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Template Monster Review

templatemonster review

The rise of graphical, user-friendly site builders has made it possible for just about anyone to design and build a fully functional website in no time. Today, anyone can set up a website for their business or create a fully functional online store – complete with secure payment processing and ecommerce management – without knowing how to write a single line of code. Welcome to our Template Monster Review.

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One of the things that has made this possible is website themes and templates. Today, all you need to do is pick a perfect theme or template for the kind of site you are building, and with a few clicks, your site will be up and running. All you need to do from there is make a few customizations, change a few colors here and there, and add your own content to the site. Your chosen template determines all the other major aspects of your site’s design and features. 

What’s more, most of the content management systems and ecommerce platforms that are popularly used today come with a range of templates to choose from when building your site. However, the problem is that, with a limited set of templates to choose from, a lot of sites end up looking similar, and if your aim is to build a unique website, then you are in for a hard time.

Sure, you can customize a template to make it suit your needs, but even then, there’s only so much you can do to set your website apart when all you can change are the minor elements of the site’s design – things such as fonts, colors, a few widgets here and there, and so on. 

To deal with this problem, various third party ecosystems where people can buy and sell alternative website themes and templates have sprung up, some catering to specific CMS platforms, and others catering to all content management platforms. 

One of these third party platforms is Template Monster. If you have used premium third-party themes and templates before, you have probably heard about Template Monster. 

Despite its popularity, however, you might be wondering whether it is the right template marketplace for you. Do they have good template designs? How easy is it to find the kind of template you are looking for? How easy is it to download and install templates from Template Monster? 

In this review, we are going to answer all these questions in order to help you decide whether Template Monster is the right template marketplace for you. Let’s dive in. 


Launched in 2002, Template Monster has grown to become one of the largest and most popular marketplaces for website templates, WordPress themes, Facebook layouts, Flash templates, and so on. There is also a small collection of WordPress plugins on the marketplace. 

Initially, all the templates and themes offered on Template Monster were developed by its in-house team of designers. However, as demand grew, they allowed external designers and contributors to sell their designs on the site, effectively changing it into a marketplace. 

Since its launch, Template Monster has grown into a reputable templates marketplace owing to the fact that the majority of the templates offered on the site are professional and high quality, with all templates listed on the site undergoing quality-checking before listing to ensure that users are getting amazing and secure products. All the templates sold on the Template Monster marketplace also come with a live demo to allow users to preview the templates before purchasing. 

The Template Monster website is quite easy to use, with a straightforward layout that makes it easy to figure things out right away, even if it is your first time on the site. In addition, some of the most popular templates are displayed on the homepage, which means you can start shopping right away. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred platform on the top menu bar to start viewing templates for that specific platform. 


One of the most popular categories on Template Monster is WordPress themes, which were introduced on the marketplace in 2006. Noticing how popular WordPress themes were, Template Monster started paying particular attention to this category, leading to even more growth. Today, there are over 2,300 WordPress themes on Template Monster. Actually, the number of WordPress themes on Template Monster might make you feel like you are browsing through a WordPress affiliate website. The WordPress themes are further divided into categories like outdoors & travel, design & typography, business & service, home & travel, sports, and so on. 

Aside from WordPress themes, there are themes and templates for several other platforms, including Joomla, Magento, WooCommerce, Elementor, Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop, ZenCart, Shopify, MotoCMS, BigCommerce, X-Cart, Virtue Mart, and so on. Whatever platform you are on, you can be sure that you will find a theme or template that fits your needs. 

In addition to these platform specific templates, Template Monster also has a ton of other web templates that are built using JavaScript and plain HTML. These are a good option if you are not using any CMS. 

template monster themes


All the themes and templates listed on Template Monster come packed with all the features necessary to create a modern, robust, and secure website. They are highly customizable, allowing you to tweak them in all imaginable ways to build the kind of website that will suit your needs. Some of the features you should expect from Template Monster themes include: 

  • Page builders such as Elementor, Visual Composer and Power Builder
  • Mobile responsive design
  • SEO friendly structure
  • Numerous customization settings
  • Custom content types and post formats
  • Compatibility with all types of browsers
  • Cherry Framework architecture
  • Custom widgets and shortcodes
  • Around the clock tech support
  • Installation documentation

On top of it all, all themes come with live demos to give you an idea of what the final design will look like before you make the purchase. 


With thousands of themes to choose from, finding a theme you like can be quite a hassle. After all, you don’t want to manually go through hundreds of themes one by one hoping to find something that suits you. 

Fortunately, Template Monster has made it easy to find the kind of themes you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for WordPress themes, the first step is to search for the term WordPress. This will bring up all WordPress themes. Alternatively, you can hover over the “Website Templates” tab and select “WordPress themes. 

While the above actions will bring you a list of all WordPress themes (with thumbnails), the results are quite many, so you need to narrow them down a bit. You can do this by filtering the results by topic. Some of the topics available include: 

  • Outdoors & Travel
  • Sports
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Design & Photography
  • Cars & Motorcycles
  • Business & Services
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Education & Books
  • Pets & Animals
  • Computers & Internet
  • Society & People
  • And so many more… 

If you still feel that the results are overwhelming, you can narrow them down further using the features filter. You can filter results to see themes that are responsive, retina ready, search engine friendly, have Cherry Framework, optimized source code, and so on. You can also sort the results using other filters like price, popularity, top rated, most recently uploaded, and so on. 

After applying these filters, you will be left with a smaller number of themes that you can realistically go through. Since the themes come with thumbnails, you can select a couple of attractive themes without having to open each of them. Once you have selected a bunch of 5 to 10 themes, you can then click on “view details” or “live demo” to know more about the theme. 

Gutenberry, a templatemonster theme


Once you purchase a theme, it will be available for download as a compressed file. Downloading is pretty straightforward. Simply click the download button and the zip file will be sitting on your hard drive in no time. From there, you will simply install the theme the way you would install any other theme, depending on your CMS. For some platforms, such as WordPress, you can upload and activate the theme in just a few clicks.


With so many themes to choose from, most of which are uploaded by external designers and contributors, you can expect a wide range of prices. Some WordPress themes might cost as low as $20, while others will cost as high as $150. Despite the allure of the low prices, I’d advise that you avoid the very cheap themes. The most popular WordPress themes go for about $75, which is not bad for a high quality theme. However, the price is a bit higher for WooCommerce themes, with the most popular ranging between $99 and $130. Still, you might find the prices on a marketplace like ThemeForest to be a little bit lower.  You can also reduce the price further by using a Template Monster coupon code.

When purchasing themes on Template Monster, watch out for the kind of license that comes with the theme. While some are sold under the GPL license, which allows you to use them on as many projects as you wish, others might come with a single use license, which means that you can only use them on one project. For such themes, you will have to pay more if you want to use them in multiple projects. 

Aside from the base fee, you will find some theme authors selling some optional add ons, such as theme installation and customization, stock images, recommended plugins, web hosting (Template Monster has a hosting partnership with InMotion), and so on. Opting for these addons will drive up the price. However, if you are a non-techie, it might be worth it to pay for some of these addons. 

In addition to the standard licenses, Template Monster also has a buyout license for some of their themes, which then allows them to buy out the theme from the market. In other words, you will be the last person to ever download that theme. This can be a great option when you want to build a site with a unique design and have found a great theme with zero or just a few downloads. However, prices for the buyout license might be as high as $5,000. 

Template Monster also offers a membership option, dubbed One Membership, which gives you access to a wide range of themes, plugins, graphics, unlimited installations, and extra services such as website maintenance and SEO work. One Membership costs $16.60 per month.

Payments can be made via PayPal or credit card. Template Monster offers a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Template Monster also offers weekly discounts and promo codes that might help you save some money on your purchases. 


In case you happen to encounter some issues, Template Monster offers around the clock support. You can reach support through the chat bubble on the Template Monster website, or by submitting a support ticket if you have a more complicated issue. Generally, ticket support responses take more time compared to chat support, which is instant. In addition, Template Monster has extensive product documentations that are quite handy in helping resolve some common problems. 

It is good to note that Template Monster support deals with issues such as billing, technical support with issues such as downloading and installing themes, and consultancy before purchasing. Once you have bought and installed a theme, Template Monster does not provide support for any issues arising thereafter. This is because the majority of themes are listed by external vendors. In this case, support for such issues will be provided by the theme’s vendor. 

Therefore, it is important to check for the quality of support offered by the theme’s vendor before you purchase the theme. However, Template Monster requires that its vendors provide around the clock support for at least six months after the purchase, and therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will end up with an unresponsive vendor. 


All in all, Template Monster is a great marketplace for themes and templates. They have a wide selection of templates for all popular content management systems, they have great search functionality that makes it easy to find good themes, downloading themes is quite easy, and they offer 24/7 support. They also offer theme addons that can make the installation process quite easy for you if you are a non-techie. While their prices are a little bit high compared to some other marketplaces, the combination of variety, functionality, and support make their prices quite reasonable.

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