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ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites such as Facebook and Instagram that compress your pictures with their own resources. This is done in order to quicken the loading times and so that the experience is smooth for the consumers. 

However, if you are uploading pictures on a website, then this is a very different story. When you take pictures from a camera, they are raw. Now, these raw images are of massive size. If you were to upload these images on your website, you would have poor speed due to high processing time. Your visitors will have to wait, and that brings the entire experience down. 

Eventually, your users will start to leave. This is why a medium such as Shortpixel is required. So, Shortpixel eventually helps us to process images. Shortpixel or Shortpixel Image Optimizer and processor utilizes the latest image-processing technology to process, optimize and compress your images so that you are able to upload your images to your website without sacrificing speed, which is one of the most important features of a website. 

The advantage of this entire process is the fact that there will not be any image degradation. Compression technology from Shortpixel is able to make sure that the size of the image is reduced while the quality of the image is hardly reduced. After all, if the image loses its quality, then there is no reason to be using Shortpixel in the first place. So, to summarize, raw visuals increase the loading time of your website in an exponential manner. To tackle this issue and to save time, you will need to use an image compressing tool such as Shortpixel.

Shortpixel Characteristics and Features


The main objective of Shortpixel is to compress pictures. Shortpixel provides high-quality compression algorithms for picture compression for free. You can compress fifty visuals of your will. Each visual can be as large as ten megabytes. All types of known formats, which include PNG, JPEG, and GIF, are supported by Shortpixel. The limit of the photo size can be ignored if you sign up for higher services of Shortpixel. There are three different packaging available for your pictures. These include lossy, glossy, and lossless versions. 

The glossy version will give you the smallest possible image optimization techniques. 

Glossy version is able to provide better visuals and reduce the speed of loading of a web page ever so slightly.

The lossless version not only provides spectacular visuals and high compression rates; it also increases the speed of the loading of the page massively. This version also ensures that the original pixels are copied as a backup through nondestructive strategies.


Apart from image compression, Shortpixel provides users with various tools for many different needs. Let us look at these tools one by one. 

WordPress Plugin 

This WordPress Plugin is utilized on WordPress websites. This plugin can optimize visuals and enable your website to run in very little time. Adaptive Images WP plugin. The plugin also assesses the images on your website and edits them so that they are shown from a CDN.

Command line tool 

The command line tool from Shortpixel can enhance your Image and image folders from this command line directly.

Website Optimizer

Now, this tool is a web interface that is PHP based. It supports the likes of Drupal, Joomla, etc. It also enhances all image folders from the website.


The API reducer will allow you to shrink the size of an image according to the URL of the image.

Post APIReducer 

The Post API reducer will allow you to shrink the size of an image that is offline. Using the post HTTP call, you can also upload these images to a server form Shortpixel. 

PHP Client Library

The PHP Client Library provides a quick and easy configuration and also utilizes flowing syntax in order to contact other services from Shortpixel.

Zapier from Shortpixel

Zapier is able to compress your visuals on applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

shortpixel pricing discount

Shortpixel Pricing Discount

Shortpixel compression is a service that is absolutely free. It contains various pricing plans in order to contemplate premium offers from Shortpixel. There are three offers from Shortpixel; these include free, short, large, and Extra-Large versions.

The free version is able to process a hundred images in one month. It contains tools and API access that are easy to use. It also contains a WP plugin.

The short version is able to process five thousand images in one month. It provides all the tools that the free version provides. The short plan costs 4.99 dollars a month.

The large version is able to process twelve thousand images in one month. It provides all the tools that the free version provides with a first priority promised support. The large plan costs 9.99 dollars a month.

The Extra-large version is able to process fifty-five thousand images in one month. It provides all the tools that the free version provides many exclusive features. It also has the top priority promised support. The large plan costs 29.99 dollars a month.

Short pixel is able to provide image support from WordPress websites, Drupal websites, HTML/CSS built websites, and Joomla websites.

Working With ShortPixel 

The main task of Shortpixel is able to compress images and visuals. Image size is reduced greatly. There are three levels of compression tools; these have been talked about before. Image quality is the number one priority of Shortpixel. They ensure that the reduction of the size of the visuals does not reduce the image quality, which is done through high tech algorithms.

shortpixel features

ShortPixel Affiliate program

Shortpixel affiliate program is a program that initially registers and then signs up as an affiliate. You will also receive an affiliate URL. If your tracking code contains sales, then you will be able to get extra cash and commission. You can receive up to fifty percent commission on all affiliate sales from Shortpixel.

Getting a coupon or voucher code for ShortPixel

A lot of times, Shortpixel offers coupons and discounts on their official website. Always keep one eye on their official website; you never know when an opportunity comes along. Do also keep tabs on other coupons and discounts giving websites to avail more chances of discounts on Shortpixel. These other mediums can provide great partnerships for Shortpixel services. 

On special occasions and events such as Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving Shortpixel provide sales and coupon codes on almost all of their premium services. 

So, it is a very good idea to be on the lookout for reduced prices online. Many websites promise to work for 24 hours every single day in the week in order to collect promo codes, discount codes, coupon codes, and different deals available on the web. Visit the official website and social media pages of Shortpixel every now and then in order to receive hidden deals and discounts too. 

How To Apply a Coupon Code to ShortPixel 

Once you have gotten hold of a discount or coupon code for Shortpixel, you will have to copy and paste that code on the checkout page of After you have pasted the code, you will see a reduction in the prices of your goods. 

Shortpixel discounts that don’t need a coupon can simply be utilized through clicking the button that says view deal. This will take you to a page with lesser prices. There are some situations when you will have to make the payment through a third party. When you click, and the coupon is released, you will see a new tab which will be used for the payment process. Now you just need to enter the code and make the payment.

ShortPixel Coupon Code Conclusion

When it comes to Image optimization plugins, they are considered almost a must-have for all website owners who work with WordPress. Shortpixel is one of these image optimization plugins and is considered a top tier brand. Over the past year, Shortpixel has seen massive growth in its number of subscribers and for a good reason too. You should definitely give Shortpixel a try. We advise you to download their free version first to get the hang of their working and realize how beneficial this plugin might prove to be for your website’s efficient running. 

Shortpixel image optimizer offers a splendid service and carries a fantastic workflow. They offer a very easy to solve the installation process and a great user relationship. Simply, all of your WordPress image optimization processes will be solved. Their core image size reduction is efficient and exemplary. There is a massive decrease in size, and quality is intact in most cases. If you are not looking for a free plan, then you will be pleased to know that their prices are very affordable, and depending on the services you require, you can easily choose a plan that you require.

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