and you are ready to go.

ShareASale Cons

What might stop you from working with this company? Here are some of the things to watch out for.

  • Amazon has lower commissions, but many more products
  • Other competitors are well known in comparison
  • The interface could be better
  • Many links on the dashboard that can confuse new users

We all understand that Amazon is the giant that towers above other networks. Amazon offers an unlimited number of products to buy. That means when you advertise their products, there will be something to sell in your niche. ShareASale has many niche items to pick from, but it would be impossible to have more than Amazon.

With that said, Amazon has been cutting into the commission rate that they payout. The rate that they pay for their products has been going down for many years now. When was the last time they increased what they paid out to the people marketing their goods? It doesn’t make sense to build up a network or site that is focused on Amazon. If history is any indication, the rates will continue to drop as they get larger. Sellers need them, and it is not the other way around.

We consider ShareASale the best in the market. While you can’t find every product that you will on Amazon, you will be paid well. You also won’t need to worry about rates dropping constantly. Stick with a network that you can trust and that will respect you. In the end, your hard work will pay off when they keep your commission high.

API – Application Programming Interface

Are you worried about having to do a lot of programming to get started? Don’t worry about that. They want you to focus on selling. There is no need for you to learn HTML or CSS. On the other hand, if you are good with programming, you can do a lot with the API.

For those with a background using an API, it is perfect for doing tasks you need to be done automatically. These tasks are usually very repetitive and mindless. If you feel like you are a machine while you are doing a normal task, you might as well have a machine do the job.

For example, maybe you need to have your banner swapped out. You don’t want a banner advertising a sale for Black Friday when it passed. That makes your site seem out of touch and old. It would help if you kept things fresh and in the right season. Use the API for this.

You might find an API is easier than you thought. This program has included many guides and tutorials that you can follow. They will show you an API is basically just a URL. You need to include your merchant id and your token for security, but beyond that, accessing the data is easy. Give them a call if you have any trouble.

ShareASale clients

The Affiliate Network

How do you know that your ads will get looked at? Just check out some of the sites that they partner with. You have BuzzFeed for one. Some may question how legitimate news is coming from BuzzFeed, but you must admit they have strong traffic. While many of the articles they produce can be classified as click-bait, they are written that way for a reason. You are going to be tapping into the huge stream of traffic. That is going to mean more clicks and more profit.

They don’t only work with just BuzzFeed, though. You have more professional sites such as CBS. Forbes, Business Insider, and CNN. If you work in technology and integrate your product with an article about a big tech reveal, you will get great conversions.

It is hard to find another affiliate network out there that is partnered with such massive companies. You will never have to worry about getting views and consumers clicking on your ads while having your links displayed along with these big-name brands. We can all say that we have clicked on an article or two from CNN or Forbes. That is how many of us learn the latest in business and technology. Compete with those large companies out there when you sign up to be an affiliate with ShareASale. You are going to wonder why you didn’t sign up earlier.

ShareASale tools

Great Reports Will Keep You Updated!

Next, we want to cover reports. If you don’t have the right data, how can you know what you should be doing in marketing? When you work with the best affiliate program out there, they have robust reports that keep you in the loop.

By looking at the reports provided, you can stay steady with what is going on in your industry. Figure out which products are hot right now. Perhaps you are working in the field of apparel. We all know how quickly things can change when it comes to fashion.

Don’t let a hot trend pass you by. When you look through everything presented in a very easy-to-read format, you can quickly find the products that are doing the best. You will also see the demographics that like those products as well. This helps you to zero in on your ideal viewer. Don’t take blind stabs at what kind of ad to show to random customers. Your marketing needs to be focused like a laser. Use the right ad for the right demographic. Target the viewers that have already shown they are ready to spend money.

Reports can also be set up in a custom fashion. Not everybody is filtering the data the same way. Figure out what is important to your sales team, and make custom filters that highlight what will help your sales team. The reports can also be automated so that you won’t forget. That is another great feature when you belong to this network. Kickstart your sales today with in-depth analysis.

ShareASale Review Of Brands

With this network, they brought in over 900 million US dollars last year. How did they do it? Every day, they have over two hundred other affiliates that are all signing up. They realize that they will be set up for success if they get with the largest and best network. On top of that, you can pick from 15,000 different brands. These brands are picked by hand to make sure they are the best in class. Don’t worry about selling products where the company doesn’t stand behind their work. This network is very picky when they decide to add another company to the roster.

ShareASale Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, we love this affiliate network. Pick from food, accessories, art, or business. There is something for everybody when you work with this affiliate team. If you have a large stream of traffic already, use this network to grow your revenue. It can’t hurt to try. Sign up for free and experiment with the products you think will be popular. Make sure you are working with a network that respects you. While Amazon is cutting commissions, work with a team where you can build a future. For more in terms of reviews, keep it here with Superb Themes. This concludes our ShareASale review.

Become a member of the best Affiliate marketing network on the Internet!

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