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SiteGround is a well-known and popular shared hosting service provider that provides different hosting options for its users. The services include WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server service. Compared to the other web hosting companies, it has managed to be near the top regarding uptime and speed. In addition, they are known for providing the best customer support, which is friendly, competent, and knowledgeable. SiteGround’s all-price plans offer you a CDN, SSL certificate and also provide email accounts.

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Why Use SiteGround?

SiteGround manages to get the label of having a firm uptime number. It is found to provide 99.99% uptime. Their loading speeds are considered above average rates, and they provide you with several extra features that are ideal for power users and beginners. The unique features and services which make SiteGround stand out from all the other available options are explained in detail below.  

Good Performance and Uptime

SiteGround strives hard to make its uptime performance remarkable. They have a 99.99% average, making them one of the most reliable hosting service providers. They have actual statistical data to prove all this. A good uptime contributes to making the customers and visitors satisfied, thus bringing you a good reputation and increased business. 

Above The Average Load Time

Site speed is an essential aspect or metric in judging a web site’s performance or for choosing a hosting service provider in this particular scenario. Research by Google states that around 53% of people will leave your site if the pages of your site do not load within three seconds. This shows how crucial speed is nowadays. So if you end up having a hosting service, which provides a lower speed, you will not be able to do much. So SiteGround is here to provide you with the maximum speeds to run your sites smoothly to prevent any hassles for you.

Good Customer Support 

SiteGround is known very well for providing excellent support with its services. They provide a knowledge base for the customers to find solutions to their problems quickly and easily. Along with that, the phone call facility is available round the clock. The support team is very friendly and competent. Users and customers are always encouraged to use the support to seek any help and guidance. SiteGround takes much pride in having good customer service for you, so why not use it.

Use the coupon code on checkout

The use of coupon codes has become widespread and popular in today’s modern internet world. Online shopping and e-commerce successfully dominate the shopping part of the human lifestyle. Coupon codes are also called and stated as promotional codes (short form promo codes). 

The name promotional shows that their ultimate use and mission is to promote the products available for online purchase in this particular scenario. It is entirely logical to use them for saving some bucks, as who does not like to make savings? When can a discount be availed easily, why pay the total price? So the online shopping site owners and manufacturers are bound to provide these coupon codes to compete with the competitors, as price-conscious customers are constantly making comparisons to decide where they will make a purchase. 

In some cases, when you get a coupon code for the discount, it has a link with it, which directly takes you to the checkout webpage, and the discount is applied automatically. On the other hand, sometimes, you have to manually fill it up in the promo code field at various checkout pages. After you write the code, the discount is applied, and your bill with discounted price is made. If you are going for SiteGround, then both of the above-stated scenarios might be applicable for using coupon codes on purchases from them.

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Free SSL Certificate And Content Delivery Network & Site Migration For 1 Website

Nowadays, Google Chrome is usually used by almost everyone because of its popularity and ease of use. The thing is that Chrome has now started to actively warn people in case if the site they are trying to reach does not have an SSL certificate, which ultimately causes a terrible impression to be sent to the visitors of your site, also contributing to a lousy reputation and loss in business. 

SSL is needed to protect any information transfer between the user’s device and the website, including personal or confidential details like IP addresses or credit card numbers. If security checks and protecting tactics are not applied, hackers can easily manage an attack, resulting in a very compromising situation. Hence SSL is essential. SiteGround provides it in all of their plans, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Another good thing is the free Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network), which stores large files, like images, on many servers in different locations around the globe, enabling you access from the nearest servers for faster access speed.

Usually, this option provided by other web hosts does not do very well as most of them are not good at it, making the customers more confused and creating a burden for them. SiteGround stands out in this particular aspect, as it provides a free WordPress Migration plugin that can be uploaded to any site. It is straightforward, take a token from SiteGround’s hosting account, and the plugin will do the rest. However, if your limits on each plan exceed, they charge $30 for each additional site you put.

The difference between discount codes and bonus codes

Promotional codes are usually computer-generated codes, consisting of mixed combinational texts of alphanumeric characters. The text has to be entered into a promotional box field at a shopping cart checkout page of any shopping website that gets along with these codes to get a discount on your purchases. The coupon code method for a discount is commonly used for online shopping only. The coupon code is also known and called by the names like promo code (shorter form), offer code, and gift codes. 

Sometimes it is called the discount code, which it is. The sole purpose of the use and availability of these codes is, as the name suggests, promotion. Promotion via marketing tactics is crucial if a business wants to survive and compete with market rivals. The codes are used to get the attention of price-conscious customers, which are constantly making comparisons with what other sites offer. The whole thing is designed to get the customer to increase the business. 

The majority of the online products selling companies do not usually provide these codes openly; some deploy third parties to offer and spread principles, while some use methods like providing in magazines or subscription emails. The methods vary from site to site.

 The Bonuses are entirely another thing as compared to the promotional codes. Bonuses can be thought of as some extra credits or rewards that can be cashed in by fulfilling specific criteria and conditions. Very rarely, bonus codes are associated with being the same as promotional codes, but it depends on the situation and information. The whole thing can be thought of as just how bonuses are given in the real world for doing something extra, out of the ordinary.

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30-Days Money Back Guarantee

SiteGround provides you a rock-solid full 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their shared hosting plans. This gives you the ease of trying the service first for a more hands-on experience for you to fully understand and see if the service suits you or not. It also shows that SiteGround is confident about its service, and they do care about the customers by reducing their pressure of making the purchase. Provided, in comparison, their cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans offer a 15-day refund only. Not to ignore that, like other hosts, extras are usually not refunded. Furthermore, the refund policy of SiteGround is only for new customers, which means that if you are an old customer, you cannot get any refunds on renewal plans.

Check for promo codes during holidays and events

Worldwide sales on events like Christmas, Halloween, and Black Friday. There is a very high chance that you might be able to get promo codes for SiteGround on the internet at these events of the year. There are discounted deals available, coupons available, and much more; you have to search for the internet. The SiteGround official website may provide you coupon codes on these occasions for celebration with savings. So when you can achieve discounts on the products by SiteGround, why do you need to pay full? Save bucks with these codes and enjoy the holidays. 


SiteGround has delivered a good and solid uptime for some years now. They give you a firm guarantee regarding uptime, which lets you have faith in them, and you can expect not to have any significant downtime issues with them. They provide a suitable site speed, which is crucially required nowadays; their widely spread servers and free Cloudflare CDN account are the success secret for that. SiteGround gives you free SSL on all plans, which is good. Pricing is affordable, and they give you the best in value for what you pay for if you take advantage of the most extended term possible.

Grab an Siteground coupon code and get your next purchase at the best possible price!

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