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The Best Free WordPress Hosting Providers 2022

How can you save money and get free hosting for your website? The first thought for many will be just to host the site yourself. Most of us own a desktop and you can just take an old Windows machine and add your HTML files to become the host. The issue with this line of thought is that hosting is much more difficult than many understand. 

What is the solution? How can you get a good site where you can use all the different kinds of themes and plugins and still not incur a heavy monthly cost? Both Bluehost and Namecheap offer great service for a low price.

Bluehost free hosting


Do you want an easy installation for WordPress? Try out Bluehost and you are going to get installation for free. Are you not familiar with how to set things up? That is not a problem. You will be using the cPanel in no time. Call Bluehost over the phone and they have around the clock support so they can walk you through all the steps of downloading the right files, backing up your work, and also connecting your domain name. Are you nervous about putting down a deposit for a website? You don’t have to worry about a recurring expense that you can’t cancel. Bluehost is kind enough to offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you start to work with the WordPress platform and realize it is too difficult or you want an expert to do your website, feel free to cancel and get all your money back with no questions. Even better, you can install all the themes and plugins that you want! An awesome choice!

Namecheap free hosting


Ready for great hosting for just a dollar? Namecheap will start you off at an amazing price of just one dollar. With that, you get solid uptime that is 99.99%. The last thing you want would be to have your site going down which is going to cost you money. Imagine a customer tries to visit your site and they can’t access it. Your business will seem cheap and unreliable. It is better to avoid trying to host your site yourself since you don’t specialize in hosting. Leave it to the experts such as Namecheap where you are going to have great speeds. They boast that they can boost your load speed by three times. With all of these advantages and such a low price, it is easy to see that going with an experienced host like Namecheap is the way to go.

We covered many options in this article. At first, it might seem like a good idea to try and save money through hosting your own site or going with a free option like WordPress. The truth is though that you can’t be an expert in every area. Web hosts have years of experience on their side and allow you to use all the latest themes and plugins which are going to add things to your site that will make it stand out. Keep checking back with Superb Themes for more on how to save money and get great hosting. free hosting

Free Hosting on

Some users that are eager to try and save money may decide to go with free hosting from The issue is how limited you will be when you go with this option. Do you want a catchy domain name that will be memorable for people that want to visit your website? If you go with the free option, you will not be able to get a custom domain name which is going to hurt your website.

For example, say you open up a dog walking business. If you want customers to visit your site, you would want to have a URL in place that is going to stick in the mind of the potential customers. Are you more likely to visit or would you be able to remember  www.WordPress/MainPage/Subdomain/ The answer here is easy. Customers want a domain name that is simple to remember. Everybody can think of a name that is easy and stands out such as Ebay or Amazon. Your website needs a custom name as well that is going to tell people what you offer and what your site is all about.

Keep in mind also, the domain name will have an effect on SEO. When people search the web for a business that can help them with dog walking, Google is going to push the site with the relevant name to the top and not a site that tried to go with the free option. SEO is becoming more important every day and it is vital that the name you choose for the site reflects what you can bring to the table. 

Another downside to getting the free option with is they can put ads on your website. This may not seem like a large issue considering they need to make their money back in some fashion, but if you think about it, you are leaving money on the table. Why would you put so much time and effort into developing a website just to let another company take profits from ads and clicks that are coming to your website?

Ads are big money for websites now. If your niche is specialized in high ticket items such as the automotive industry, real estate, or financial world, you could be giving up a big revenue stream if you are not in charge of the ads and collecting from clicks each month. Really, a free site might be nice to check out the platform briefly, but don’t invest large amounts of time into something that you can’t control or benefit from. For the price of a nice coffee in the morning, you could pay for the hosting that you have all month and potentially start to rake in a lot of ad revenue if your site takes off.

Next, think about the limitations of the free option. You can’t choose the exact themes and plugins that you want and you are also limited on the storage space you are allotted. WordPress is an awesome platform that features themes like Divi and Genesis that are popular for a reason. Plugins such as OptinMonster can get you leads fast and reduce your bounce rate. WP Rocket can transform your site from a sluggish mess to a streamlined and sleek site that loads lightning quick with responsive design.

How To Get Free WordPress Hosting

When you host your own website to do it for free, your old Windows or Linux machine is now the server. Not only that, but an older machine is not specialized to act as a server and serve data across the internet to potential customers and users of the site. Your computer will need to house all of your data and upload it to the network over and over. If your website is data heavy, you might find you don’t have the space to house all of this data on an older computer that is not in use anymore. You will also need to download specific software to make sure that things are working properly.

Take for example you have an extra desktop in storage. What are the steps to turn this into a web server? It is not as simple as just downloading a single program. You would need to run a stack of programs that all work together. For Linux, many will run what is known as a LAMP stack made up of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Windows users will use a very similar setup that is referred to as the WAMP stack.

Depending on your Operating System, you will need either the 32-bit versions of these programs or the 64-bit executables. Once all of the programs are installed correctly, you need to make sure that your ports are not going to have any conflict since port 80 is the default for serving up web pages. If you do have other programs on your server using port 80 such as Skype, it can take time to figure out the conflict and switch the default port over so that you can go live.

Even if you are able to navigate through all of the potential port conflicts and get everything in the stack set up correctly, you still are going to have trouble with hosting on the level of a professional company such as Namecheap or Bluehost. This is because the Windows operating system uses a lot of resources. You are going to need a lot of horsepower in your machine that you can use which means plenty of RAM and a newer CPU if you want to avoid slowdown and sluggish website loading times.

Not only that, but you must go through each process on Windows and decide if it is integral to the work that you are doing. At this point, you may want to use a copy of Windows Server. It is better designed for serving content, but that means you will have additional expenses that you have to deal with. Would it be better to use the free option through

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