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The Best WordPress News Plugins

You’ve probably tested plenty of plugins if you manage a news magazine. Regardless of your blog topic, competition is harsh, so you should always be alert. The success of a news website resides in the quality and freshness of the content and user experience. We aren’t qualified to advise on the topics you write about, but we can help you handle the content better.

The following WordPress news plugins cover a variety of needs and spice up your website. Try them all out and choose the ones that best suit your needs. 

Live News – Real Time News Ticker 


Use this plugin confidently, as it doesn’t slow down the site loading speed. The developers knew that speed is crucial for a news website and wrote the code accordingly. This plugin is suitable for imitating the interface of news televisions. It works to display — amongst other things — stocks, weather forecasts, election results, and breaking news. The news may be from internal (manual uploads and blog posts) and external (RSS feed and Twitter) sources.

The large set of customization options is a huge advantage of the plugin. For example, you decide to display the news ticker on particular pages or the entire website. Similarly, you may temporarily enable or disable news tickets and hide them on mobile devices. You are in full control of the design of the news ticker. The size, speed, and colors of the sliding news bar, the news excerpt, and the fonts used are all simple to customize.

BWL Post To Breaking News Manager 


There is no better method for highlighting a piece of content than a breaking news bar. The extensive and unjustified use of breaking news is a whole different story, but a news magazine should have a way to display crucial information. This plugin does it with style, and it’s simple to use. It comes with useful customization options, but it works out-of-the-box too. Choose the bar’s location (header or footer), the size, colors,  and fonts. If the customization panel doesn’t satisfy your expectations, you can also add your custom CSS code.

Epic News Elements


Epic News Elements is one of the most complex WordPress news plugins. Practically, it’s a good choice for any type of blog or magazine. The plugin is compatible with Gutenberg editor, Elementor, and WP Bakery; that’s enough to satisfy most WordPress users. It packages 70+ blocks to help you better display the content by creating slideshows, listing carousels, and blocks to show your blog posts. You will love them if you have plenty of published news. Your above-the-fold area is limited, but thanks to carousels and slideshows, you can add more pieces of content without hurting the user experience.

Premium Stock Market & Forex Widgets 


This plugin is all you need to delight the readers of a stock market magazine news. It displays data from dozens of stock exchanges all around the globe. The plugin generates shortcodes for everything related to the financial industry. Add live quotes in the shape of an accordion, card, odometer, ticker, or table. Additionally, use the plugin to feature companies, markets, and portfolios.

The multiple ways of displaying data and the eye-catching design of each item are two features that make this plugin stand apart and make it an irreplaceable tool for a financial website. 

News & Blog Designer Pack Pro 


This isn’t a news plugin per se but a great tool for any content-heavy website. It would take an entire day to test all available layouts and blocks. The plugin displays the content in various layouts: grid, carousel, list, slider, masonry, timeline maker, ticker, and grid box. Each layout supports multiple ways of arranging the blocks. Despite the plugin’s complexity, you don’t need coding skills to use it—it’s a matter of testing the options.

The plugin is responsive, compatible with all major themes, and fully translatable (inclusive RTL languages).

WP Latest Posts 


WP Latest Posts is a great choice for webmasters on tight budgets because it’s free of charge but packed with plenty of cool features. It creates customizable blocks to showcase your posts in your favorite ways. You choose the types and number of posts, filter them by date, and customize the items (font, color, size, etc.). 

The plugin is user-friendly, and you don’t need special skills. Besides, it doesn’t impact the loading speed, so you have plenty of reasons to use WP Latest Posts.

Social Stream for WordPress


This is one of the coolest news WordPress plugins because it prepares your site to respond to the current needs of the readers. It streamlines the integration of social streams into your site. It’s clear to everyone that Twitter is the fastest news source, and it’s impossible to beat it. You’d better use them smartly instead of competing against Twitter and other social networks. Install this plugin to create a webpage displaying multiple streams of different social networks, including Twitter. Use your own and external accounts, or add a stream based on a particular hashtag. It supports Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You have many layouts for the streams and a large set of options to style the site’s design.

Ditty (formerly Ditty News Ticker)


Ditty is a multifunctional data system used to display helpful pieces of information. It encapsulates a bunch of extensions. For example, Ditty Instagram adds your Instagram stream to your website, Ditty Grid displays items into a grid, and Ditty XML displays XML data on your website.

The free version of the plugin is a great alternative for showing simple news tickers and aggregated content. It’s simple to use, free of charge, and lightweight. Webmasters who don’t want complicated plugins will appreciate Ditty the most.

WordPress News and Scrolling Slider 


Sometimes, the numbers say a lot about a plugin. WordPress News and Scrolling Slider plugin comes with no more than:

  • 50 variants for grid layouts and 45 for carousels; 
  • 8 types of lists;
  • 7 shortcodes; 
  • 7 widgets.

It works with all major page builders, so you have no limitations regarding the design of your news website. The plugin enhances not only the design but also the functionality of the site. You may include or exclude news categories, rearrange post order, set up the number of news, and alter the code via a CSS editor.

Go to the WordPress plugin repository if you want to give this plugin a chance. Try out the free version and see if it deserves to open your wallet.

Vertical News Scroller 


Vertical News Scroller is one of the simplest and most effective WordPress news plugins. Its name says a lot about its function. Use this plugin, both in free and premium format, to display a section of scrollable news. The webmaster can choose the width and height of the area, the number of events displayed, and the movement speed. Of course, it allows the customization of the fonts and colors used for the news sections. Upgrade to the premium version for more functionality, like multi-site compatibility and more styling options—classic or modern designs.

WP Top News


WP Top News is a real hidden gem of WordPress news plugins. It enables you to create a website that stands out from the crowd. The free version has an impressive set of features that satisfies the most needs of webmasters. Yet, the premium plugin has even more outstanding features.

With this plugin, you can aggregate news from multiple sources across multiple countries. Insert news from 30+ credible sources or from a particular country. At the same time, it works for your own content. The news flow is highly customizable, so matching the style of the news section to your website style is simple and enjoyable.  

WP RSS Aggregator 


WP RSS Aggregator is a well-known plugin for content aggregation. It isn’t strictly necessary to publish your own content in magazine news. You may aggregate content from multiple sources and display it on your website. It’s legal, profitable, and helpful for readers. This plugin imports unlimited pieces of content from unlimited sources automatically. It works not only with articles but also with YouTube videos and podcasts.   

3D FlipBook 


Readers are always eager to try new ways of consuming your content. Using a plugin to generate 3D flipbooks makes an impression on the readers, and they will spend more time on your site. Besides, you increase the chances of your audience sharing your content.

This plugin is all you need to create interactive 3D flipbooks. It has many realistic templates, cool sound and hovering effects, dark and light themes, lightbox effects, and smart pan mode. This plugin can definitely help you create an excellent reading experience for visitors to your site.

Tip before you choose your WordPress News Plugin – Typography Matters

The importance of a great WordPress news plugin font lies in its ability to enhance the overall user experience and reinforce the quality and freshness of a news website. A well-chosen font complements the website’s aesthetics and readability, ensuring visitors can easily consume the latest news content. Ultimately, a well-optimized and visually appealing font choice contributes significantly to the success and professionalism of a WordPress news website.

Over to You

These WordPress news plugins may substantially improve the design and functionality of your site. Test the ones that pique your interest and eventually use them on your magazine news. It would be great to know your experiences, so comment with your thoughts.

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