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Technology Solutions That Will Make Your Student Life Easier

Student life is a great period of time when you enjoy learning and studying, make friends, find your first or true love, and make plans for life. 

This sounds great, but every semester a thought to contact paper writing services crosses your mind. There are loads of other assignments and everyday tasks you need to manage. So, what software can help you with this?

Academic work

First, let’s consider the apps and platforms that ultimately let you maximize your academic performance.

Word processors, presentations, and sheets

Gone are the days when Microsoft was the end of it all. There are now Google Docs that contain all the options of Microsoft Office with the ability to group, edit and share your documents. Many templates are available, too. In addition to Google Docs, there is LibreOffice and SoftMaker FreeOffice that have a range of functions similar to MS Office.

Still, do not write off a traditional Word. This program is good not only for typing up and laying out your text. A built-in editor is your preliminary check for all sorts of grammar errors and typos. It is likely to spot your mismatching the number of the noun and the verb form, as in “they does”. However, for more sophisticated checks and advice on syntax, grammar, vocabulary, and style, you need more advanced applications.


This app grew out of the eponymous website, which was one of the first to teach people good copywriting skills. A full package provides a thorough analysis of your text and offers valuable advice. It even analyzes your tone of voice, making sure that an academic essay sounds academic. But even with limited free functionality, you will make your text much better.



Named after the American Nobel Prize-winning author, this app is a good alternative to Grammarly when you have little time for all those intricate checks. It grades your text from 1 to 10. The higher the rate, the more difficult it is to read the text. It is especially good if you are a Media course student. Somehow a lot of people think that a complicated language is a mark of proficiency. Unfortunately, this is not true, but Hemingway can help. 


This intuitive photo editor lets you gain the beauty of AI-based tools even if you have less or zero experience, you can achieve amazing outcomes. If you wish to convert your photo into cartoons, paintings, and sketches with just a single click, try out Colorcinch. It comes with hundreds of adjustable specialty effects & filters, stock photos, and premium vectors that you can play around with to design infographics, banners, posters, and more. You can surely turn to Colorcinch for your creative assignments or projects.


Thousands of templates and endless options for customization – no wonder everyone loves Canva! Whether you are preparing a photo assignment, a graph, or a usual presentation, this is your first stop. And if you share access with your mates, you will get even better results.

This website and app are also perfect for social life. You can create flyers, posters, booklets, you name it. And if you are trying your hand at earning money or setting up a start-up, Canva is your first stop for business cards, invitations, ads, and more.

Plagiarism checkers

As with word processors, there are a few kinds of this highly useful tool. Schools and academia demand that you check your work for plagiarism before submitting it. Play around and choose the one that suits you best. Some checkers are free, but registration is required.


A bibliography is a must in any research paper, but preparing it may really do your head in. To avoid this, try EasyBib. The program will help you prepare the bibliography you will be proud of. There you choose the referencing style required by your educational institution, and the platform does the rest.


Being a student means spending zillions of hours of time online. It is easy to get attacked by viruses and Trojans.

BitDefender Antivirus

One of the strongest of its kind, this antivirus is compatible with most operating systems. To use all features, you need to purchase a complete package, but a free option does its job pretty well. Its only drawback is that scans are not scheduled and therefore performed randomly, sometimes when you are in the throes of writing your essay.


Before CCleaner, we had to manually go through all our files and delete those we no longer need. Oh, emptying the computer’s recycle bin was also a human’s work. But now, all these arduous tasks have been taken over by CCleaner. It sweeps out all the clutter and leaves your PC, laptop, or tablet crispy clean.


Studies may badly affect your mental and physical health; tight deadlines, difficult tests, and nerve-racking exams can really wear you out. Add to this quick and not-very-healthy snacks, coffee, and late nights, and yes, you need apps to manage this sphere of life, too.


This is a one-stop app for fitness, yoga, and healthy eating. You can select a plan that best fits your goals, and the app will help you achieve them. This is one of the best health apps for both iOS and Android.


Sleep Cycle

Those who sleep well study well. And to ensure you get enough good sleep, download this app. It helps to calculate the sleep cycle and to set the alarm that will wake you up easily. A free version usually satisfies all your needs.


This is perhaps the least obvious sphere to take control of while you are a student. Most of your pals just waste money, but the earlier you learn to manage your finances, the better.


This application is available for both iOS and Android, and those who study Economics, Finance, and related disciplines will certainly enjoy it. First of all, you can streamline your earnings and expenses. Next, you can analyze and optimize them. We usually have no idea how much money we spend on takeout coffee every month. CoinKeeper will tell you. And next, you may decide to put this into a small investment. This is a great and simple analytical tool that helps you make the best of even the little money you have.


Student life opens doors and opportunities – and it ends quickly, too. You should really make the most of it, and the applications and platforms listed above will help in many ways. They will boost your creativity, protect your data, and teach you to manage both time and money. 

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