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Sustainable Hosting Companies – It’s Good for The Environment

Sustainable Hosting Companies

It can be difficult to find a host that checks all of the right boxes for your company. You need all the latest features, a reasonable price, support that will always be there for you, and a strong reputation. Many companies are adding yet another thing that needs to be part of hosting. Is the host sustainable in terms of going green? In this guide, we wanted to look at sustainable hosting companies. The impact on the environment from many hosts is larger than you would think. At the end of this guide, you will have a better idea of what sustainable hosting companies you should consider.

A Growing Problem

The idea of sustainable hosts is a relatively new concept. During the ’90s, few people could imagine how much the Internet would impact our lives. The amount of data that we use now is huge. Even IP addresses started to run out, which in turn made IPv6 needed. With so much moving to the cloud and data centers, hosting is becoming a huge energy hog. All of these high-powered servers need to get electricity from a source. Many times that source is coming from burning coal, which is a dirty source of energy.

This is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. Many companies like the fast speed a host can provide them, but they don’t pay much attention to the cost of that. You are generating large amounts of heat. In turn, you need powerful fans to keep these systems cool. These cooling systems tax resources and add a genuine cost to hosting.

What can we do about this? Some hosts have noticed their impact on the environment. They are very aware of what their energy usage is doing to the world around them. We want to look at some of these companies that are sustainable hosting companies. That will help us, in turn, come up with good choices for our next host.

Hosting Forest.IO sustainable

1. Hosting Forest – Support The Trees

First on our list is Hosting Forest. The company is doing many different initiatives that are designed to offset the energy that is sucked up by hosting. Some of the best parts of the service include the following:

  • A secure platform
  • The support that is always available to speak with
  • Backups to protect you if things go wrong
  • A strong focus on the environment

Some hosting companies have realized how much of an impact they have on the plants and animals around us. To work against this, they have turned to source their energy from only clean sources. This might be wind power, electricity generated by dams, or solar farms. These are all great choices, but the team at Hosting Forest is taking a different approach.

For sustainability, they feel that planting trees is going to be the solution moving forward. If we could plant enough new trees to the point that we covered a space equal to the United States, we would cut CO2 by 25%. If we did that again, our emissions would decrease by half. The job is not going to be easy, but science supports this idea of planting trees again to restore balance.

Places such as Brazil are wrestling with providing for their people and keeping the forests’ diverse. This is just one example from a list of many where people need to make a living, and the environment takes a backseat. Hosting Forest is trying to offset these decisions by putting the focus on planting new greenery.

Initiatives To Plant Trees

Hosting Forest has been working in the IT and hosting space for a long time. They know how to make it easy to work with your favorite platform if you are enthusiastic about Joomla or Drupal, no problem! The install process for those will be easy. In fact, they have over a hundred different applications that you can install for free. There will be many choices to pick from if you are looking for a good way to set up a website. WordPress is also highlighted and has an easy one-click install.

Beyond the easy applications and rapid elasticity built into all their hardware plans, you also have real initiatives designed to do more good in the world. You can have all the money globally, but it isn’t beneficial if you don’t have a world left. They understand this concept, and that is why they donate twenty percent of profits. That is a huge number. How many companies do you know that really put their money where their mouth is? That is rare.

The twenty percent in profits that they take in is spent replanting trees. This has far-reaching effects in other countries and often provides good jobs to people that are down on their luck. Would you rather employ a farmer to plant more trees or give them no options where they feel like they have to cut down the forest around them to survive? The choice is simple and one reason why Hosting Forest is such a good example of how to go sustainable.

Greengeeks sustainable

2. GreenGeeks

Another good choice is GreenGeeks. You want good hosting that also makes you feel good about what you are doing for the world. GreenGeeks can help with that. They have a wide variety of hosting choices you can go with.

  • Shared hosting
  • White label opportunities
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Hosting for WordPress

As you can see from what they offer, you can pick from many solutions. If you are trying to get your business off the ground and want to stay green, use the shared hosting plan. It will be cheaper and still have high reliability.

Say you are a more established company that wants to make an effort to reduce your carbon footprint. Not an issue. They have plans for these companies as well. A virtual private server maybe a little bit more in terms of cost, but you can also rest easy at night because you know you are really the only person that can access your hardware. You won’t have anybody else on your machine starting up a virtual machine and assigning parts of your memory and space to their own project. This can be not very pleasant and will spike the usage that you see in terms of hardware.

They provide data centers spread out in most major areas. These include Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, and Amsterdam. They didn’t forget about the west coast either. You have a data center right there in Phoenix, so all of your customers on the other side of the United States are also accounted for.

GreenGeeks give a 30-day trial

Large companies are often torn between picking a socially responsible service and a service that works well. Sustainable hosting may cost a bit more, but the service doesn’t suffer from GreenGeeks. You are going to have uptime guaranteed for 99.9%. Experts are on hand every day of the year, and that also includes holidays. Even if you have an emergency beyond business hours, you will still find their service ready and friendly.

If you doubt the claims of GreenGeeks, give them a try. They have made it easy with a 30-day trial. Work with the service for a full month and ensure the uptime is what you are looking for. The host you pick is critical to the survival of your business. Please don’t take it lightly. In fact, you can call up support several times during your trial period. See if all of your questions are answered satisfactorily. If everything checks out, then you can agree with them.

Giving Back

Beyond fast and secure servers in major metro areas, GreenGeeks is sustainable in its own unique way. They came out over a decade ago, and they are the industry leader when it comes to giving back more power than they use. Even back when they first started, GreenGeeks was named a Green Power Partner in the United States. The EPA saw how committed this team was to protect the environment and recognize that on a national level.

They also work with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Located in Portland, this is a green energy partner. GreenGeeks is always speaking with BEF to calculate how much energy they are using. It takes high-level calculations to develop an accurate figure on energy consumption for such a large company. Once they can determine their carbon footprint while speaking with the foundation, they can put that energy back into the grid. This is exactly what we would like to see from all the web hosts out there. They spend the time determining how much they are taking in terms of electricity and then give back three times as much. This sets a great example.

Sustainable Hosting Companies Conclusion

In conclusion to our guide to what we consider to be the most sustainable hosting companies, we would encourage more people to look into these hosting solutions. As we have seen from this guide, you can get great service from a host and still give back. If you feel like we should be planting more trees, go with Hosting Forest. People who think we need to give back more energy to the grid in renewables can pick GreenGeeks. For more guides on finding a good host, visit Superb Themes!

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