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20+ High-Quality Technology Websites & Blogs That Accepts Guest Posts

The concept of submitting guest posts is one of the best ways to do white hat SEO. When you submit a good guest post with awesome content then you’ll often get a dofollow or nofollow link in trade, depending on the website. Some sites require you to pay upfront to have your article released on their website or ask you to do something in trade, for example linking to the article you’re submitting from another website. Both are fine, guest posts with links to your website are one of the most valuable things you can do to increase your rank in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Many websites and blogs accept guest posts, but few of them have high enough authority for it to be worth the money and time of yours. In this article we’ll be listing websites and blogs who accept guest posts, together with their domain authority.

In the list below we’ll be using domain authority (DA) as a metric to define the worth of getting a link from each website, the scale is 1-100, the closer a website is to 100 the higher quality it is. 

WebsiteDomain Authority
ThemeGrill92 / 100
Smashing Magazine91 / 100
SuperbThemes91 / 100
WP Beginner88 / 100
Themeisle86 / 100
Hongkiat83 / 100
Code In WP81 / 100
UnderConstructionPage81 / 100
ThemeCircle80 / 100
Speckyboy79 / 100
Shout Me Loud79 / 100
NavThemes76 / 100
WP Newsify61 / 100
WP Sauce58 / 100
EnstineMuki55 / 100
Resize My Img40 / 100

Outreach Expectations & Manners

When reaching out to the websites, remember to be polite and honest. It’s a great idea if you want a long-term relationship with the website owners that you’re honest about what you expect in return for your guest post. We experience a lot of lies when it comes to guest posts, people who say it’s only for exposure or experience for their resume, and once the guest post is inserted then they request a dofollow link in it for a random website that sells medicine. 

Doing that will get you a bad result and only make people block you from posting your content in the future. Instead you should try to be honest and upfront with what you bring to the table and what you want in return. Guest posts are very common, so nobody is gonna be surprised or upset if you ask for a link or money in return.

High Domain Authority (DA) Websites

We use the tool Ahrefs Authority Checker, it is in our opinion way better than the authority checker Moz has to offer. Moz used to be the preferred DA checker but after their latest update it has really fallen apart, for example some websites have had the same DA for over a year, even though they have increased their backlinks with hundreds percentage. We encourage you to use Ahrefs instead in the future, since their tool is the new market standard.

It’s important to note that domain authority only gives an overview of the websites backlink profile, not their content quality, spam score or anything else. It’s the best metric available to judge how great a link from a certain site is, but it’s not a full website score.

Ahrefs website checker

The most common goal when submitting a guest post is to get a backlink to a certain website. It’s something most marketing and SEO companies take pride in, being good at getting awesome backlinks from well-written guest posts. The pricing will vary a lot depending on what kind of link you’re asking for in return. For example if you’re asking for a nofollow link then most website owners will let you release the article for free, without them needing to get anything back from you.

However if you request a dofollow link then you might be asked to link to the article to pay for it. You can always discuss pricing with the website owners, nothing is ever set in stone. We usually ask for people to link to the guest post we’re releasing from their own website in trade for a link. 

We recommend that you’re honest when reaching out to website owners, doing anything else will most likely end up wasting everyone’s time because they’ll decline your article in the end.

WordPress & Web Design Blogs

We primarily list high quality WordPress & design blogs, why? Because there’s a lot of them. Most blog niches are only made for guest bloggers, which means they’re low quality and contains a lot of low quality content with a bunch of links in, it’s no good getting a link from such a website. Remember to suggest some good headlines for articles when you reach out, that’s relevant to the website. You don’t want to suggest a travel article to a blog about web design, it’s important to show that you care about the article you’re writing for them.

When you consider websites remember that writing high quality blog posts takes a lot of time or requires money for a good freelancer. Don’t let it go to waste on a blog that provides a poor amount of authority to your own website. 

Guest post on superbthemes

Technology & Software Blogs

When looking for websites where you can post guest posts, it’s important that it has the niche as you. If you are an owner of a piece of software such as WordPress themes, a WordPress plugin or any other sort of software then pick a technology or software blog. It will increase your SEO a lot more than any other sort of website types. You might’ve heard that you need a lot of links to rank properly in the search engines, and while that’s true it’s important that you consider your link profile carefully – don’t just accept any type of links. 

Free Guest Posts

If you’re a startup then you’re most likely wondering if it’s possible to get guest posts for free with a dofollow link in. The answer is yes, it sure is. It does require you to write some long & amazing content pieces that contain useful knowledge for most types of users. If that’s not possible then you might wanna start asking for nofollow links to begin with, they’re usually free. 

One you have a portfolio built up with nice articles you can showcase, then you can start asking for dofollow links. Having the right portfolio and introduction email is crucial when it comes getting your posts published free or cheaply. 

Remember that most people can write, so you need to bring something extra to the table. A regular article can be bought for around $50-$100 and they’re great quality if you find the right freelancers. That means you need to have extraordinary knowledge about something you can write about, if you have that then most people are gonna publish your posts for free.

Where & How To Submit A Guest Post

If you click on any of the website names mentioned in our list over sites & blogs that accept guest posts, then you’ll be taken directly to their guest post subpage. It’s important that you read their guidelines and write a respectful email where you answer all questions & confirm that you’re okay with the guidelines. 

Your most important job when writing the first email is to give the content manager a good first expression of who you are. If you get off to a bad start then you’ll most likely end up getting denied because of trust issues. They need to make sure that you won’t be sending an article with lots of stolen content and copyright issues. 

It’s a great idea to suggest a few topics & subjects when writing your first email, so they have something to choose from. That also shows you’re dedicated enough to tailor posts especially to their audience.

Guest Posts, the Marketing & SEO aspect

Let’s be real, most guest posts are submitted for exposure, marketing or SEO reasons. It’s a very low percentage who does it for fun or out of passion. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you might as well be honest about it because nobody believes fake stories. Links are one of the most important factors in search engine optimization so there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Lots of people promote the dream where you just create a piece of content, then everybody finds it automatically and starts writing about it and bam, rank 1 on Google. It doesn’t work like that in reality, getting links and exposure is hard work.

Guest Posts, the Marketing & SEO aspect

Opportunities & Guidelines When Submitting An Article

Every website we link to state guidelines on their guest post page, some more than others. For Example ThemeGrill has a bunch of guidelines you need to read and respect, where SpeckyBoy has none. Now you might be thinking “Well I’ll just pick the site with no guidelines and submit a bad post”, well websites that accept such kind of posts are usually bad for your website getting links from, so avoid those. You can buy a thousand links for 3 dollars if you feel like it, but it’s only gonna end up harming your website in the long run.

If you’re expecting to get a link to the author, then it’s a great idea to tell the site owners straight away so they know what the purpose of your post is & what you’re expecting in return. It can end poorly if you wait until the end with saying it, that can end up getting your post denied and you banned from submitting posts on their site in the future, so be honest and play nice. Toxic behaviour is very common in the guest post world, you wanna avoid giving that vibe as much as possible, nobody wants to do business with somebody they don’t like or trust.

Are we missing a high quality website where you can submit a guest post? Let us know through the comment section, then we’ll take a look at it!

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