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Is It Possible To Get Siteground Hosting For Free?

Is It Possible To Get Siteground Hosting For Free?

Looking for a solid host that also gives you excellent support? Give Siteground a try. They have been around for years and have built up an excellent reputation in the community. Technology experts are quick to recommend them, and we think the service they provide is great to use. This does raise a very obvious question. Is it possible to get Siteground hosting for free? Nobody wants to pay for a service if it is not needed. In our guide, we will answer the question is possible to get Siteground hosting for free. The answer might surprise you.

Let us get started and also give a bit of background about the product. That will help you decide if you want to use Siteground in the future. We are sure once you see all the different options they offer, you will wonder why you didn’t make the switch faster.

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Referral System

The first thing to be aware of is the referral system. If you are wondering, is it possible to get Siteground hosting for free? This is one of the easiest ways to get free hosting. When you recommend the service to somebody else, you can get free hosting. The level of quality with the hosting makes it easy to recommend this product. Just sign up for an account with Siteground. Send your link over to friends and family, and then you will start earning free hosting.

Your referral id is going to be unique to your account alone. You won’t need to worry about signing up a new customer, and then you have the credit go to another user. Include your unique link all over the place. If you already work with social media, this is going to be very easy. Place your link into a tweet and send that out to all the followers that like your work. When they click on this to investigate, it will increase the chance you get free hosting through Siteground. They have an automated tracking system, so your awards will go through quickly.

Check On Referrals

Click on the client area of their site and then click on referrals. That is where you will see your referral link. If you are already an affiliate with Siteground, click on your profile icon. It should be in the top right of the site. The client area has a lot of information you will find to help you keep track of your free hosting. Referrals will help show you the terms of the program and your stats regarding rewards.

If you have a large audience to work with, we can guarantee you will constantly check your stats to see what your awards will be for the month. Sales and affiliate programs can become addictive. Perhaps you will discover you have a real talent for convincing people. Sales skills can be utilized for a wide variety of affiliate programs and can become a great stream of passive income for you later.

Build The Audience

If you don’t have a large audience to click on the affiliate links, you can start to build an audience. This can be done in many ways. Utilize YouTube and create content that will appeal to a tech audience. They are always eager to see new content in regards to plugins, hosting, and new software. Include your link and get started. Including your link is a good way to build your income and also a way to get all your hosting for free for all your sites.

For people involved in the tech space, recommending a good host will be a simple task. You will understand all of the features and be able to articulate that well. Siteground will also give you a continuing education as time goes on.

The blog from Siteground is invaluable if you are trying to keep up with WordPress and hosting in general. Take, for example, the latest blog. It asks the question, what is a cron? Siteground is like a school that will train you on these topics. You will learn that a cron is a time-based scheduler. Have it post the weather. Create a cron that sends out your affiliate link to your followers each day. The main thing is that Siteground is investing in you with this education. It will make it easier to convince people to sign up when you are current with WordPress.

Siteground possibilities

Free Trial

When we think about the question, is it possible to get Siteground hosting for free, another focus is the free trial. You can work with them for a full thirty days before you decide. During this period, see if the speeds work for you. Test the support as well. When you have a question, how fast will the support team respond to you? How well do they answer the question?

We all know that support can be a huge sticking point for many people. If you are just starting, support needs to acknowledge this. When they answer your questions with many acronyms that don’t make sense, you are back at square one. Explain to the support team if you are still new with WordPress. They can direct you to some guides, and they will also simplify their answers.

Once you have worked with the support team and tested the speeds on your new host, at that point, you can decide if you are going to continue to use them. WordPress hosting starts at only $6.99 for each month. If you are a developer, you can move to the highest tier of WordPress hosting. This will only run you $14.99 for every month. Keep in mind, though, the thirty-day trial only works for shared hosting. If you are using dedicated hosting, you would need to speak with customer service to see what they offer.

Advanced Options

As noted before, you can get free hosting with Siteground in a large variety of ways. You can use this for all the shared programs which include even the highest tier that goes for $14.99 a month. What can you expect with this more advanced version of the hosting?

  • You can enjoy on-demand copies and backups to help if your system goes down
  • Caching which will make sure items load faster like HTML code or images
  • Staging before your site goes live to resolve issues early
  • Git integrates well for version control so you can merge code easily with other team members
  • White-label is available to increase revenue streams for your own company
  • Very fast and cutting edge implementation of PHP

These are some of the best aspects of the highest tier of hosting with them. Remember as well; you will have priority when it comes to help from support. If you are doing the website for big clients, you need to prioritize help from the support teams to leave a high-profile client hanging.

At the same time, you can increase your revenue by using white-label options. You can get free hosting by recommending Siteground, but you can also earn revenue that will come in each month when you white-label this service. This scenario is best when you already work in the tech space. You know hosting, and you know what clients will like. If you have many people who follow you already, it makes sense to recommend hosting that will serve them well. Everybody needs hosting, so you might as well earn some revenue at the same time.

Great For Developers

This tier also works well with teams that have many developers. Maybe everybody is working on a complex web application that uses PHP or JavaScript. The integration with Git makes it easy to have the correct code merged with the main version. Data stamps and a timeline show you exactly when changes were made. Developers love these features that help them develop new apps faster and with more accuracy.

If you are not familiar with Git, it is good to understand it, at least. The software runs locally, and you have online hosts like GitHub or Bitbucket, where you have the master version that everybody should be using. If you find a piece of code that you need from one of your teams, they may ask you to head over to GitHub to download the latest version. Using the repo is easy and creates a central location for all uploads and downloads. We are glad to see that Siteground supports this development tool since it has become the most popular way to implement version control.

Siteground Host

Is It Possible To Get Siteground Hosting For Free – Conclusion

We went over many ways that you can take advantage of free hosting through Siteground. If you have already built up an impressive audience on video sites or social media, getting referrals for free hosting will be a snap. Simultaneously, if you don’t have an online crowd that you influence, utilize the thirty-day trial.

The thirty-day trial works for all shared plans. This even includes the highest tier with staging and Git support. Give it a try if you are curious about the service. You might discover a few new tools that greatly increase your productivity.

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