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Templatic is well-known for its high-quality WordPress themes and plugins. Sadly their prices are quite expensive, especially their Club subscription which starts at $299. Luckily the price can be reduced a lot with a coupon code. Click the button below & visit Templatic and enter the coupon code “Superb15” for a 15% discount.

Click the link and enter coupon code “Superb15” for a 15% discount!

Templatic Introduction

Templatic is known well in the market due to its top-notch quality products and out-of-the-box innovations. The company was officially introduced in the market in December 2009, but they were in the business since March 2008, with the banner of Premium Themes.  The name was changed to Templatic in 2009 as they needed to create a brand name that matches what they provide. It is though a very small company based in Surat, India. 

There is a team of around 5 people who work for this company; with R. Bhavesh in the team is the founder and administrator. It started with providing only 25 themes, but with continuous growth and passion of the team, they have managed to develop a diverse range of themes, catering to the needs of simple blogging sites to complete professional business sites providing along with the usability of WordPress as a CMS with customization for your needs in an easy manner. It only deals with WordPress themes, as WordPress is the most commonly popular content management system (CMS). 

So the Templatic’s services are available for a very large and continuously growing number of users, but it is missing out on the audience related to other popular website building platforms like Joomla, MotoCMS, Magento, etc. 

At the moment, Templatic is providing around 100 premium themes for WordPress to you to choose from according to your needs and suitability. All of the provided products are of high quality and have stunning appearances. The website managers can easily control their projects in a confusion-free manner. 

Theme Functionality

Templatic provides a diverse range of themes for every niche. Templatic claims to release and add at least two new themes every month in their collection. A uniquely amazing and greatly useful thing about their themes is they are pre-built with the advertising point of view kept in mind along with other popular website building platforms such as Joomla, MotoCMS, Magento, etc. This functionality can be achieved through the theme control panel, which is provided with every WordPress theme which Templatic provides. 

Another amazing feature provided by the Templatic themes is that all the products are professionally designed and are coded in such a way so that you get the most needed search engine exposure in order to make your sites to secure a better index position in the search results of a search engine which ultimately can contribute in driving a large number of visitors to your website. There might be situations where you find some of the functionalities and features performing poorly or even not performing, but those are very rarely used features; the most commonly needed thing for your work is found to be working perfectly. So overall, templatic is an option worth considering. 

The Templatic Themes Graphics

In most of the review sites, on average, the rating done by the customers or users of Templatic themes regarding the theme graphics is 7 out of 10. The graphics are designed and made in a really creative and stunning way, giving your visitor majestic visibility and representation, achieving an increased satisfaction of the customers. Their simplicity and classic look can cater to a diverse range of visitors, ranging from old to young people. The whole display of all the themes gives a quality feel. 

Theme Support

The support for Templatic themes is averagely rated 4 out of 10 on multiple review sites, from the users of the products. Well, it is found, according to some of the reviews that the Templatic support team may not be very competent and efficient in solving the issues, though they always try to be available and do their best to provide help. The support guys are sometimes found to be not trained well enough, or sometimes the whole process of communications gets late, taking it to the level of days. 

Inquiries and problems faced by the customers in the areas of theme structure and coding are usually found to be complex and troublesome for the support team to understand and help accordingly. Well, it is an important issue which cannot be ignored, as it may cause problems in the future.

The Theme License

There are three types of licenses provided for the Templatic themes:

  1. The Single License which allows its possessor to use a theme on a single website.
  2. The Multiple Licenses allows the user to use a theme on more than one website.
  3. The Club membership license, which brings you access to use all Templatic themes on numerous websites without limit.

Do not go for Coupon Codes or provided by unofficial sources

The coupons for Templatic are always provided by the website, or if there are other official sources, they always let you know. It is always advised not to use coupons from other sources, because they may have a link with piracy or illegal downloading. It is always recommended to make a proper purchase from the official website to discourage the use of pirated copies of products.

Templatic has promotion and voucher codes available during events

In today’s world of online shopping, the use of promo and voucher codes has become really common. For a company to compete with its rivals in the business, it has to offer some discounts and saving offers to cope with price differences and rival’s discount campaigns. The whole thing is done to attract those price-conscious customers who are always visiting several sites to make comparisons to find a lower price to buy a product. 

Another motive for providing these coupon codes is to promote the act of shopping from that particular website; it is done to encourage the customers to come again for shopping and to have a good relationship with them in order to achieve customer satisfaction, which is good for a repute and overall business. Along with the above-mentioned scenarios, another motive to provide these promotional codes is to encourage customers to buy the products in the right way, with properly buying access. This is done to demotivate the ideas of piracy, and it is done to discourage the customers who use illegally downloaded versions of the products, which is completely unethical and makes huge losses to companies and manufacturers. It is not only the loss of the supplier. 

Usually, these pirated copies of different software and products are infected with viruses and malware, which ultimately can damage or disrupt your normal use of different computer systems. So on days of events like New Year, Black Friday, Christmas, and Halloween, there are sales occurring worldwide, so on these sale days, you will find most of the online selling companies providing different types of coupon codes in order to provide various discounts on purchases from their sites. The same is the case with templates, which provide coupon codes these days to encourage their customers to buy from them again and again. 

But the important thing is that the codes are only to be taken from the official sources, like templates website so that the coupons you use to properly purchase the products are official and do not support any sort of illegal activity.

templatic discount

Use the coupon code during checkout

Everyone is familiar with the use of coupon codes as their use has become really common for online shopping purposes. The codes are usually found to have an alphanumeric text, which is to be copied from the webpage where a coupon is found from, then you have to paste that code, or manually write it on the coupon code field, or box which is usually found at the end of the checkout page where you bill is calculated for the purchases you make. 

After writing the code, there is an apply button, which is to be clicked, which then enables the coupon code to be applied to the overall sum of the payment. This is the most commonly deployed methodology for the use of coupon codes on online shopping. Another methodology, which is rarely seen, is that there is a link attached with a coupon code, clicking upon which directs you to the checkout page of that particular website for which the coupon code is to provide a discount, on that page the discount is automatically applied on the bill. Usually, writing the code in the coupon code box methodology is implemented at almost every online shopping site.

Templatic often has a 40% discount on Holidays

As stated earlier, Templatic does provide various discounts and savings offers on the days of holidays of events like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and Black Friday. There is a range of different types of discount codes available on the website, but not to forget that the codes shall always be obtained from the official source, not from the other sources which may use illegal ways or piracy-related techniques, which is completely unethical.

Templatic Coupon Code Conclusion

The website templates provided by Templatic are worthy of consideration. They have a huge range of beautifully designed themes with perfection in performance to cater to all your needs for creating a website.

Click the link and enter coupon code “Superb15” for a 15% discount!

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