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StoreBuilder by Nexcess Review – The ultimate online shop builder

Creating an online shop can be quite a struggle. You might already have tried out the WooCommerce which comes with many challenges, and it is hard to master but it is customizable at least. You may as well have given Shopify a chance. But with this tool, you will quickly see that they charge extra fees on top of their payment processing but it easy to use. Both are good options but are very far from essential if you want to create an online shop that stands out from the crowd. Let’s jump right into it and how you can get the best of both worlds in a single tool.

This is what you get with Nexcess

Imagine the customization possibilities you get in WordPress as well as the affordability and with the ease of use of Shopify. The ultimate online shop builder is better known as StoreBuilder; created and powered by Nexcess. We are going to present to you how you can get up and running with this incredible tool.

This is SoreBuilder’s website and right now you can try StoreBuilder risk free for 30 days which basically can give you a free store if you are quick. With this tool you will also have a super-fast online shop with access to caching and things that make your site perform better and faster. Nevertheless, you get a bunch of useful plugins that we will go through as well.

This is the StoreBuilder platform, and this is how it looks when you login with your username and password. It is a fantastic user interface that is easy to navigate around. Everything is within reach and the tools are easy to use.

If you have ever used WordPress, you will know that it can be a huge challenge to navigate around in it. It can sometimes be loaded with plenty of menu buttons that are scattered all over the place. With StoreBuilder, you get a nice and neat design that is born to work with you, and not against you. The same struggles as you get with the WordPress interface, you also get with the WooCommerce interface. With StoreBuilder you also the the ability to easily set up coupon codes that your customers can use.

An additional great feature that you get with this tool is the way you set up your online store. It is super easy, and you will quickly be familiar with what the tool can offer you.

Are you ready to give StoreBuilder a try? Click the button & try out StoreBuilder.

Try StoreBuilder risk free for 30 days

You can very easily get access to this wonderful tool with a single click on a button. When you at the website, you simply click the button that says “Try StoreBuilder risk free for 30 days” and it will lead you directly to the page where the magic soon will happen.

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Type in your details in the fields to get started. Depending on your website building skills, you can choose what level you are at. If you are not that familiar with it, StoreBuilder will make sure that you will get onboard as good as possible, so you are ready to create a world class online store.

When all the details are in place, go ahead and click “finalize My Store Now”. After you have clicked on that button, you will be forwarded to the payment page.

As you can see, your risk free 30 days trial is automatically added to your order, so you don’t pay anything at all in the first month.

When you set up your StoreBuilder online shop, you can go ahead and add all the details regarding how many products you have, the currency, and much more. All of this is going to make it much easier to manage the store. If you change your mind or need to add additional items, you can simply go ahead and do it with no effort.

You can also easily choose the fonts and colours to make your design unique. You will here be forwarded to the customizer where you can customize anything you like. You have the possibility to choose an already made template or theme to make the design process even easier. There are plenty of templates to choose from, so there is for sure one for you as well.

The setup wizard in StorBuilder helps and guides you through all the formalities regarding payment which makes it all more simple and fun to work with.

StoreBuilder plugins

StoreBuilder provides a bunch of plugins. You can actually get premium plugins which you normally would have to pay for if you did not have this cool online shop tool by Nexcess

You can get performance plugins that helps you boost your site’s speed. You can get features plugins which are themes, design templates, or editors. Within this category you also get access to the plugin Pretty Links which is a shortener for URL’s. It is essential when you want to shorten a URL to use in a campaign or alike. Nevertheless, you can create QR-codes with it as well.

You will also find useful plugins under these categories:

  • Integrations
  • Revenue
  • Support
  • Security.

We highly encourage you to check this awesome tool our for yourself. Remember, you can try it all risk free for 30 days.

Are you ready to give StoreBuilder a try? Click the button & try out StoreBuilder.

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